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Advancing Our Profession INTRODUCTION Why Does It Matter?

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2 Advancing Our Profession

3 INTRODUCTION Why Does It Matter?

4 Medical Model vs. Social Model Disability is a deficiency or abnormality. Disability is a difference. Being disabled is negative.Being disabled, in itself, is neutral. Disability resides in the individual. Disability derives from interaction between individual and society. The remedy is cure or normalization of the individual The remedy is a change in the interaction between the individual and society. The agent of remedy is the professional who affects the arrangements between the individual and society. The agent of remedy can be the individual, an advocate, or anyone who affects the arrangements between the individual and society.

5 Accommodation Model vs. Universal Design Access is a problem for the individual and should be addressed by that person and disability services Access issues stem from an inaccessible or poorly designed environments and should be addressed by the designer Access is achieved through accommodations and/or retrofitting existing requirements The system/environment is designed, to the greatest extent possible, to be usable by all Access is retroactive Access is proactive Access is often provided in a separate location or through special treatment Access is inclusive Access must be reconsidered each time a new individual uses the system Access, as part of the environmental design, is sustainable

6 What are we doing that is inconsistent with our vision and values?

7 Emerging Themes Our Office Identity Office Name Position titles Mission Statements Job Descriptions Our Language Brochures Websites Letters to faculty Our Reality of Requirements for Documentation Government/funding requirements Our Practices Too busy being reactive to be proactive

8 Mission Statements In partnership with the university and external organisations, the mission of DSS is to facilitate access to the university and to support the goals and academic endeavours of the students (registered with our office). Our goal is provide consultation to the university community, as we, the university community, facilitate individual growth and development within an accessible and equitable academic environment.

9 Proposed UALR Mission Statement Providing access to a diverse student population is embedded in the philosophy of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. 1 We recognize disability as an aspect of diversity that is integral to society and to the campus community. To this end, the Disability Resource Center collaborates with students, faculty, staff, and community members to create usable, equitable, inclusive and sustainable learning environments. 2 We promote and facilitate awareness and access through training, partnerships, innovative programs and accommodations. 3 1-Adapted from Educational Student Services Mission Statement. 2-Adapted from AHEAD “UDLI-endorsed” mission statement. 3-Adapted from U of Arizona's mission statement.

10 Job Description Samples Old: Duties related to accommodations and case management listed first. (7 bullets) New: Duties related to creating inclusive, usable environments listed first. (Only 2 bullets related to accommodation model) Old: Emphasis on legal compliance. New: Very little legal compliance language Old: Not directly tied to mission statement New: Uses language directly from mission statement to provide the structure.

11 Job Description Samples Collaborate with students, faculty, staff, and community members to create usable, equitable, inclusive and sustainable learning environments. Develop and recommend policies and procedures that promote inclusion and universal design in programs and facilities Establish collaborative relationships by serving on campus committees such as … Recommend student participants for campus committees on which student representation is needed

12 Job Description Samples Promote and facilitate awareness and access through training, advocacy and accommodations. Provide training and technical assistance to faculty, staff, administrators, and students Conduct application interviews and collaborate with students to determine appropriate accommodations Conduct workshops and conference presentations

13 Fewer words like this… “needs” “service” “assistance” “special” “limitation” “weakness”

14 And more words like this… “preferences” “usability” “collaboration” “inclusive” “environmental change” “diversity”

15 Identifying Old Language and Thinking… The mission of _____ is to maintain a campus environment that is accessible to students with disabilities. Further, it is our goal to support a wide range of progressive services and assistance to meet the needs of permanently and temporarily disabled students. Our primary function is to make available the necessary tools and instructional services to enhance the experience of higher learning; leading to success in the student’s program of study. _____ provides services to enrolled students who have a documented permanent or temporary physical, mental, learning, or sensory disability that qualifies them for academic adjustments and accommodations under the law. Students with disabilities who need special accommodation or other assistance are encouraged to contact _____ as soon as they enter college.

16 Changing the Focus Old: How does your disability affect you in biology class? New: What aspects of the course design in your biology class miss the mark in terms of the effectiveness at: engaging you with the course material? perceptibility of the information provided? assessing your knowledge? How might those aspects that fall short be altered to improve their effectiveness?

17 Old: What accommodations do you need to access the Library? New: How might the design of the library (its services and architecture) be altered to improve usability for you? Changing the Focus

18 Old: What support do you need to write exams due to your disability? New: What assessment strategies do you find most accurately reflect the knowledge you've obtained in a given course? List 3 in order of your preference. Changing the Focus

19 As we shift the paradigm… What do we want to do less of? 1 2 3 What do we want to do more of? 1 2 3

20 Letter to Myself… What do you want to remember? What are the key concepts you want to hang onto? What are the key words that will move you forward? What 2 or 3 changes do you want to make?

21 You are extreme leaders… …bold and audacious agents of change!

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