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1 NA FIANNA JUVENILE MENTORS TEAM TACTICS - ATTACK Jimmy Ward Mobile: 086 2590468 Email:

2 OVERVIEW On the Ball -> Attack -> Create Space Off the Ball -> Defence -> Deny Space Set Plays TACTICS Make a decision in team context – player has to have the game sense to solve the problem and make the correct decision himself – coach can help/advise him on these – we have the ball so fellow players should have some idea of where it is going to go? 2

3 TRADITIONAL ATTACKING SET - UP 15 v 15 – Zones – Space (width v depth) Work ball long via foot, fast & wide out of defence > set-up > attack (in same direction) – Keeper > H/Backs > H/Forwards – F/Backs > M/Fielders > F/Forwards Final Ball -Direct to target man -Diagonal to corners – up & over v threaded ball -Into spaces created 3

4 TRADITIONAL ATTACKING SET - UP Creation of Space – Off the ball runs – Communicating (name => go/stay) – Timing of – by off the ball Runner & receiver – Making of these & support (passer – receiver – supporter(s) 4

5 “New” Running High Intensity Game Played v Sweeper and/or Blanket defence set-up – Slow build-up usually through hands – Fast speed of thought & hands – avoid taking ball into into tackle – Continuous support & movement – give/go; off shoulder; back door h/p – “Show & Go” v “Go & Show” – Sweeper – push man up v “mark him ” 5

6 Finishing - Scoring Ultimate objective of attacking – Shot selection & scoring zone around the D – Get it to best shooters – “go & show”; “pivot & shoot” – Use of extra man – support pull wide & man at back post 6

7 Multiple Ideas 1.Play ball wide & attack through middle 2.Draw defenders in (bunch) & attack via wings 3.Draw defenders to one side & switch 4.Pull defenders out & put ball behind/over top 5.Improvisation – forwards keep changing positions? 6.Keeping your attacking shape – 3-3; 3-3-2; 2-2; 1-1-1 7.Importance of going wide while coming out of defence + keeper clear to opposite side 8.Playing ball out from corners whilst attacking – looping 9.Preferred pass delivery for forwards – hit space not face & on his side 10.Importance of fast ball from set-up zone – deliverers not carriers of the ball 11.Receiver must ensure ball sticks first time & that he gains possession first & foremost 12.First time option & simple ball is usually best option 90% of time – no 1 => no 2 or 3 13.Shooting for goals – low to corners or high into roof of net – following in 14.Breaking tackle / committing defender > final pass must be accurate 15.Extra man – his use of dummy h/pass – support should pull out to his weak foot side 16.Defender attacking – communication re covering him & he must put ball dead 17.Weather conditions & choice/type of shots and passes 18.Importance of players behind man in possession advising him of his options - communication 7

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