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Exercising for Life General Guidelines ForMed-Students.

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1 Exercising for Life General Guidelines ForMed-Students

2 Why Exercise?  Several Studies show that physical fitness perhaps the most powerful predictor against premature morbidity, mortality and loss of functional independence.  Studies on strength training have demonstrated its ability to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and the signs and symptoms of numerous chronic diseases such as Heart Disease, Type 2 diabetes, arthritis.  Improves Sleep (esp. Stage 4) and depression

3 Four Basic Types of Activity  Strength Training: 2-4X a week  Aerobic Exercise/Interval Training: 2-6X week 10min minimum each session.  Flexibility: 8-10 min every other day  Balance: martial arts, yoga, gym balls, tennis, basketball, trail running…2 sessions 10 minutes.

4 Two more important issues  Weight-Bearing Exercise -strengthen bones by compressing and jarring the skeleton: weight lifting (i.e. squats), step aerobics, stair climbing, basketball.  Functionality  Exercise routine movements and skills which are similar to our regular daily activities: stair climbing, weighted vest training, free weights.  Specificity Principal

5 How to destroy fat and build muscle as quickly as possible  Strength Training Best stimulus for fat loss (BMR, afterburn, hormonal leverage, deep sleep), muscle-gain and the preservation of functional independence

6 Strength-Training Principles  Muscle Adaptation -metabolic adaptations -neurological adaptations (strength) -structural adaptations (i.e. hypertrophy )

7 Why would you want more muscle…..  Beside your brain it’s the most metabolically active tissue in your body (increases BMR=burn more calories while doing nothing=more food you can eat) -Less fat less estrogen more testosterone, better insulin sensitivity=more fat loss/more muscle gain, decreases prob DMII/metabolic syndrome -Increase functional reserve

8 Remember The 2 Goals of Weight-training  Increase your muscle size (hypertrophy)  Increase your strength  The inefficiency of “toning with weights”

9 Before she worked out….

10 After one intense workout……….. After one intense workout………..

11 Principles  Exercise Diary  PERFECT FORM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (slower rep speed, no bouncing, no cheating) (slower rep speed, no bouncing, no cheating) -Why am I so negative? (Hortobogyi,1996) Eccentric reps Increased Type II CSA 10X more than concentric training…..  High Intensity Low Volume -short workouts no more than 45 min -short workouts no more than 45 min

12 Principles  Compound movements are more effective than isolated movements (squat study, comp B4 iso, axial B4 extremities)  Variation Principle: High Rep/Low Rep  Training close to Positive Failure (each muscle once a week) do not do it every workout  Progressive Overloading: Power Workouts

13 The Workout Routine Skeleton  Workout Each bodypart 2x a week: Power workout (4-6reps), Volume Workout (7-10 reps)  Note: Beginners: First 2 Weeks 12-15 reps for every exercise: (neurologic adaptation, strength endurance, tendon/ligament strength  2 sets per exercise, 2 exercises per muscle

14 The Workout Routine Skeleton  Strength Train 2-4 days a week  Weight lifting time per session 45min max  Antagonistic Training for maximum efficiency Chest/Back, Tris/Bis, Hamstrings/Quads.

15 How to destroy fat and build muscle as quickly as possible II  The role of Aerobic Training  Most people train inefficiently -Calories Burned=weight*height*distance (no hormonal leverage, little 2 no afterburn) -Interval Training=fast/slow (i.e. jog- sprint) (hormonal leverage, afterburn)

16 Body Reducing vs. Body Reshaping….

17 Body Reducing Vs. Body Reshaping part II

18 My Workout Plan  Strength Training Workout Chest/Back Shoulders Abs (Tues Vol, Sat Power) Quads/Hamstrings Bi’s/Tri’s Li Abs (Weds, Sun)  Interval Training Workout (Tues, Fri, Sun) 2x Weighted Vest 4 flights of stairs 15 reps  Aerobic Training Workout (Varies) Jump Rope Some remarks on Abdominal Training, post- workout meal

19 Exercise Websites: Exercise Websites:  Interval training:  Check out Bryan Haycock’s Articles on Advanced Training:  Basic Exercise Form info:

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