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Blue Lamp Foundation – Yorkshire Three Peaks Fundraiser.

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1 Blue Lamp Foundation – Yorkshire Three Peaks Fundraiser

2 What do the Blue Lamp Foundation do? The Blue Lamp Foundation is a charity set up to aid all members of the frontline emergency services This covers all Police Services, Ambulance Trusts and Fire and Rescue Services. They have done many things since there recent set-up, including aiding a paramedic whose leg was completely shattered when he was hit by a passing truck whilst giving first aid They aim to raise 1 Million pounds by 2013, so far they have raised around 250,000 since being set up in 2010

3 Why should we help the Emergency Services? Its important to remember that all three of the emergency services are set up purely to provide help, care and emergency aid Many members of the Emergency Services have died in the line of duty, notable cases include PC Yvonne Fletcher whom was killed by a gunman during Libyan protests in the 1980’s, and more recently several Northern Irish Police Officers have lost their lives on duty due to acts of terrorism. Its good to know that we have these brave individuals to help us, who sometimes put their lives on the line, purely in the name of the selfless act of helping others. More recently the riots that affected the whole of England nationally showed the bravery of all the Emergency Services, the images shown below showed the harsh conditions that they had to work through during these troubling periods

4 The Founder of the Charity – P.C David Rathband P.C David Rathband was a Police Constable in the Northumbria Constabulary, specifically in the Traffic Policing Unit On the day of the Raoul Moat incident, P.C David Rathband was attempting to apprehend Raoul Moat Whilst in his traffic car he noticed Raoul Moat was charging towards with a firearm, he had no time to react as Raoul Moat shot him in the face and chest with a double-barrelled shotgun only 4 ft away from the car he was at in Amazingly he survived the ordeal and escaped with his life, however he was left permanently blinded and facially scarred However he refused to sit by and give up, and after the incident he founded the Blue Lamp Foundation with the aim of aiding all British Emergency Service personnel whom are injured in the line of duty

5 What do we aim to do? We aim to do a number of fundraising activities to ensure the Blue Lamp Foundation gets the recognition, funds and awareness it deserves We have secured Wrist Bands and collection tins for raising funds, but also secured slots for fundraising in a variety of places, including a local Anchor Trust care home, with the Trafford Council and with a local community group, Impact! We hope to also receive sponsorship to do the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge, which is the main event in our fundraiser

6 Information on the Yorkshire Three Peaks The Yorkshire Three Peaks Walk is a very demanding but rewarding walk, which takes in the summits of Pen-y- ghent (694 metres - 2,276 feet), Whernside (736 metres - 2,415 feet) and Ingleborough (723 metres 2,372 feet) all in one circular route. The walk is 24.5 miles (39.2km) long and takes in over 5,000 feet (1,600 metres) of climbing. The walking is over a variety of terrains, and even though the paths have been improved immensely over recent years, certain sections can still be very boggy and energy sapping. To complete the challenge the walk must be in 12 consecutive hours

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