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1 WebFOCUS 8

2 Business Intelligence Portal Active Technologies – New HTML5 Graphics
WebFOCUS 8 New Features Business Intelligence Portal Active Technologies – New HTML5 Graphics Unified Database Repository MRE, ReportCaster, Library Security Folders, Reports, Users, Permission Lists Consolidation of tools No More Report Assist, Graph Assist, Advanced Graph Assist! Replaced by InfoAssist, InfoAssist Basic

3 March 31, 2012 – 8.0.0 Released June 2012 – 8.0.1 expected
WebFOCUS 8 Timeline March 31, 2012 – Released June 2012 – expected Open Portal Services Web Services Product Fixes Targeting Summit!

4 Demonstration

5 Business Discovery

6 allow the right person to ask and answer the necessary questions at the appropriate time.
mobile delivery of BI is all about practical, tactical information needed to make immediate decisions

7 So you’re thinking about going Mobile….
Who am I’m going to be providing the information too? What device do they have? What device WILL they have? What level of connectivity will they have? What information would provide value if it was available via a mobile device? Improve Productivity, Agility, Transparency and Collaboration What additional questions would need to be asked of that information now that it is available? (what level of interactivity is required) How am I going to expose the information? What are the security considerations? What content can I see, what data do I have rights to? How can I leverage my existing assets? Hardware, software, skills, etc.

8 Target Mobile BI User Not typically an Information Producer
Information Consumer Big picture at a glance on the go Executive Level Management Level Information Collaborator – Maximum ROI Use information to support and drive a conversation Project/Team Lead Field Personnel

9 Target Mobile BI Data Information in the context of applications — not in pushing lots of data to somebody's phone or tablet. Focused on the near-term data rather than long term data. Timely and Available

10 Information Accessibility - Push, Pull, (in)Put, and Search
Push Information on a schedule or alert driven basis Pull information on demand Data Collection/Entry Applications Bring “Google” Like Experience to Mobile

11 Philosophy More than just an software independent Vendor
Historical - Business Intelligence Perspective First… Platform Independent (Hardware, Network, OS, Protocol) Database Independent Present - Business Intelligence Perspective Browser Independent Device Independent Key points: We are an independent, best-of-breed provider. This is what we do and we’ve been doing it for almost 35 years. (Compared to other vendors that have BI embedded as part of a much larger software stack that is non-BI related.) This independence allows us to focus on our two core values – our customers and our technology innovation. We’ve received industry recognition for our commitment to both (will be covered later). Just over a year ago, IBM began OEM’ing a lightweight version of our BI product for their System i (AS/400) platform (called DB2 Web Query). This has grown our customer base significantly and has become “one of IBM’s fastest selling applications ever…”.  (This is great positioning against Cognos.) See the sub in this article "DB2 Web Query Selling well“… We also have other significant partnerships – SAP, Oracle and Microsoft all embed our software in their offerings. Think of us as the Switzerland in the software industry – we are open, flexible and play well with others – and we will continue to do so. But most importantly, we create local, long-term partnerships with our customers – our most important constituency. Our model is to complement standard support with strong, dedicated local support – so we commit to our customers’ success at a local level. Our average local SE tenure is 8 ½ years – well beyond the high-tech industry average. The average tenure on our support line is over 11 years. We believe BI is not something you buy, it is rather something you achieve. We help our customers achieve success with their BI investment.

12 Any Device, Any Form Factor, Any Platform
WebFOCUS Mobile Strategy: Device independent BI solutions Develop once, run from anywhere Highly interactive, device exploitive Web Apps with built in analytic capabilities Embed BI Web Apps in custom applications Common BI security framework Read and write access No additional hardware, software required WebFOCUS Mobile Components: Mobile Favorites (portal) Mobile Faves (os app) Active Technologies WebFOCUS Maintain …and more (e.g.: Self-Service access) Copyright 2011, Information Builders. Slide 12 12

13 Mobile Deployment Strategies
Native Apps: Developed using OS SDK; Installed to run natively on the device; Leverage OS functionality. Web Apps: Web pages conforming to OS UI and behavior. Optimized Web Pages: Content scales appropriately to device size. Compatible Web Pages: Display content as is without Optimizing for form factor. Hybrid Approach: Combine native UI with web content via content viewing area.

14 Mobile Faves for iPad and iPhone
Native Apple App for consumption of WF BI (and other content) (just like client – no training required) Provides controlled access to WebFOCUS content through: Mobile Faves portal (normal “pull”) attachments (“Open in Mobile Faves”) Watch-list Feeds (automatic “push”) Online viewing of any WF content Allows saving, ing, search and cataloging of stand-alone content Active Technologies or PDF documents Identical app on iPad and iPhone Provides Guides, Videos and Help Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 14 14

15 What type of applications should I target?
Resource Utilization/Allocation Streamline Processes Enable Collaboration Outward Facing - Transparency

16 OPERATIONAL Execution
Easy, Relevant Timely Information Drives Execution Enable Collaboration Streamline Process STRATEGIC Purpose OPERATIONAL Execution Supply inventory information to truck drivers Fact based conversations

17 Information Builders and Mobile Computing Mobile Customers
NASA Launch Vehicle Processing Directorate used WebFOCUS Active Technology to create reports for an emergency notification system Dealer Services Corporation (DSC), Large finance provider for used automobiles. Mobile app serves field staff with financial metrics via WebFOCUS Active Reports/Dashboards (support all devices) City of Richardson TX - PD, Use WebFOCUS to create a mobile reporting environment that delivers crime data to police using their Blackberry devices officers can track active 911 calls AJ Logistics, a premier provider of custom warehousing and logistics services, WebFOCUS application lets clients track multiple projects, obtain status updates & issue commands via any mobile devices

18 Mobile BI Best Practices
Avoid Dashboard Proliferation and Rework Build Once, Deploy Anywhere Design for the smaller form factor Put most important content in the upper left Legends use valuable real estate Leverage micro charts, stop lighting Design for on the go use Intuitive Drill Paths Don’t over prompt Here and Now Metrics Leave Back Office Analytics back in the office

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