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Business Plan (Ufone Franchise in MALIR CANTT)

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1 Business Plan (Ufone Franchise in MALIR CANTT)
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2 DISCRIPTION OF BUISNESS I will be legally entitled to start limited Ufone services and operations with limited rights given by Ufone. I will have following rights. Duplicate SIM issuance. Blocking of SIM on stolen bases. New Sales. Customer support. Tariff guidance. MNP (Mobile Number Portability) Tax certificate Issuance. Recharge Card. Top up. Activation of International Roaming.

3 MAJOR COMPITITORS Below mentioned are the major competitors in telecommunication industry of Pakistan. At the top is Mobilink, the Pakistani unit of Egypt-based telecom company Orascom. It has been operating in Pakistan since 1994. Ufone, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pakistan Telecommunication Co. Ltd (PTCL), is now under the control of Etisalat group of UAE. Warid owned by the Abu Dhabi group of the United Arab Emirates and sister of Wateen groups another cell phone service provider in the industry.  Norway’s Telenor, with about a billion US dollar investment in Pakistan has been doing well, based on its recent earning report. Telenor stock is listed in the Oslo stock market (TEL) and in US. Zong, formerly Paktel, was the latest target of foreign acquisition. After it got acquired by China Mobile it was rebranded as Zong and launched one of the most successful and aggressive campaigns.

Skillful employee Make us capable of running operations effectively and efficiently with profit. Safe location Make us capable to run operation even in law and order situation. Ufone products and services Make us capable to give prompt response to the walk in customers. 9am to 11 pm operations Make us capable to provide services after office timings when all franchises get closed. Recharge and billing facilities Make us capable to take payments from customers. MNP (Mobile Number Portability) Make us capable to switch customer other network to ufone network Duplicate SIM Make us capable to provide duplicate SIM to customer in case of lost and stolen. New Connection and Special Numbers Enables us to provide golden and silver and even normal numbers to customers.

All products and services including tax certificates and international roaming as well. Long operational time Billing and all kind of recharge facilities including top up and voucher cards. Duplicate SIM Special Numbers Safe location

Long operational time from 9 am to 10 pm

7 SWOT ANALYSIS Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat

8 STRENGTH Our location is one of our strength as there is no competitor around our area. Our franchise is in safe place which is under the supervision of Pakistan Army so no law and order situation can harm our operations. Our profession and skillful staff is our strength. Strong brand name.

9 WEAKNESS Our weakness can be this that we are new in market and we have to make our name first. Franchise has limited authorities and access to services. Franchise is not accessible to everyone as it is in Army Garrison

10 OPPORTUNITY We have a opportunity to capture business in our target area as no competitor of other network or same network has a franchise business in our area. We have a opportunity to expand our business to cellular sector. We have a opportunity to cater PAK Army personals here as ufone Pakistani company and patriot feelings are attached with this company.

11 THREAT Competitors may come in this area.
Law and order situation in a city create restrictions in Army garrison so outsiders may have problem to reach us. Any bad image create due to any outage of Ufone company create problems for your business.

12 MARKETING OBJECTIVES As a new franchiser of ufone I have following marketing objectives To capture customers of Malir Cantt within two month To grab customers of model colony, safoora chowrangi, qasimabad within six months To increase sales 20% in one year To increase customers of ufone in targeted areas by 30% in one year in order to cope with competitors and new entrants in the market To increase revenues by 30% in one year To launch blackberry handsets as an authorized dealer in 2 year

13 SEGMENTATION Occupation based segmentation Product based segmentation
Promotion, packages and VAS based segmentation

14 OVERALL POSITION MAPPING Overall ufone is providing superior services and products at low prices that is why its market share is continuously increasing. High Price Low Quality High Quality Ufone product and services Low Price

Overall it’s a viable business plan as there is no competitor in the vicinity and I will be the first entrant and can capture maximum market. I will be able to increase customers of ufone in the vicinity. As I will have monopoly so chances of loss is less and as ufone is very renowned and one of the favorite brand now a days, this will be add on to our business.


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