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Introduction to Asset Management. What is VisionLink?  Web-based fleet, asset and site productivity management solution, enabled by telematics hardware.

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1 Introduction to Asset Management

2 What is VisionLink?  Web-based fleet, asset and site productivity management solution, enabled by telematics hardware  Supports multiple users in different locations  Near real-time monitoring of fleet utilization  For mixed fleets, from portable assets to heavy machinery  New and existing equipment

3 VisionLink™ can help your organization:  Understand and improve asset utilization and productivity  Reduce fuel cost and theft  Monitor and improve equipment operations  Employ “predictive” maintenance  Mitigate equipment theft  Make More Effective Decisions! The More You Know The More You Earn

4 VisionLink powered by Trimble  Provides a telematics solution for a contractor’s mixed fleet of machines and portable assets  Provides site productivity solutions that improve operational performance and accountability on projects

5 Three Software Cornerstones  VisionLink is one of three key products that together deliver the Trimble Connected Site ® –Business Center – HCE –VisionLink –Connected Community  VisionLink –Connects portable assets, light and heavy production equipment into the Connected Site

6 Connected Site – Data Flows Business Center - HCE Connected Community VisionLink SPS & GCS Systems Design Systems

7 VisionLink Telematics Devices  VisionLink is facilitated by telematics devices attached to the machine  Telematics hardware incorporates GPS positioning with cellular or Wi-Fi communications technology  Additional sensors (switches) can also be connected to the telematics hardware Trimble Devices SNM940 Connected Site GatewayTrimTrac Pro Locator

8 VisionLink Software  VisionLink Software – –Web-based solution –Provides the interface to all of your equipment – at any time from anywhere –Designed for mixed fleet use –Continuously monitors your equipment and generates alerts, reports and dashboards

9 VisionLink Software  For equipment without 3D machine control –Asset and Fleet Management Subscription Plans  Basic (Location, Hours, and Maintenance) plan *Required  Utilization plan  Rapid Reporting plan –2D Project Monitoring Subscription Plans  Cycle times  Load counts

10 VisionLink Software  For equipment with 3D machine control –Asset and Fleet Management (as previous slide) –Connected Machine option  Wireless data sync (for designs, production data, log files)  GNSS corrections from VRS  GNSS corrections from Internet Base Station Service (IBSS) –3D Project Monitoring Subscription Plan  Intelligent compaction monitoring – Compaction Manager  Progress volumes and surfaces – Volumes Manager

11 Asset and Fleet Management Subscriptions

12 VisionLink Example Quote Sheet  Example Quote Sheet for easier quoting of common configs  Includes recommended list pricing  SITECH Software Solutions Store > Help > Ordering Guides > VisionLink Quote Sample  SITECH Store (Hardware) > Main Section: Telematics > Subsections: Radios / SNM940 > Click the link at the top of the page to view the VisionLink Quote spreadsheet

13 Asset and Fleet Management  2D / 3D Project Monitoring adds value for mixed fleets  Currently VisionLink delivers more asset and fleet management functionality for Cat customers  Information in not currently available on the CAN Bus from OEM manufacturers  Trimble is working with OEMs to develop additional OEM CAN Bus support

14 VisionLink – 3 Levels of Subscription Asset and Fleet Management Subscriptions  Basic (Location, Hours, and Maintenance) Subscription Plan –Information - 6 hour updates plus events and alerts –For users that require basic equipment monitoring (location, runtime hours only plus basic events)  Utilization Subscription Plan –Information - 1 hour updates plus events and alerts –Idle vs. working time monitoring with more regular updates  Rapid Reporting Subscription Plan –Information - 10 minute updates / 1 minute intervals –For users monitoring equipment dispatch and delivery or truck monitoring with breadcrumb trail as filtered

15 Hourly Updates  Status Update –Once every 6 hours –If no events  Location  Date and time  Hours  Event Update –Happens at every event  Ignition on / off  Site entry / exit  Switch open / closed  Start / stop movement –Location at event time –Date and time at event time –Runtime hours  Cat from ECM  Trimble from device runtime calculation

16 Event-Driven Reporting Site ExitSite Entry Ignition OnIgnition off Stop MovementStart MovementSwitch OpenSwitch Closed

17 Basic (Location, Hours, and Maintenance) Plan Works with all equipment and all devices Required for any level of subscription upgrade Manages the maintenance, location and hours for your equipment

