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Wednesday, May 06, 2015 Sharing for Social Change June 18, 2008 Toronto, Ontario Presented by: Glen Newby, President and CEO, New Path Foundation.

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2 Wednesday, May 06, 2015 Sharing for Social Change June 18, 2008 Toronto, Ontario Presented by: Glen Newby, President and CEO, New Path Foundation

3 2 The Common Roof™

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8 7 Fast Facts ■25,000 square feet plus a small mezzanine ■4.5 acre site, in the City of Barrie ■Built in 1977 ■Purchased from Enbridge Gas in December 2005 ■Full interior renovation March 2006 – August 2006 ■Moved in September 2006

9 8 Getting Started: Community Leadership Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world: indeed it’s the only thing that ever has. M. Mead

10 9 Getting Started: Learning to live together Leaving Home... First Experience... Dating... Marriage 1995: Leaving Home... Child and Family Services Building, