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1 Updated 8/10/2013
DMAS eCheck Menu Updated 8/10/2013

2 Locating Your eCheck Information
Sign in with your username and password. Select the eCheck option from the Main Menu.

3 Locating Your eCheck Information
Enter the eCheck Number (C00XXXX) and select Document Inquiry.

4 Where to find the eCheck Number
The eCheck Number is located in UMeNET (1) at the top of the open eCheck or (2) in the status area under the ID column.

5 Document Inquiry

6 Document Inquiry eCheck Number eCheck Title
eCheck Status, which can be one of the following: Withdrawn, Submitted, Pending Approval, Fully Approved, Written, Delivered The date the check was written The date the check was mailed or picked up from one of the hold locations The date Disbursements received the original backup documentation Check Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

7 Document Inquiry 1 Tells you what information was entered in the eCheck (i.e. payment type and stub information) Shows the accounting information for the eCheck: account number, sub object code, and amount 2

8 Where’s My Check? The check will write the evening the eCheck is fully approved. Checks from the eCheck system write every business day (Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays). The check is mailed or available for pickup the next business day after the check has written. If the check writes on Monday, it’s mailed/available for pickup on Tuesday If the check writes on Friday, it’s mailed/available for pickup on Monday

9 Copy of Deposited Check
UM receives a copy of the check once it’s been cashed or deposited by the Payee. Click on the Check Number link on the eCheck screen. If the next screen has a View option, then the check has been deposited. Select View to pull up the image of the check.

10 Additional eCheck Menu Options
Encumbrances: the system holds or encumbers the eCheck amount from your account to ensure the funds are available when it comes time to write the check. Approvals: lists the approval flow for the eCheck. History: lists the dates and times that various key actions occurred, including when the eCheck is submitted, withdrawn, approved, and denied.

11 Questions on the eCheck Menu within DMAS?
Allison Gilbert Sr. Technical Analyst, Accounts Payable (305)

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