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Elder residents and their cultural landscapes – Hafford and Val Marie, SK By Lee Everts University of Saskatchewan CAG 2007.

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1 Elder residents and their cultural landscapes – Hafford and Val Marie, SK By Lee Everts University of Saskatchewan CAG 2007

2 Plan For Presentation Location of project Research question Definitions, Setting the scene Themes Meanings Conclusions Acknowledgements

3 Where in Canada... Val Marie area including GNP Hafford area and RLBR Hafford area and RLBR – enlarged version Val Marie area including GNP - enlarged version

4 Research Question How do elder residents of Hafford, Val Marie, and their surrounding countryside derive meaning from their cultural landscapes?

5 Defining terms... Cultural landscapes – Geographical areas comprised of an interrelated collection of diverse meanings – harmonious or conflicting – emerging from past and present experience, memory and imagination.

6 Meaning  Shared mental representations of possible relationships among things, events, and relationships.  Meaning connects things (Baumeister 1991).  How life makes emotional sense  Demands are worthy of energy investment and commitment (Korotkov 1998). Defining terms, cont'd...

7  To achieve further economic growth, strategies must address how the medley of interrelated economic, social and political relationships extend beyond the boundary of the RLBR (Sian 2001).  In combination, the strategies would ensure equitable treatment for all citizens, particularly, youth and seniors (Sian 2001).  Generativity – “primarily the concern for establishing and guiding the next generation... (Erikson 1968, 138) Setting the scene

8 Grasslands National Park - Accurate portrayal of stories of descendants (Parks Canada 2002, 2). - Taking a “biosphere approach” in order to be sensitive to conflicting uses and stresses in surrounding land uses (J.G. Nelson 1998, 285). Setting the scene... Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve - Emphasise humans as “integral and fundamental part” (UNESCO 2002, 16). - Reconcile people and nature - Bring knowledge of the past to the needs of the future (George Francis 2004)

9 Moral judgements that tackle difficult but necessary questions of good, bad, better, worse – how we should act (David Smith 2000). Living ethically is to think about and assess moral judgements beyond one's own interests (Peter Singer 1995). Setting the scene – Ethical perspective

10 Patterns or themes in narratives  Connections to the cultural landscape  Separation from the cultural landscape  Continuity in the cultural landscape

11 Connection – meanings Taking root -Family pride -Community pride Work -Pride in work with family -Connection with life -Progress & improvement -Ingenuity & resourcefulness -Self-sufficiency Community -Togetherness (Saturday Night & Sports Day) -Shared sense of time -Familiar & equal -Responsibility to community -Reciprocal ownership

12 Changing town & countryside -Tangible symbols of change - Water quality -Large gardens -Community loss -Railway -Living landscape vs formerly lived in landscape Separation – meanings Qualities of community -Egalitarian -Togetherness -Fewer community events - Contribution of elder residents unrecognised -“Strangers” in communities -Loss of drive for independence & self-sufficiency.

13 Agriculture & changing tools of trade -Control & loss of freedom -Presumed ownership -Greed -Role of market in decisions -Chemical fertiliser & pesticide Separation – meanings Questioning bottom line -Farming as mining & business -“Poison” and progress? -Loss of continuity in agriculture -Impact on flora & fauna.

14 Continuity - meanings -Everyone lives off the land -Continuity of farming way of life -Responsibility to feed the countries -Responsibility extending to family to maintain a home -Responsibility to work with nature or “Mother Nature” -Marking old school sites -Tangible symbols linking past & present -Importance of remembering -Prairie grassland

15 -Corresponding meanings with those of RLBR and GNP (e.g. continuity of community or nature) -Source of continuity for some is a source of discontinuity for others -Responsibility to younger generation Continuity - meanings -Value of flora & fauna -Prevent certain agricultural practices -Blending of self and land RLBR, GNP & Sustainability

16 In response to research question...  Elder residents have made and can make a substantive and integral contribution to the identity of the cultural landscape: – contribute to heritage in terms of method (ethics) and meanings – ethics that inform these meanings encourage actions that engender a continuity and sharing of the meanings. – corresponds to the tenets of generativity – meanings correspond to the philosophy & principles of RLBR & GNP – meanings may reflect similar concerns to those of younger generations - - need for programmes and strategies to intentionally bridge generations

17  First and foremost, the people whom I have met in both Hafford and Val Marie – many fond moments and memories I will never forget.  Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve - and Parks Canada Agency – Grasslands National Park (  Community-University Institute for Social Research (CUISR) – especially Maria Basualdo and Evelyn Flynn (  Steadfast Advisory Committee – Murial Montbriand, Evelyn Peters, Natalia Shostak, and Avi Akkerman (  Ever patient and wise guidance of my Supervisor, Maureen Reed  University of Saskatchewan community including the equally patient members of this Department of Geography  Thanks also for some of the photos – Victoria Herman, Sharmalene Mendis-Millard, Scott Mitchell & Maureen Reed Thanks for listening!! Special thanks & gratitude...

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