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Environmental Compliance Team (ECT) February 28, 2008.

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1 Environmental Compliance Team (ECT) February 28, 2008

2 Compliance History

3 ECT complies with UConn’s Environmental Management Plan (EMP) EMP required due to NON-COMPLIANCE! EMP approved - UConn’s Senior administration & DEP Nine elements of UConn’s EMP: 1.Environmental Policy 2.Legal & Other Requirements 3.Objectives & Targets 4.Organizational Structure & Responsibility 5.Training & Awareness 6.Communications 7.Document Control 8.Self-Auditing, Monitoring 9.Management Review

4 Environmental Management Plan (EMP) Team members Rich Miller, Director, OEP George Kraus, George Kraus, Assistant Executive Director, AES Mike Pacholski, Mike Pacholski, Assistant Director, Energy & Utilities, FacOps Frank Labato, Director, EHS Stefan Wawzyniecki, Mgr, Chemical Health & Safety, EHS Stephanie Marks, Environmental Compliance Analyst, OEP Paul Ferri, Environmental Compliance Analyst, OEP Jason Coite, Environmental Compliance Analyst, OEP Ron Gaudet, Ron Gaudet, Energy Manager, FacOps Tim Tussing, Tim Tussing, Utilities Manager, FacOps

5 Introductions - ECT members Eugene Roberts, Director, FacOps Ken Crowell, Assistant Director, FacOps Timothy Wise, Facilities Management, Athletics Dave Lotreck, Manager Landscaping and Grounds, FacOps Thomas Trahan, Director, HVAC, Shops, Zones, FacOps Wayne Landry, Manager, Central Stores and Motor Pool Mary Kegler, Farm Manager, Agriculture & Natural Resources Steve Olsen, Farm Manager, Agriculture & Natural Resources Alexandria Roe, Director Planning & Project Development, AES Brian Gore, Director Project Management, AES Rachel Rubin, Director Compliance, Audit, Compliance & Ethics Kimberly Fearney, Asst. Compliance Officer, Audit, Compliance & Ethics Gregory Anderson, Vice provost research & dean of Grad School, Academics Michael McGovern, Fire Captain, Div. of Public & Environmental Safety Dennis Pierce, Director, Dining Services Denise Beal, Assistant Director, Dining Services Rebecca Gorin, Manager Local Routes Program, Dining Services

6 Purpose of ECT The ECT will: share info about UConn’s environmental issues provide UConn staff support & guidance to improve compliance Agenda set to discuss & update any changes to: Operations Projects Applicable laws/regulations/standards Which may affect our: Compliance requirements Permits Reports Practices and procedures

7 ECT Tasks Identify risks & recommend goals, policies & procedures to continuously improve performance Evaluate effective use of resources to meet the expectations of internal customers Create awareness about integration of regulated activities & sustainability initiatives Establish protocols for external communications about UConn’s environmental compliance

8 UConn’s environmental impacts include: Construction Water Supply Sewage Plant Cogeneration / Central Utility Plant Research Labs Oil storage

9 Where are we now? 1998 – Storrs Landfill & former Chem. Pits Closure 2002 – Storrs No. Campus Solid Waste Disruption2006 Storrs - Haz Waste Determination AP - Laboratory water discharge 2007 – Storrs WPCF equipment failure (SCADA)

10 Recent Environmental Compliance Events and News  Incorrect oil certification paperwork discovered by DEP during Title V air permit inspection  Hydraulic hose leak on UConn’s street sweeper – oil spill reported to DEP  Department of Homeland Security – Anti-terrorism chemical-of-interest inventory  Others?

11 Discussion  Questions? Comments?  Future ECT discussion topics  Taskforce ideas  Next meeting, provide update of YOUR area’s environmental compliance activities/problems/ questions  Next meeting Thursday, May 22 nd

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