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Beyond The Blue Lights UNCW Police Department Who We Are and What We Really Do.

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1 Beyond The Blue Lights UNCW Police Department Who We Are and What We Really Do

2 What we’ll cover today: Who we are What we do Sirens and alarms Where did it go Emergencies What’s in the stats

3 Who We Are Fully functional PD Certified Officers Enforce law and policy Organization Four Divisions Operations Investigations Support Services Office of the Chief

4 Who We Are Training Modern policing strategies Tactical response Tailored to meet the needs of our community.

5 Who We Are Experience Wide range, from officers who just graduated from BLET to those on a second career. Management Training Instructors

6 What We Do Traditional Services Patrol campus Respond to calls Investigate crimes and crashes Non-Traditional Services Conduct security surveys Escorts Security patrols and building/room unlocks Monthly training for the campus community Fingerprinting

7 Sirens and Alarms – What’s All The Noise? Alarm Frequency We responded to 175 burglar alarms in 2013 175 were false or accidental activations We responded to 209 fire alarms in 2013 130 were due to cooking 79 were due to other causes 1 was an actual fire Medical Emergencies 149 responded to in 2013

8 Where Did It Go? Lost or stolen state property 32 cases reported in 2013 We have an obligation to be good stewards of state property Stolen property is required to be reported to the SBI Media Interest Our reports are public records Outlets often look for opportunities to showcase perceived negligence

9 Emergencies – Who Does What Officers respond to all emergencies When a threat is confirmed, the siren system is activated Generally, the initial campus wide emergency message is sent out by police, but others could do it Depending upon the nature of the emergency UNCWPD’s partners are EH&S, H&RL, Facilities, ODOS and others Once UPD has transferred the responsibility, follow-up and all clear messages go through Office University Relations

10 Emergencies – How Does It Come Together Officers respond to and evaluate the situation that they encounter – notifications sent up the chain of command Incident command is set up Crisis Decision Team (Chancellor, cabinet members, etc.) members are briefed Emergency Operations Center is activated Resources are allocated The most appropriate resolution is sought We give priority to actions and incidents in the following order: life safety property security program continuation

11 Emergencies – What Do We Need From You Report suspicious activity or hazardous conditions 911 or 962-2222 Reporting Anonymously 910-962-TIPS Text-a-tip send to “CRIMES”, “Tip 708” then your message Have an office emergency plan in place and know it Comply with directions that you receive Protect yourself If you are a witness, be a great witness Accurate descriptions Work from things that can’t change to those that can Work from top to bottom

12 What’s In The Stats Population of UNCW is 16,133 (students, faculty and staff) By comparison Leland has 15,123 and Wrightsville Beach has 2,593 4100 students live on campus We have over 100 buildings, and 4.16 million square feet To patrol each floor of each building once takes over 14 hours There are 167 Call boxes and emergency phones Our communications center monitors 192 alarms We responded to 615 Motorist assist calls 87 educational programs were delivered by police personnel

13 What’s In The Stats Top crime is bicycle theft – 166 reported in 2013 2.3 minutes average response time Comparisons with other universities in the UNC System UNCW ranks tenth in student enrollment UNCW ranks third lowest in violent crimes UNCW ranks seventh lowest in property crimes

14 What’s Next Upcoming Programs Watch For Me NC Fire Alarm Reduction Burglar Alarm Reduction Patrol Areas of Responsibility Geographic Responsibility Each squad has designated area

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