18 VisionLink - Fleet - Overview  Map View –Location  Summary –Data –Sort by Asset ID or Serial Number  Filter By –Account –Site Boundary –Device Type –Manufacturer –Model

19 VisionLink – Fleet - Asset Details  Dashboard –Map Location –Hours  Meter Reading or runtime tracking  Idle / Working –Fluid Analysis –Open Alerts –Events Watch all assets at a summary level Drill through to detail as needed

20 VisionLink – Fleet – Asset Trail  Historical asset locations  Track movement  Monitor logistics  Improve operations

21 VisionLink – Alerts - Setup  Setup Alerts –Universal Alerts  Site Boundary  Asset Status  Maintenance  Fluid Analysis –Device Specific Alerts  Fuel Loss  Power Loss  Generator  Load Distance  Project Monitoring –Flagged in VisionLink –Sent by email / SMS Alerts can prevent equipment misuse and theft Alerts can highlight machine problems early

22 VisionLink – Maintenance - Overview  Setup Schedules –Hour interval –Parts list –Service item checklist –Maintenance history  Monitor Machines –No Service –Upcoming Service –Overdue Service  Improve Planning –Plan Costs –Plan downtime –Plan Service Teams Watch all machines versus maintenance schedules Flag machines upcoming, at or past maintenance

23 VisionLink – Maintenance - Intervals  Service Levels –Input manufacturer recommended levels  Custom Intervals –Setup manually  Copy Intervals –No need to do manually for each asset  Track interval vs. expected runtime –Predictive alerts  Track major components separately –Engines, transmissions, etc. Manage mixed fleet servicing requirements Connect to ERP / Business Management Systems

24 VisionLink – Maintenance - Checklist  Setup Checklist –Processes to be completed  Enter Service Details  Complete Service –Hours at service –Who completed –Notes  Details –Generate work order for service technicians Build up an easy access service history Manage costs and equipment lifecycles

25 VisionLink – Maintenance – Parts  Parts list –For each service –Part numbers –Part descriptions  Ensure field service have parts for machines  Service History for life of machine  Use alerts to track  Track major components –Engines –Transmissions Eliminate aborted service trips Plan service when you have parts on hand

26 Manual Maintenance  Update date and add location  See manual maintenance assets on the map view  Customers can track all assets in VisionLink even without telematics devices  A complete asset tracking solution for mixed fleets

27 Manual Maintenance – Edit Location  Update location of service by clicking to add a pushpin to the map

28 Utilization Plan Monitors the utilization of your equipment to reduce fuel costs and equipment depreciation improve equipment and operator performance

29 VisionLink – Utilization  Utilization –Runtime –Expected runtime –Idle time –Working time –Efficiencies  Compare –Same machine type –Different machine types –Operators  Create best practices  Optimize operations Equipment efficiency is your greatest cost factor Increase utilization, reduce fuel and operating costs, increase production Decrease unnecessary equipment depreciation

30 VisionLink – Work Definitions  Device Configuration  Idle vs. Working –Movement  Set threshold  Common for moving assets –Switches  Common for stationary assets  Excavator / crusher –Movement and Switches  Either / Or

31 VisionLink – Utilization – Fuel Burn  Estimated fuel burn rates –Input for:  Idle  Working –Fuel burned  Compare –Same type of machine –Different types of machine –Operators  Create best practices  Improve fuel cost management Fuel is a major cost factor in your business Optimize machine / operator / project performance

32 Rapid Reporting Plan  1 minute updates every 10 minutes  Provides a trail as filtered  Dispatch operations and equipment or materials delivery  Only available on SNM940

33 TirePulse Overview  Requires SNM940 with Health subscription  TirePulse hardware (TG900 gateway / TP910 or TP920 sensors)  Preventative maintenance for tires – a major expense  Notification of over- or under-inflation that cause wear and fuel inefficiencies

34 TirePulse Hardware

35 Enabling TirePulse in VisionLink  Must have Device Configuration permissions  Administration > Device Configuration > Tire Monitoring tab

