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Creating displays that sell! Merchandise Displays.

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2 Creating displays that sell! Merchandise Displays

3 Visual Merchandising VM is no longer just a matter of making merchandise look attractive for the customer It is the actual selling of merchandise through a visual medium. VM is a way for stores to say “This is who we are and what we stand for”.

4 An understanding of basic visual merchandising concepts and theory is essential to the effective presentation of a store and it’s merchandise to the customer

5 Effective displays Increase sales and profits!

6 In order to achieve this result, displays must be carefully planned,built according to certain basic principles and then monitored regularly

7 Display Points The displays you create inside your shop or showroom can make the difference between a store that is ‘ordinary’ and featureless,or a store that is ‘alive’ with visual stimulation and interesting merchandise presentation.

8 #They are a silent salesperson #To show associated or related merchandise #To add interest to the store Why Do We Create these Displays?

9 # To create or reinforce the store image #To pass on information # To highlight an area #To lead (or draw) customers to specific areas TO ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO BUY!

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