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Solutions & Services to ‘Multiply your Business Performance’ 2013.

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1 Solutions & Services to ‘Multiply your Business Performance’ 2013

2 simply perform as you expect Who are we? A team of CIOs, Business & Technology Consultants, Business Managers and Systems Integrators An organization to solve your Business challenges through compatible innovative solutions & services, using technology & competency A judicious mix of thinkers and doers Your business performance multiplier GIC  GIC Customers     Our Focus India South Asia Singapore Philippines Malaysia Indonesia

3 simply perform as you expect Reduced number of symptomatic alarms for a large telecom provider on a daily basis Reduced provision time for a cloud services provider by implementing our order to cash solution Reduced Average Handle Time for a global telecom provider contact center Increased Quarter wise sales revenue for a major bank with our upsell / cross sell solution Reduced cycle time for Order Entry process for a wireline service for a global telecom provider Reduced Average Handle Time for a global credit card provider contact center Are we making a difference? 400,000 70% 13% 1.2 mUSD 40% 16% Business Performance Multiplied

4 simply perform as you expect What areas do we cover? Used on the desktops of more than 300,000 front- and back-office workers representing virtually every industry, OpenSpan impacts more than one billion customer contacts each year Provide enterprise-wide visibility into traffic, Discover, monitor, and protect the flow of sensitive data, Build an efficient governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) program that supports collaboration across IT, finance, operations, and legal units. More, Protecting Businesses from Data Theft, Insider Abuse, and Fraud Focus on service quality by reducing infrastructure complexity and freeing-up resources, Improve service availability and create capacity for business growth and quality user experience Give your customers the speedy, reliable, and consistent customer service – delivered through multiple contact channels – which they demand User Process & Customer Experience Information Security, Compliance & Business Security Enterprise Management System Communication Enabled Business Process

5 simply perform as you expect IP Fault Management Solution Are we making a difference in telcos? Information Security Solution Storage Optimization Solution Information Security Solution Contact Centers Optimisation Solution Back Office Optimisation Solution Contact Centers Optimisation Solution

6 simply perform as you expect Some of our EMS Engagements National Command, Control, Communication and Intelligence Network

7 simply perform as you expect Some of our Information Security Engagements

8 simply perform as you expect Some of our key credentials DLP to conduct a technical risk assessment of the network and provide assurance against external IT threats DLP to protect and preserve the integrity and confidentiality of customer data DLP to Increase the security posture of the largest BPO in the Philippines especially after a merger with Ventus DLP as a Risk Management program Secure data with ROI Over 10,000 agents catering to various sectors – BFS, Travel, Utilities, etc. Best IT implementations of 2012 – PC Quest magazine DLP for over 80,000 ICICI bank users covered worldwide DLP to maximize data security for ING, regardless of the location of its associates and usage and storage of customer data Managed SOC services for utilizing and optimizing SIEM deployed on the network SIEM for a single consolidated view of all events and threats across the network along with SOC management SIEM to have a consolidated view of all malicious activity along with strong correlation of rules for greater insight SIEM to accurately track and analyze all network activity and ensure no unauthorized access takes place Yearlong residency services for SIEM deployment and administration Creation of custom UDS for unsupported devices SIEM optimization and remediation service with extensive alert creation and reporting DLP + SIEM to prevent data loss of its customers and have a consolidated of all malicious activity on the network PCI-DSS compliance SIEM training services involving knowledge development sessions, technical training and skill upgrade programs SIEM for SOC setup and vulnerability management across the enterprise

9 simply perform as you expect Some of our key credentials SIEM deployment across multiple location Security for project and design assets Authentication Manager to provide 2 FA along with integration with the VPN solution Authentication Manager to expand security to VPN access Authentication Manager to secure VPN access to the network by deploying multiple authentication mechanisms Authentication Manager integrated with the VPN solution to verify authentication requests and central administration DLP for a holistic end- to-end security program Data classification and protection with several custom policies VAPT carried out as part of technical assessment Extensive and detailed report on vulnerabilities and ensuring threats SIEM implementation and upgrade from local to multi-location model with a higher aggregation capability KT and technical training

10 simply perform as you expect Some of our Customers

11 Thank You

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