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Welcome to the Coach Holiday Conference 2015 and annual CTC Workshop.

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1 Welcome to the Coach Holiday Conference 2015 and annual CTC Workshop

2 Jo Causon Chief Executive The Institute of Customer Service

3 How to turn a satisfied customer into a loyal one Jo Causon – Chief Executive 23 rd February 2015

4 Introducing The Institute of Customer Service.... We are: Independent, not-for-profit membership body. Over 450 organisational members. 80% from private, 20% from public and third sectors. More than 4,000 individual members. We aim: To lead customer performance and professionalism. To be the first point of call for all issues around customer service. We provide: Advice, research, professional networks, products and services, awards, national occupational standards, continual professional development and conferences. The power of service 4

5 Some of our members The power of service 5

6 Members from Travel & Tourism The power of service 6

7 Why customer service matters.... The power of service 7

8 Why customer service matters…. The power of service 8 78% of UK GDP is generated by the service sector Over 70% of UK employees deal directly with customers in their jobs 64% of global GDP is accounted for by the service sector £15.3bn - the cost of poor customer service to UK economy annually

9 The new order: from a transactional to a relationship economy The power of service 9

10 10 UKCSI Jan 2015 Overall result Based on a 6 year trend, satisfaction has fallen again Transport 72.3 Tourism 79.4

11 The power of service 11 UKCSI Jan 2015 Sector performance

12 UKCSI top performers The power of service 12

13 UKCSI top performers The power of service 13 TourismTransport

14 Service drives loyalty and sales The power of service 14

15 The power of service 15 Service drives trust Transport

16 Service drives loyalty The power of service 16 Tourism

17 Differences between the sectors…. The power of service 17 Key MetricUK all sector average TourismTransport Professionalism75.878.471.5 Quality & Efficiency75.779.071.3 Ease of Doing Business With 76.780.273.8 Problem solving74.879.071.3 Timeliness75.779.473.9

18 70% of engaged employees have a good understanding of how to meet customer needs Engaged employees generate 43% more revenue Engaged employees = 2.7 sick days per year. Disengaged employees = 6.2 Engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave an organisation 67% of engaged advocate their organisations; only 3% of the disengaged do 9 out of 10 of key barriers to successful change are people related Over a 12 month period, companies with high engagement scores demonstrated a 13.7% improvement in net income growth whilst those with low engagement saw a decline by 3.8%. Source: (1) Institute of Customer Service: Are you being engaged (2014) The importance of Employee engagement

19 The power of service 19 Consistent across a range of measures and multiple channels Prevent complaints occurring and address them head-on Invest in insight A balanced set of measures Benchmark with own and other sectors Active employee engagement Co-creation Customer service commitment from boardroom, to engaged employees Characteristics of high performing organisations

20 Thank you Jo Causon The Institute of Customer Service

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