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College of Arts & Sciences Workshop for Instructors.

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1 College of Arts & Sciences Workshop for Instructors

2 Welcome to the College of Arts & Sciences Gordon Anderson, Dean

3 Goals for today Improving the teaching and learning environment Promoting awareness of resources and potential problems / solutions Encouraging collegial relationships with colleagues

4 ETSU Mission Educate students to become responsible, enlightened, and productive citizens; Conduct scholarship that improves the human condition; Serve business, education, government, health care systems, and community; and Enhance the cultural environment of the region.

5 Using the ETSU Website

6 Course Syllabus Your contract with your students Spell out your expectations Define class policies Stick to it! Revise it if necessary  Give written amendments to students

7 Syllabus Attachment Explains important information and dates that most students should know.

8 BlackBoard and D2L and Academic Technology Lab ETSU offers lots of tech support  All courses have web sites  ATL offers tech instruction Free AT Lab in Sherrod Library 116 Faculty web server

9 Handbooks for Reference  Faculty Handbook  Student Handbook

10 Academic Freedom What can you do in the classroom? What should you avoid? Resource: Student Bill of RightsStudent Bill of Rights Resource: TBR PolicyTBR Policy

11 Troubled Students Counseling Center  Special presentations available  See web Dr. Joe Sherlin Associate VP for Student Affairs 439-4210 Dr. Joe Sherlin

12 Copyright and Intellectual Property What is permitted? Not permitted? Using protected materials  When  How  ETSU requirements

13 Student Privacy Student information goes only to respective students  No one else may receive this information.  Written waiver signed by student needed for EACH exception  Partners in Education

14 Library Resources Live and online Reserve services available Tours available

15 Grade Scale A A ‑ B+ B B ‑ C+ C C- D+ D F FN

16 Other Grades Do not influence grade point average (GPA)  Au - audit  Cr - credit  I – Incomplete  P – pass  W – withdrawn while passing  WF – withdrawn while failing

17 Dropping Classes Instructors do NOT approve / disapprove drops No permission needed for first 8 weeks (

18 Late Drop Definition: dropping one or more courses after 8 weeks of a fall or spring semester  Student remains enrolled in at least one course  Dates published for all terms in Schedule of Classes Required condition: Extenuating circumstances Instructor verifies grade on a form  Does NOT approve the drop

19 Withdrawal Policy Withdrawing from ETSU in first 8 weeks: W  i.e., dropping all courses After 8 th week: W or WF at instructor discretion Deadline: no later than 4:30 p.m. two days before the last day of classes of any academic term

20 Recording Grades Office of Registrar provides grade sheets at end of term  Grades due in Office of Registrar by 4:00 p.m. the Monday after final exam week

21 Posting Student Grades Prohibited by ETSU policy (Faculty Handbook 5.9)  By name  By code

22 Grade Appeals Faculty Handbook A student may appeal a course grade if the student has evidence that the grade was assigned in a malicious, capricious, erroneous, or arbitrary manner.

23 Adding Classes Add any open section in first week Chair permission required second week  Electronic permit in SIS  “Cut card”

24 Attendance Policy Faculty Handbook  University sponsored activities must be excused Exception:  previously announced departmental policy and the faculty member has been informed in advance of the intended absence.  Emergency, Special Circumstances, or Illness

25 Final Examinations One week after the end of classes is set aside for final examinations. The schedule of those examinations appears in Schedule of Classes  Times differ from regular meeting times

26 Dead Week Policy Dead week is the last week of classes in the fall or spring semester schedule. No final exams permitted this week  Exception: laboratory final exams Review recommended Avoid  Unscheduled tests  Quizzes  Other unscheduled work

27 Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct Definition Penalty Response Process  May assign F for assignment & / or course  May report to Office of the Dean  Campus database If admission or conviction, 2 nd offense may bring expulsion

28 Turnitin Plagiarism detection tool Works in Bb Workshops available

29 Making Referrals Examples  Scholarships  Financial Aid  Fees and Refunds  etc. Your department ARC, near the ETSU Bookstore 439-8650

30 Advising See your department chair Students may add your class during the first week, if openings are available in the electronic system

31 Tutoring Contact the ARC for details Phone 423-439-4758 Live and online services available in some courses

32 Writing & Communication Center Room 409 Warf-Pickel Hall 439-8202

33 Math Lab Room 308 Warf-Pickel Hall 439-7611

34 Disability Services Students registered with Disability Services may present accommodation forms  Specific accommodations required by law Examples  Distraction free testing  Extra testing time

35 Retaining Records at End of Term Retain student papers on which grades are based for 1 calendar year  Objectively scored items: record of results is sufficient Faculty leaving ETSU  Provide materials to department chair

36 ETSU ID Cards Take a copy of your contract to the ETSU ID Office in the D. P. Culp Center  Second level, near ETSU Bookstore  439-8316 ID Office will phone HR for your employee number.

37 Parking Permits required $50 at the Bursar’s Office in Dossett Administration Bldg

38 Center for Physical Activity Memberships for adjuncts: $240 / year

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