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Resident-centered USCAP Bruce R. Smoller, MD Executive vice President United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology.

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1 Resident-centered USCAP Bruce R. Smoller, MD Executive vice President United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology

2 Annual meeting events Saturday: –Resident workshop: This year’s theme, “Leadership, Collaboration and Change in Health Care” directed by Carol Farver - Cleveland Clinic Sold out for second consecutive year Evaluations – uniformly exceptional from last year (including from various faculty who attended) Soliciting ideas for subsequent years –VIP Resident reception: Members of Executive Committee, Council and USCAP Ambassadors attended a cocktail party with course attendees designed to enhance interactions between Academy leadership and our trainees!

3 Annual meeting events Sunday: –Fellowship fair: 45 booths representing 45 separate institutions – needed to expand space this year as it was “packed” last year –House staff specialty conference: This year’s topic: “Boards Preparation: How and What to Study” –Session moderated by: Ann Folks and Barbara McKenna – speaking with Rebecca Johnson (ABP) and Mika Fujiwara (Stanford) –> 100 attended last year’s event

4 Annual meeting events Monday and Tuesday: –Hospitality Suites for Trainees: Round table discussions targeting following topics: –Pathology Training issues including Boards and MOC –Preparing for success in practice: »Academic »Private or large laboratory practice –Subspecialty practice/fellowships –And open discussions Hosted by Ambassadors, members of the Resident Advisory Committee, Membership Committee, Executive Committee and Council – many of the “who’s who” in anatomic pathology No iPads given out this year (sorry) Expanded hours this year with coffee and snacks provided all day (in addition to the breakfasts and lunches from past years)

5 Annual meeting events Monday: –Special symposium: “Careers in Investigative Pathology: The Next Generation” – Drs. Berman (Hopkins) and Loda (Dana Farber Cancer Center).

6 House Staff Welcome Reception Monday 5:30 – 7:30 PM –In Hospitality Suite (CC 301-303) Open to all trainees attending the annual meeting Members of Executive Committee, Council, Education Committee and other leadership roles encourage to attend and mingle with our trainees, i.e., our future! Stop in, please!!!!

7 Attendance and participation at annual USCAP meeting Number of abstracts submitted with trainees as first authors: 1486 Number of platforms given by trainees: 111 out of the 280 total 733 Poster Presentations with trainees as first authors 1286 trainees attended the annual meeting in 2012 – most ever – (surpasses 1220 from Boston 2010) 1008 attendees were junior members in 2012 No final data yet on 2013 trainee attendance

8 Residents presenting platforms– leading institutions (2012 data) Johns Hopkins9 Brigham & Women’s8 Cleveland Clinic7 Cornell6 Memorial Sloan-Kettering6 MD Anderson5

9 Total Abstracts submitted by Residents (2012 data) Johns Hopkins45 Mayo Clinic40 Cleveland Clinic34 Brigham & Women’s33 Emory33 MD Anderson29 Univ. Pittsburgh29 Washington Univ.28 Mass. General Hospital25 UCSF21

10 Abstracts at annual meeting with resident involvement (2012 data) 2416/3083 (78%) submitted had at least one resident on list of authors 1679/3083 (54%) submitted had resident listed as first author 1682/2176 (77%) of those accepted had a least one resident on list of authors 1175/2176 (54%) of those accepted had a resident listed as first author (55% for 2013)

11 Stowell-Orbison Award Given for best papers by a pathologist-in- training: –316 abstracts accepted (424 submitted) –– 4 awards and 4 honorable mentions

12 Stowell-Orbison Award – abstracts accepted  Washington University16  Univ. Pittsburgh14  Univ Chicago12  Emory University11  Univ. Pennsylvania10  Johns Hopkins Univ.10  Mayo Clinic9  Beth Israel/Deaconess9  Loyola8  MD Anderson8  Albany Med. Ctr.7  Univ. Michigan7  Cleveland Clinic7  Univ. Toronto5  Yale Univ.5  Univ. Utah5  MSKCC5  Northwestern5  Brown Univ.5  Stanford Univ.5

13 ADASP Awards ADASP - Autopsy Award: Given to a pathologist-in-training for best poster based upon autopsy material ADASP Surgical Pathology Award: Given to a pathologist-in-training for best poster based upon surgical pathology material

14 House Staff Participation in Academy Education Committee: –Kristie White (UCSF) –Ashley Cimino (Hopkins) Both rotating off and two new residents named to succeed them: –Kevin Fischer (Emory) –Jennifer Pogoriler (Univ. Chicago) Innovative Educational Products Development Committee: –Initial membership had two residents, now both on faculty

15 House Staff Participation in Academy Resident Advisory Committee –Julia Iezzoni, Chair Subcommittee within Membership Committee Works specifically to design ideas that might appeal to trainees Many members of committee are trainees: –Jennifer Kaplan –Melissa Austin –Benjamin Coulter –Nora Frisch –Rondell Graham –Ian Hagemann –Trent Marburger –Kristie White –Jason Pimentel

16 House Staff Participation in Academy Foundation Committee: –Kari Hooper (Univ. Alabama, Birmingham) – responsible for: Resident registration booth Expanded hospitality suite hours and food “Welcome Reception for House Staff” Mentorship Donation Program Coupon books while in Tampa that are USCAP- sponsored ABP Cooperating Societies Annual Meeting Rondell Graham (Mayo) attended as our representative

17 Pre-meeting Materials “How to Navigate” guide to the annual meeting –Powerpoint presentation designed to walk residents through the annual meeting from a resident’s perspective This idea arose through the Resident Advisory Committee – resident ideas coming to fruition

18 Current plans Resident Board Review Preparation: –Series of subspecialty based exams based upon materials gleaned from the USCAP website –Questions taken from SAMs type questions and re-packaged for use by residents in preparation for standardized national exams –Project spear-headed by residents! –Incorporated into MyPath – ready for launch right after annual meeting

19 Web-portal designed to be a concentrated site for curated, high quality content for surgical pathologists: –Includes almost everything from USCAP website including synchronized short courses with power point slides and accompanying audio –Handouts –Last 10 years worth of Mod Path and LI –Rosai’s textbook of Surgical Pathology, Sternberg’s textbook of Surgical Pathology and 5 other textbooks! Completely searchable and with all figures easily downloaded for incorporation into presentations –PubMed –Networking function for sharing comments and ideas

20 International House Staff Stoddard Travel Scholarship: –Up to $5,000/year in travel scholarships to trainees from countries with financial need –This year 3 scholarships given to trainees from India, all of whom had abstracts accepted for presentation

21 Future Additional courses being discussed for the first weekend New courses being recruited to replace the resident-oriented courses currently at the meeting –If you have an idea, please submit it – we have a new committee designed to fast track unique course offerings! Discussion of developing a series of “basics” courses during the annual meeting, specifically aimed at pathologists-in-training

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