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3 MORE ON CCSS & CURRICULUM ALIGNMENT Aligned with college and work expectations Focused and coherent Includes rigorous content and application of knowledge through higher-order thinking and reasoning skills Intentionally benchmarked so all students are prepared to succeed in our global economy and society Students’ reading, writing, and speaking skills are grounded in evidence and research

4 STATE AND DISTRICT ASSESSMENTS ● Smarter Balance State Assessment o New testing that is replacing OAKS. o It is aligned with the CCSS and much harder than the OAKS because it requires deeper thinking skills. No more multiple choice! ice-test/ ● EasyCBM

5 GRADES ● A-F Grading ● Proficiency Based Grading ● 40%: Formative 60%: Summative ● GPA o Principal Honor Roll: 4.0-3.5 o Honor Roll: 3.49-3.0

6 CLASS AND SCHOOL RULES ● Be safe ● Be respectful ● Be responsible ● Be a professional student

7 BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT ● Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports ● Class Dojo ● Character Cash PBIS: One of the foremost advances in school-wide discipline is the emphasis on school-wide systems of support that include proactive strategies for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviors to create positive school environments.

8 SCHEDULE ● Daily: Reading, Writing, Math, Social Studies, Science ● Specials: P.E. (Thurs.) Library (Tues.) Chinese (Tues.) ● Electives (Wed.-Fri.) ● Concordia in the Classroom ● Please check the calendar for the 2-hour late openings, and closures

9 STUDY TIME (HOMEWORK) House Bill 2220: Proficiency Based Grading Flipped Classroom: Most of the “traditional” homework is done in class with more discussion and teacher help, more of the reading and gathering of information is done at home. ● Students will need to read nightly ● test prep and study guides

10 CLASS BLOG ● Our class blog will be updated by both me and my students. Students will be able to upload their writing projects about what we are doing in class as well as personal writing such as poems, stories, and personal narratives. ● On the blog you will find: ● Class updates ● Student work ● Resources for homework and review BLOG: Livingsuccessfullives.

11 TECHNOLOGY IN THE CLASSROOM We will be using technology to: ● meet our standards ● work on projects ● turn in assignments ● make an e portfolio

12 E PORTFOLIO ● ● each student will create their own e-portfolio ● Parents may access e portfolio

13 OTHER TECHNOLOGY BASED LEARNING ● o Current Events ● Front Row Math o Individualized math practice ● QR Codes o Classroom specific codes to different teacher created lessons

14 OUTDOOR SCHOOL We will be going to Outdoor School in the spring Students who are receiving failing grades, have received level 2 or level 3 referrals, or have been suspended will be in jeopardy of not being able to join us for this amazing experience.

15 TITLE ONE SCHOOL ● High levels of support for all students o Classroom Teachers o Instructional Specialists o Educational Assistants ● PK Program ● Title 1 Reading Specialist ● Well Stocked Library

16 SCHOOL FOOD PROGRAMS ● Grab and Go Breakfast ● Fresh Veggie and Fruit Snack ● Free Student Lunch

17 FAUBION REBUILD We will be moving to a swing site as a whole school for 2 years while Faubion is being rebuilt.

18 OTHER SCHOOL INFORMATION ● Please join PTA: $12 ● TAG Coordinator Mrs. Makara ● Concordia University Partnership ● Concordia “Art in the Classroom”

19 PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES ● Please make sure to sign up before you leave ● Conferences are extremely important!

20 CONTACT INFORMATION ● email: ● phone: 503.916.5686 (Please note that during teaching times I may be unable to accept your call, but I will return calls as soon as possible.) ● This information is also on the blog and the school webpage


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