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ALP Create new fundraising initiatives for the programme whilst sustaining and enhancing KFS sponsorship throughout the UK.

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1 ALP Create new fundraising initiatives for the programme whilst sustaining and enhancing KFS sponsorship throughout the UK

2 Result The creation of a proposal document, together with suggested methodology on new fundraising initiatives to raise money for KFS – whilst sustaining and enhancing KFS sponsorship throughout the UK

3 Intentions: We want to…  Bring our knowledge and experience to this project because we want it to succeed, having seen and felt the benefits of this work.  Discern the time we give to this because we want to use this project as an opportunity to practice having self, others and context in balance.  Create a legacy for the future of the M2L to build upon and grow from a solid financial base  Inspire people to want to join in creating finances for the organisation

4 The growth, learning and progress we made as a team whilst working on our ALP together

5 Were consciously aware of Self, Others and Context accommodating differences. Challenges in group process and geographical separation were met by:  Valuing all 4 axis  Clarification of participation and roles  Use of baseball for teams  Uses of power in decision making  Types of conversations, including Skype  Trusting and accessing our higher purposes to sustain a collective work ethic  Giving & receiving bold support as necessary: modelled with Alex Walford Team empowered & celebrated individual differences with a sensitivity to:

6 The growth, learning and development gained by individual members of the team

7 Susan Growth: developed faith in group process Blind Spot: accessed feelings, provided practical support & mentored with patience & willingness Realisation: personal judgments affect embracing all styles of leadership. Acknowledged that a team needs all 4 corners of the axis Personal: released judgment and accept reality

8 Hermione Growth: Fundraising for MTL is challenging because although there is a valuable product it is difficult to articulate Blind Spot: Asking for what I want rather than expecting clairvoyance Realisation: Allowing vulnerability, trusting life and asking for support when needed Personal: puting time parameters in place, Information Communication Technology (ICT) and a huge individual contribution.

9 Úna Growth: Equal value of all four axis Blind Spot: “Inspirational” axis needs to develop self-esteem and self acknowledge. Acts on bold support and feedback Realisation: Challenge and benefits of group process after periods of solitude Personal: Seeks inclusion and self trust in a group

10 Jane Growth: has the capacity for bold support and partnership in the face of dramatic behaviour – using baseball Blind Spot: self circle out of balance Realisation: accesses all four corners of the axis and moves between them fluently Personal: good leader of group process where previously was fearful and avoided

11 Kharma Growth: greater understanding of the differences between people, everyone has something to contribute Blind Spot: not trusting self as a leader and facilitator Realisation: loves facilitating processes and sees self as a facilitator in everything undertaken. Had a tendency to shy away from this strength Personal: Greater esteem as a leader, now values self in this respect

12 Contextual blocks and levers LeversBlocks The ALP proposal enables the access to a social ‘piece’ as learning and as a means of generating fundraising and future enrolment. Kairos has not got a good business case for the purpose of external fundraising We have a website where this can be addressed by providing an opportunity for donation, so that this can occur with greater ease. Letters sent to students on the Monday after their training to source sponsorship/donation No obvious procedure in place for asking for funds except at the end of trainings or focus courses. Opportunity to create an approved brief for an ‘elevator pitch’ We don’t have a clear description of benefits of M2L training because it is experiential, therefore we do not have a tool for raising money in that respect We do have 2 databases. We need to identify ways of using them more effectively together. Database. We have 2 of these but they are not as powerful as they could be for fundraising

13 Proposal Document Key Recommendations 1) Transparency about the financial structure of the courses 2) Expand solicitation - all Trustees to have a role 3) Invite students to create social events as a fundraising and personal development opportunity 4) Use charitable giving opportunities on trading websites 5) Improve donor stewardship 6) Appoint a Patron; invest in integrated fundraising and course management system; develop Trustee induction course

14 Appendices  SWOT Analysis  Guidelines for creating event  Event Check List  Ebay for Charity  Sample Survey  Raffle Costings City Walk Outline Guidelines for Patron Fundraising Database Requirements Reference Source – Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

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