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Copyright GeneGo 2000-2003 CONFIDENTIAL »« MetaCore TM (System requirements and installation) Systems Biology for Drug Discovery.

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1 Copyright GeneGo CONFIDENTIAL »« MetaCore TM (System requirements and installation) Systems Biology for Drug Discovery

2 Copyright GeneGo CONFIDENTIAL »« System Requirements - Server Hardware: –Dual XEON 3.2 or higher, XEON Dual Core 2.2 or higher, Opteron 2.2 or higher –4 or more GB of memory –250 GB SCSI/SAS HDD 80 GB minimum for database 20 GB minimum for application –RAID is recommended Operating system: –RedHat Enterprise Linux 4/5 (32 or 64 bit) –SuSE 10 (32 or 64 bit) –CentOS 4/5 (32 or 64 bit) Software: –Oracle RDBMS 10.2 –Oracle client with development libraries and database utilities (exp/imp) –Development packages (gcc, make, etc) –X Window base + libs + development packages (needed for some libraries) –Java JDK version or higher –bzip2 is required System settings –In order to use paper highlighting capabilities, MetaCore server should have HTTP access to PubMed Oracle settings: –Dedicated server mode (not shared!)

3 Copyright GeneGo CONFIDENTIAL »« System Requirements - Client Hardware: –2.0 GHz processor or higher is recommended –1 GB RAM or more Operating system: –Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Mac Software: –Internet Explorer 6 or higher, Safari 3.0, Firefox 3.0 or higher –Macromedia (Adobe) Flash plugin version 8 or higher –JRE for MapEditor and MetaSearch Software and OS settings: –Access to ports 8100 (or 80 if configured to use this port) on the MetaCore server –Popup window blockers should be switched off –ActiveX execution should be enabled for report generation

4 Copyright GeneGo CONFIDENTIAL »« Client/Server Architecture Oracle server and MetaCore software can be installed on the same or separate machine When using separate servers for Oracle and MC, MetaCore should have an access to port 1521 of Oracle server Fast (GigE is recommended) network connection is required between MC and Oracle Oracle MetaCore tcp/1521 Client computer tcp/8100tcp/8001 Internet tcp/80

5 Copyright GeneGo CONFIDENTIAL »« Installation Install Oracle server and client, create Oracle instance for MetaCore Install JDK on MetaCore server Create “genego” user on the MetaCore server - you should install everything under this user Unpack.tar.gz distribution Set ORACLE_HOME and JAVA_HOME Run “configure” script, specify installation prefix, Oracle connection parameters Run “make” If installation is successful, you can run MC by executing startup script If you want to run MetaCore on standard http port, you should manually edit httpd.conf, located inside MetaCore tree (just make sure it still runs under genego userid) and run startup script under the root account See instalation manual for details

6 Copyright GeneGo CONFIDENTIAL »« Updates Unpack update outside MetaCore installation tree Under “genego” user run “configure” script, specify installation prefix Run “make” Update will also back up data and scripts in “backup” folder - don’t remove it

7 Copyright GeneGo CONFIDENTIAL »« Maintenance Backups: –Oracle backups - full or partial (only user data tables) data dump –Filesystem backups - several directories inside MetaCore tree, containing original data files uploaded, jobs status + maps folder (if using MapEditor) Temporary files: –You can set up cron job, deleting files which are week older in MetaCore tmp directories –Automatic cleanup is performed during every MC update installation Monitoring: –Apache’s access_log and error_log are available for diagnostics and access statistics Firewall: –MetaCore server: Open TCP ports 8100 (or 80, depending on settings) for incoming connections Allow outgoing HTTP connections to PubMed servers Allow outgoing TCP connections to Oracle server’s port 1521 (if installed on separate machine) –Oracle server: Open TCP port 1521 for incoming connections from MetaCore server

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