36 Three Indicators P = Pressure (PSI, BAR, or kPa) T = Temperature (F or C) S = Sensor Status TirePulse in VisionLink

37 TirePulse Example Motor Grader

38 TirePulse Potential Alerts

39 TirePulse Alerts  Alerts sent immediately allowing operator to stop and schedule maintenance  Over pressure by 20%  Under pressure by 25%  Over temperature 194F / 90C  Low Sensor Battery  Not Available – sensor not reporting

40 VisionLink Telematics Devices  VisionLink is facilitated by telematics devices attached to the machine  Telematics hardware incorporates GPS positioning with cellular or Wi-Fi communications technology  Telematics equipment also connects to the Electronic Control Module (ECM) of the machine to receive machine health, operating metrics, diagnostic, and fault code information  Additional sensors (switches) can also be connected to the telematics hardware Caterpillar Devices Product Link – PL121, 321, 420, 421, 522, 523

41 Additional Caterpillar Functions  Fleet Overview – Product Family Filter  Asset Dashboard – Fuel Level, Lifetime Fuel, Fuel Use (Last Day, Week, Month), Diagnostics  Maintenance – Intervals setup, checklists and part lists populated, integrated with Cat parts store  Health – Fault Codes, Oil Sampling  Utilization – Fuel burn rates from ECM

42 Scheduled Reports  Schedule any report to be delivered daily, weekly, or monthly  Or generate on demand as before  Name, save, and edit scheduled reports  Get important information delivered automatically via email  Eliminates logging into VisionLink to extract information  More automated business practices

43 Scheduled Reports - Manage Reports Wizard Create new report – on demand or scheduled Edit / Delete functions Columns can be sorted

44 Scheduled Reports - Delivery tab Select the scheduling option – Daily, Weekly, Monthly

45 Scheduled Reports - Email sample  Reports are emailed as a downloadable link  Reduces inbox size impact

46 VisionLink Mobile - Location  Last known location of assets  Find nearby assets, assets by site or group  Better awareness of asset locations in the field

47 VisionLink Mobile – Service Due  Find nearby assets with service upcoming or overdue  Complete maintenance intervals in the field  Keep better track of maintenance directly in the field

48 VisionLink Mobile – Complete Service  Service technicians can complete service reports in the field  No need to transfer information to the office  Reduce paper trails and errors

49 VisionLink Mobile – Fault Codes  Find assets with recent fault events  Improve health of the fleet with awareness in the field

50 VisionLink Mobile – Utilization Hours  Find assets with high idle times or no runtime  Optimize your fleet operation and profitability using information in the field

51 VisionLink Mobile - Alerts  Find assets with open alerts  Identify issues more quickly and take action immediately

52 Customer Value Proposition Information When You Need It Get the details needed to run your business Automatic reporting of billable hours and productivity data Lower Owning / Operating Costs Monitor and manage idle time and estimate fuel usage Avoid costly machine failures Extend machine life through proactive maintenance and identification of harsh operation Improve your bidding position Increased Productivity Keep jobs on schedule Know where your fleet is Identify over and under-utilized assets Improve logistics for fuel, transportation and service dispatch Maximize asset up-time Safety and Risk Management Monitor unauthorized areas through geographic fencing Identify opportunities for operator training

53 Asset and Fleet Management Subscription Plans

54 Universal (base subscription plan) Utilization (upgrade plan requires Universal subscription) 6-Hour Updates (SNM940) 30-Minute Update (TrimTrac) Increases to 1 Hour Updates Runtime Hours / Meter HoursRun Time, Working Time, Idle Time Reporting Asset Location (XY) Event Driven Reporting Ignition On / Off Events Geofence Entry / Exit (SNM940 Only) Scheduled Maintenance (SNM940 only) Alert Generation (SNM940 only) Digital Switches (up to 3) (SNM940 only) Estimated Fuel Level (SNM940 only) Total Idle Time for Day (SNM940 only) SNM940 or TrimTracSNM940 Only

55 Rapid Reporting Subscription Plan Rapid Reporting (upgrade plan) Requires Universal Subscription Adds 1 Minute Positions Reported Every Ten Minutes Does Not Require Cell Plan update SNM940 Only

56 VisionLink Support   Americas (Westminster, CO) –1.888.801.4363 –+1.720.381.3998 (South America)  Europe, Africa, Middle East –+49.7112.2954.467 –+49.0800.1880.958 (Germany)  Asia Pacific & China –1800.793.918 (Australia) –0008.001.005.836 (India)

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