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Gilbert Public Schools Business Services State Reporting.

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1 Gilbert Public Schools Business Services State Reporting

2 Agenda Welcome to the 2014-2015 School Year Role of State Reporting New Enrollments Absences Readmission Codes Summer Withdrawal Process, Withdrawal Codes & Dates Audit Requirements Student Procedural Manual AZ Residency & Reaffirmation Absence Calculator Questions & Discussion

3 State Reporting Group assists with…. SAIS reporting for student data including enrollment, attendance, etc. Staff education in regard to data requirements and integrity standards District data reporting for other GPS program areas such as SPED services, Preschool, AZSafe, ELL, Titled Programs, etc.

4 New Enrollments When enrolling a student into IC, it is very important to do a thorough search in the system to make sure student data is not duplicated. Be careful when it comes to hyphenated last names. Go by the birth certificate. If you find a duplicate student, please contact our office. Check the SAIS ID Number Search to identify that the student’s ID is correct. If the student has a SAIS Number with incorrect information such as birth date or gender; the incorrect information must be entered until a successful upload has been completed.

5 If the student needs a SAIS ID E3- student is attending public school for the first time (KG, PS, home-schooled, or private schooled). SAIS will eventually determine they have no matching student record and assign a number. E6- student has already attended public school out of state but enrolling in an Arizona school for the first time.

6 First Day Absences Guideline ADE GE-17 “ SAIS allows reporting of full-day absence on the first day of the calendar track to which the student is assigned. This will apply only to a student if his/her enrollment date is equal to the first day of the calendar track to which the student has been assigned.” This means that a student can have an absence on their first day of enrollment ONLY if it was the first day of school. We would not change their enrollment date based on the absence(s).

7 Readmission Codes Readmission codes are used only for Re-Admission to the same school, within the same school year.

8 Summer Withdrawals SAIS SAIS expects a student to return to the same school or the expected Junior High or High School for the next school year. When this is not the case, and students do not return to the expected school after a summer break, they are part of the summer withdrawal process. Infinite Campus In order to comply with SAIS, summer withdrawals must be entered in Infinite Campus.

9 Infinite Campus- Steps for Summer Withdrawal 1.Modify start date: 8/4/2014 2.Enter end date: 8/5/2014 3.Select ‘No Show’ 4.Enter Start Status of E1 5.Enter End Status as applies: S1, S99, S4 **Complete Withdrawal Form**

10 Summer Withdrawal Codes S99 - Transfer within district: Students who have not returned to your campus but are attending another GPS campus. S1- Transfer Out of District: Students who have not returned to your campus or the district and have enrolled with a new school district, charter, etc. S4 - NO SHOW: Students who do not show, with no correspondence the first 10 days of school: Wait until the 10 th day of school absence (August 19,2014) and change enrollment to a Summer Withdrawal as previously outlined. –Remember to print the attendance and attach to the withdrawal form before entering the withdrawal date.

11 Withdrawal Dates Each withdrawing student must have an accurate Withdrawal Date in order to comply with state reporting requirements and SAIS. The withdrawal date is always the LAST DAY OF ATTENDANCE and should be entered as soon as the student withdraws. A student cannot be withdrawn on a non-school day. A student who has ten consecutive days of unexcused absences must be withdrawn from enrollment retroactively to the last day of attendance, not after the 10 days of absence. Print attendance history to attach to withdrawal form before entering last day of attendance.

12 Audit Requirements It is an audit requirement that enrollment information must be entered into the Student Information System within five (5) working days of the actual date of entry. The enrollment form must be initialed and stamped or noted with the date the information was entered into the Student Information System in order to satisfy the audit requirement. The Information in the Student Information System must match the documentation in the cumulative folder. If information changes, make sure to update both Infinite Campus and the documentation in the cumulative folder. For example, withdrawal reason, name change, etc.

13 Student Procedural Manual The manual is designed to assist with student enrollment, withdrawals, absences and other pertinent accountability. Updated Information AZ Residency & Reaffirmation Procedures, Policies and FAQ’s. New Pupil Withdrawal Form

14 AZ Residency & Reaffirmation An AZ Residency form or Shared Residency Form must be completed upon initial enrollment to the district and when a campus is informed that the residency has changed. Supporting verifiable documentation must accompany forms. During the annual registration process, the district must reaffirm residency. Within Infinite Campus, enter the date the AZ Residency form was submitted.

15 Reaffirming Residency Individual campuses can choose how to reaffirm residency during the annual enrollment process. Once reaffirmation is submitted, enter the reaffirmation date in IC. Suggestions for reaffirmation: 1.Copy the front cover of the health card. 2.Run a census report from IC. Refer to procedure manual for detailed steps.

16 AZ Residency /Reaffirmation & IC Infinite Campus has been updated to align with AZ Residency & Reaffirmation Guidelines. This field must be updated annually

17 Absence Calculator The absence calculator is meant to aid in the calculation of absences for that day. The Absence Calculator & Infinite campus are not related and do not share data. Absences calculated using this tool are manually entered into Infinite Campus. A campus specific schedule must be built in the calculator to generate the accurate attendance percentage. A schedule template will be emailed to each campus. Please have the completed scheduled templates sent to Joanna by the end of August.


19 Contacts State Reporting Jeremy Betts 480-545-2163 Joanna Catanzaro 480-545-2112 Tech Services

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