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UC Open Access Policy: Tools to support faculty participation February 27, 2014 University of California More information at

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1 UC Open Access Policy: Tools to support faculty participation February 27, 2014 University of California More information at

2 Scope of the UC Policy Covered: Academic Senate faculty “Scholarly articles,” including materials published in journals, conference proceedings, etc. Articles with a publication agreement signed after July 24, 2013 Not covered: Students Adjuncts Visiting professors Post-docs and researchers Books Popular, non-scholarly articles Fiction and poetry Lecture notes Articles published before the policy was passed More information at

3 When to Deposit Faculty on all UC campuses may deposit now. Faculty at UC Irvine, UCLA, and UCSF are expected to deposit as of November 1, 2013. Faculty on the remaining campuses will be expected to deposit in Fall 2014 (pending Academic Senate review). An automated harvesting system is being built to make deposit even easier. This system will: – Gather information about articles published by UC- affiliated authors – E-mail faculty to verify the data, collect the publication (where necessary), and approve deposit More information at

4 Timeline Nov 1, 2013Faculty deposit implemented for UCSF, UCLA, UCI; OSC site released May 2014 6-month review by Academic Senate June 2014Harvesting tool project completed for UCSF, UCLA, UCI July/Aug 2014Review of harvesting tool by Academic Senate Nov 1, 2014Faculty deposit implemented for remaining UC campuses, contingent on Senate reviews June 2015Harvesting tool implemented for remaining UC campuses, contingent on Senate reviews, funding More information at

5 How to Deposit From More information at


7 4. Enter a few details about your work. (Tip: Entering a DOI or PubMed ID will automatically complete the form for you!) 5. Provide a file. You can upload your manuscript or, if your manuscript is already openly available, provide a link. 6. Specify how others may reuse your work, acknowledge the deposit agreement, then click Submit.

8 Publishers Have Been Notified Approximately 200 publishers have been informed about the policy so far. Total to be contacted is close to 500. Some will require authors to waive the policy, or get an embargo (delay public access). will be updated with more publisher information as it is gathered and verified. More information at

9 Responding to Publishers 1.Go to or 2.Navigate to the “Get a Waiver/Embargo” page 3.Fill out basic information and generate a letter to give to publishers

10 FAQs What do faculty need to do to comply with this policy? The policy automatically grants UC a license to make any scholarly articles available in an open access repository. UC will not do so, however, until an author takes the action of depositing an article in UC’s eScholarship repository or confirms the availability of the article in another open access venue – i.e., a repository (such as PubMed central, ArXiv or SSRN) or an open access journal. What version of their article should Faculty submit to the repository? The policy requires that the author submit the “final version,” which safely means the manuscript copy post-peer review but before a publisher typesets and finalizes it. Does this policy require that faculty publish in particular journals or pay fees or “Article Processing Charges” to publish? No. Faculty are strongly encouraged to continue to publish as normal, in the most appropriate and prestigious journals. No fee is associated with the deposit of an article in eScholarship. Faculty are welcome to publish in journals that charge a fee to make an article open access at the journal website if they choose to do so, but that is not the requirement or the intent of this policy. More information at

11 For further reading… More information at Visit the Office of Scholarly Communication website for: The full text of the policy Answers to dozens of Frequently Asked Questions Campus contacts/resources And more!

12 Get the Word Out! More information at Watch a 90-second video at:

13 Get the Word Out! Link to information about the policy from your website with transferable ads More information at

14 Publication Harvesting Tool Coming soon (June 2014)! – Automated collection of bibliographic information about faculty articles – Informed by campus HR feeds and a publisher information database – Could be used as a tool to create faculty profiles, send articles to PubMed in fulfillment of NIH requirements, and more More information at


16 Ideas? Questions? Feedback? Berkeley Jean McKenzie, Margaret Phillips, Davis Open Access support team, Irvine Carol Hughes, UCLA Angela Riggio, Merced Susan Mikkelsen, Riverside Rhonda L. Neugebauer, San Diego Nancy Stimson, UCSF Anneliese Taylor, Santa Barbara Sherri Barnes, Santa Cruz Scholarly Communications and eResearch Team, More information at

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