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Dr. Neil Sparnon, Chief Academic Officer, JC:HEM

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1 Dr. Neil Sparnon, Chief Academic Officer, JC:HEM @JCHEMUpdates

2  Who are we?  What do we do?  How do we do it?  Points for Discussion Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins @JCHEMUpdates

3  An initiative of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits);  Open to all!  An independent organisation, with less than 10 staff globally. Who are we? @JCHEMUpdates

4  Offer high quality higher education, free at the point of delivery, to those at the margins;  (those who have limited access to, or under-served by, higher education);  Two awards:  Diploma in Liberal Studies  Community Service Learning Tracks What do we do? @JCHEMUpdates

5  Seven current sites:  Kakuma, Dzaleka, Amman, Taunggyi, Mae Hon Song, Chad, Herat;  1,085 students since 2010;  715 completed, 199 active, 171 withdrawn;  28% women;  Students are from more than 20 different countries. What do we do? @JCHEMUpdates

6  Facilitate a Partnership:  Institutions – e.g. Regis: accreditation, courses, faculty;  Site-based partners – e.g. Jesuit Refugee Service: on- site support and infrastructure and facilities;  Donating organisations – e.g. Wiley Publishing: networks, technology, infrastructure, textbooks, funding etc.  Individual Faculty – to teach and design courses. How do we do it? @JCHEMUpdates

7  15 courses, delivered on-line over 3 years;  Awarded and accredited by Regis University;  Courses from:  Existing courses adapted for cultural context THE DIPLOMA IN LIBERAL STUDIES @JCHEMUpdates

8 Curriculum Structure Core Courses 0Bridge to Learning (zero credit) 1Adult Learning 2Interpersonal Communication 3Logic and Critical Thinking 4General Psychology 5Leadership Theory 6Person and Conduct 7Intercultural Communication 8Political Science 9World Religions 10Introduction to Business @JCHEMUpdates

9 Concentrations BusinessEducation 11Global BusinessPerspectives in Education 12Project ManagementEducational Psychology 13Micro-FinanceCultural Competence in Education 14MarketingIntroduction to Special Education 15EntrepreneurshipTeaching EFL @JCHEMUpdates

10  Community Health Provider (French & English);  Train the Trainer (ESL);  Special Needs;  Business and Entrepreneurship (French and English (2x));  Community Development and Organization (English(3x), French, and women only);  Performing Arts;  Community Counseling;  Child Protection and Participation;  Psychosocial Case Management (2x);  English as a Foreign Language (different levels);  Community Communications. Community Service Learning Tracks @JCHEMUpdates

11  16 weeks long;  Class sizes between 15-25;  Subjects address areas of particular need in the community;  Delivered locally (face to face) but the curriculum is developed in collaboration with on-line international faculty;  Excellent orientation to learning – many subsequently apply successfully to the Diploma;  Genuine impact in the community;  A key component in terms of scalability. COMMUNITY SERVICE LEARNING TRACKS @JCHEMUpdates

12  It’s about partnership – you can’t do everything;  It’s not rocket surgery - The technology and networks to do this are available;  The main issues are academic – faculty, course donation relevance etc;  On-site support is critical to success;  Innovation needs a business plan. Points for Discussion @JCHEMUpdates

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