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Building effective partnerships David Wilcox

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1 Building effective partnerships David Wilcox

2 What well cover… to start How to think about partnership Benefits, opportunities - and barriers How to approach partnerships What works and what doesnt The process of building partnership

3 First - what do you think? When we say partnership what comes to mind? What does partnership mean in the context of External Systems? What are the benefits - and barriers?

4 Benefits of partnership Making 1+1 more than 2… sharing ideas and resources Gaining access to skills of others Mutual support and enthusiasm Seeing through others eyes Funding available to partnerships Reaching wider audiences

5 Barriers and challenges Suspicion and lack of trust Fear of losing identity Unacceptable inequalities of power Poor communication Lack of leadership, clear roles Confused style of working The time it takes to build trust and new relationship

6 Partnerships which arent Sherry Arnsteins ladder of participation 1969 Suggests top of the ladder is best. The key issue - who is in control.

7 A revised ladder Supporting Acting together Deciding together Consultation Information Degree of control Substantial participation Sometime lower rungs may be appropriate. But if you want partnership make sure that is what is offered.

8 Three views of partnership Business People Structure Money Projects Skills Confidence Personalities Meetings Procedures Agreement Constitution Paperwork Jargon Trust and Relationships

9 Partnership life cycle Initiating: What was the spark? Whos idea? Why? Starting: get to know each other. Create shared vision. Write agreement. Doing: start projects. Involve others. Support each other. Sustaining - or finishing. Do you need to keep going?

10 Tips for partnership working Be clear on what you really want. Check how much influence you have. Dont end up a token representative Look for allies. Be sociable. Use workshops as well as committees. Put yourself in others shoes. Organise around tasks, projects. Be honest. Build trust.

11 Reaching an agreement Who will benefit What are the goals, deliverables What is our shared vision What will each party contribute How will decisions be made How will conflict be dealt with How will surpluses be shared How will we know if we are succeeding

12 Building a relationship Respect peoples styles and cultures Use different ways to communicate Go away together - away days Do things together - projects Expect to learn from each other Balance competition and collaboration Take time Be positive! Have some fun!

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