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Practical Finance & Business Planning ROYAL OVERSEAS LEAGUE LONDON, 10 OCTOBER 2015.

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1 Practical Finance & Business Planning ROYAL OVERSEAS LEAGUE LONDON, 10 OCTOBER 2015

2 Contents Egypt’s Economic Indicators EGYPT – UK Trade Figures Investment Projects in Egypt The Suez Canal El Dabaa Nuclear Development & The Qattara Depression Public Private Partnership Projects (PPP) via the Ministry of Finance

3 Domestic Economy 2012/132013/142014/15f Real GDP growth (%)2.2 2.7 Budget deficit (% of GDP)13.71210 Headline Inflation (%) Core Inflation Excl. F &E (%) 9.75 7 8.2 8.76 11.49 (a, Aug) 10.07 (a, Aug) Interest Rate (%)9.7610.089.25 (a, Sept) Unemployment (%)12.713.212.3a (a, May) External Sector Exports (US $m)25.07224.21431.478 Imports (US $m)59.21157.51363.264 Balance of Trade (US $m)-34.139-33.299-31.786 Government Gov. Domestic Debt to GDP (%)87.189.3 External Debt to GDP (%)17.315.5 (Q3) Egypt’s Economic Forecast

4 UK Trade with Egypt Jan-Jul 2013Jan-Jul 2014% change UK Exports to Egypt519587+13.5 UK Imports from Egypt392600+53 Total Trade Volume9111187+30.3 Egypt’s Trade with the UK in £m

5 The Suez Canal Development Project PROJECT SPANS 225KM ALONG THE LENGTH OF THE CANAL

6 The Suez Canal IMPLEMENTATION Implementation in Three Phases Phase 1: Creation of a Parallel Waterway 35 km (underway) Deepening of Current Canal from 45 ft to 66 ft (underway) Six Tunnels for Cars, Railway and Utilities to Connect East and West Banks (underway) Phase 2: Creation of an Industrial Zone for Industries such as Textiles, Production of Machinery, Building Materials, Packaging Factories and Light Tourism Transformation of Port Said & Suez Ports into Global Warehouses Construction of a Container Terminal & Shipyard, Wave Breaker, Dock Walls, Railway Network and Telecommunications Network Bunker Ship Service in Suez World Hub for Grain Silos in Suez Phase 3: Construction of the Technology Valley in Ismailia Funding Funding via Suez Canal Investment Certificates - LE 64 bn Collected in 8 Days from Egyptian Investors The Egyptian Government Expects Foreign Investment from the US, China, Norway, India, Russia & the Netherlands. Regional Investment is Expected from the Gulf Countries; Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE

7 El Dabaa & Qattara ENERGY PROJECTS El Dabaa Egypt’s North Coast on the Mediterranean First Nuclear Power Station in Egypt Total estimated investment $20 billion Part of a Project to Build a Total of Four Reactors Tender Process for Construction of El Dabaa First Reactor to Start Late 2014 El Dabaa is Scheduled to be in Operation from 2019 Capacity Between 900 and 1650 mw /hr Government to Formulate Licensing for Nuclear Energy Development Qattara Depression North-west of Egypt in the Matruh Governorate Second Lowest Point in Africa 19,605km2 Hydroelectricity Project Feasibility Study to be Conducted Shortly

8 Ministry of Finance – PPP Central Unit PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP PROJECTS SEPTEMBER 2014 1. Projects Under Tendering Abo Rawash Wastewater Treatment PlantContract Will Be Awarded in Dec. 2014 2. Projects Approved by the PPP Supreme Committee Nile River Bus FerryStart Tendering Oct. 2014 Cairo Contact Centre Park (CCC)Start Tendering Oct. 2014 Rollout & Automation of the Notary Offices Start Tendering Dec. 2014 3. Projects under Pre-feasibility Studies (to be tendered Q2 – Q4 2015) Safaga Industrial PortStart Tendering Jan. 2015 Hurghada Desalination PlantPre-feasibility Study Complete Nov. 2014 Sharm El Sheikh Desalination PlantPre-feasibility Study Complete Nov. 2014 Helwan Wastewater Treatment PlantPre-feasibility Study Complete Nov. 2014 Street Lighting Power Consumption ReductionPre-feasibility Study Complete Oct. 2014 River Ports for FreightStart Pre-feasibility Study Nov. 2014 Building 1000 Public Schools Start Pre-feasibility Study Dec. 2014

9 Thank You Mr Taher El Sherif Secretary-General The Egyptian-British Chamber of Commerce Tel: +44 (0)20 7499 3100 Fax: +44 (0)20 7499 1070 E-mail: Website:

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