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Jeopardy GeographyReligionAchievementPolitical Economic Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Final Jeopardy Q $100 Q.

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2 Jeopardy GeographyReligionAchievementPolitical Economic Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Final Jeopardy Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Social Structure

3 $100 Geography Traders from North Africa had to cross this desert to trade with the kingdoms of West Africa.

4 $100 Geography Sahara Desert

5 $200 Geography These kingdoms were located near the Niger River in west Africa.

6 $200 Geography Ghana and Mali

7 $300 Geography This religion began on the Arabian Peninsula.

8 $300 Geography Islam

9 $400 Geography The Inca civilization was located in this mountain range in South America.

10 $400 Geography Andes Mountains

11 $500 Geography Explorers from Spain and Portugal sailed to and colonized these two continents in the Western Hemisphere.

12 $500 Geography North and South America

13 $100 Religion This religion, which promised a release from suffering, spread quickly across China.

14 $100 Religion Buddhism

15 $200 Religion During the Crusades, crusaders of this religion from Europe fought with Muslims in the Middle East.

16 $200 Religion Roman Catholic or Catholic or Christian

17 $300 Religion This religion spread to West Africa because of trans- Saharan trade.

18 $300 Religion Islam

19 $400 Religion This form of Buddhism was popular with samurai warriors in Japan because it stressed discipline.

20 $400 Religion Zen Buddhism

21 $500 Religion By posting his 95 Theses, this man started the Protestant Reformation.

22 $500 Religion Martin Luther

23 $100 Achievement Today, was use arches, aqueducts, and domes just like this ancient civilization.

24 $100 Achievement Ancient Rome

25 $200 Achievement During this period of European history, artists created masterpieces that used perspective to create an illusion of depth in painting and realism.

26 $200 Achievement Renaissance

27 $300 Achievement Johann Gutenberg is credited with inventing the printing press in Europe. However, this country had already invented printing six hundred years before.

28 $300 Achievement China

29 $400 Achievement These two Mesoamerican civilizations developed highly accurate calendars.

30 $400 Achievement Maya and Aztecs

31 $500 Achievement During the Scientific Revolution, his law of gravity explained why planets orbit the sun.

32 $500 Achievement Isaac Newton

33 $100 Political The fall of this empire led to the period of European history known as the Middle Ages or Medieval Times.

34 $100 Political Ancient Rome

35 $200 Political After the end of the Heian period, this was the title of Japan’s supreme military leader.

36 $200 Political Shogun

37 $300 Political During the Song Dynasty in China, government officials were selected after taking and passing a civil service exam, showing that they merited a job. This is the term given to this type of government.

38 $300 Political Meritocracy

39 $400 Political After the fall of the Roman Empire, Europe was plunged into chaos. This system, based on oaths of loyalty, restored political and economic order to Europe.

40 $400 Political Feudalism

41 $500 Political IN 1215, King John of England was forced to sign this document that limited his power by making him ask permission before raising taxes and made it illegal to imprison anyone without a court order.

42 $500 Political Magna Carta

43 $100 Economic These two items were traded in west Africa and made Ghana and Mali very rich.

44 $100 Economic Salt and gold

45 $200 Economic In medieval Europe, these poor farmers were allowed to use land to raise food to support the nobility.

46 $200 Economic Serfs or peasants

47 $300 Economic This is an economic system based on investing money, or capital, for profit.

48 $300 Economic Capitalism

49 $400 Economic Under the policy of mercantilism, European countries got raw materials for their growing industries. Where did they get the raw materials?

50 $400 Economic From their colonies

51 $500 Economic One result of the Crusades was increased wealth in Europe as a result of this.

52 $500 Economic Trade between Muslim and European merchants.

53 $100 Social Structure He was at the top of the social structure of the Aztecs and Incas.

54 $100 Social Structure Emperor

55 $200 Social Structure Which country had the following social structure? Emperor Shogun Daimyos Samurai

56 $200 Social Structure Japan

57 $300 Social Structure In medieval Europe, the monarch supplied land to these people in exchange for an oath of loyalty. In return, these people promised to his knights to help the monarch in times of war.

58 $300 Social Structure Lords or nobility

59 $400 Social Structure The Inca social system had three levels: the emperor, the nobility, and this group of people.

60 $400 Social Structure Commoners

61 $500 Social Structure These people were at the bottom of the social structure of the Aztecs.

62 $ 500 Social Structure Slaves

63 Final Jeopardy During this period of European history, people believed in applying reason to problems of government and society.

64 Final Jeopardy Answer The Enlightenment

65 Final Jeopardy This was the Catholic Church’s response to the Reformation, when they corrected some of the abuses of the medieval Church.

66 Final Jeopardy Answer The Counter-Reformation

67 Final Jeopardy Tenochtitlan was the capital of this empire.

68 Final Jeopardy Answer Aztec Empire

69 Final Jeopardy This was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire.

70 Final Jeopardy Answer Constantinople

71 Final Jeopardy During the Reformation, Martin Luther did not believe in selling these documents that promised forgiveness of sins.

72 Final Jeopardy Answer Indulgences

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