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1. 2 23% Motor Vehicle Thefts Cases - Reported 11% (upto 30th June)

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2 2 23% Motor Vehicle Thefts Cases - Reported 11% (upto 30th June)

3 3 22% Cases - Solved 12% (upto 30th June) Motor Vehicle Thefts

4 4 Motor Vehicle Theft (per lakh of Motor Vehicle Population) *Projected

5 5 Factors responsible for Motor Vehicle Theft Non availability of parking places in residential areas. Indifference of owners and police may care attitude Reluctance towards spending on installation of security devices Second hand market plays a major role in absorption of stolen vehicles. Re-registration of stolen vehicle in some states without completion of procedural formalities

6 6 Manual maintenance of records by State Transport Authority in most states. Easy to create/alter records Provision of deemed NOC after 30 days if no reply Vehicles stolen from Delhi found disposed in other states/ countries UP, Bihar, West Bengal, J&K, North-East states, Nepal and Bangladesh Non availability of a fixed registration number plate facilitates re-painting in no time. Contd..

7 7 Action initiated by Delhi Police for prevention of M.V. Theft Identification of affected places and time zone and proper deployment of staff in these areas. STAs requested not to register second hand vehicles without receiving NOC from the concerned authority. Manufacturers requested to install security devices at the factory/show room Record of stolen vehicles has been computerized. Parking attendants sensitized. Co-ordination with Insurance Agencies

8 8 Gangs of MV Thieves Nabbed Interstate gang of auto lifters busted (24.05.09) (Crime Branch) 9 criminals including Moti-ur-Rehman @Moti arrested (four were wanted in MCOCA) Wanted in over 500 car theft cases Over 50 cases of Delhi solved 6 stolen vehicles recovered Gang of car-jackers/ autolifters busted with the arreste of five criminals including Kuldeep @ Fauji (24.03.09) (Crime Branch) 7 luxury vehicles recovered Two criminals namely Mohar Singh and Mukesh arrested (14.05.09) (West District) 10 cases solved Four stolen vehicles recovered

9 9 Four accused including Narender @ Pandit arrested (14.04.09) (West District) 30 cases solved 9 luxury vehicles recovered Four desperate auto lifters including Rohit @ Ritik @ Ricky arrested (29.05.09) (Outer District) 24 cases solved Four criminals including Ashok @ Punjabi arrested (07.06.09) (South District) 18 cases solved Two wheeler auto lifters gang busted with the arrest of two criminals including Islam Khan (18.05.09) (South District) 26 cases solved 9 vehicles recovered Contd..

10 10 Notorious auto lifter Samsuddin arrested (25.05.09) (South District) 9 cases solved 3 vehicles along with spare parts of five vehicles and number plates recovered Two accused Vickky @ Rahul and Vinay @ Monu arrested (23.06.09) (Central District) 8 cases solved 4 stolen vehicles recovered Two criminlas Nathu Khan and Mashuq Ali arrested (17.06.09) (South District) 4 cases solved 8 stolen cars recovered Contd..

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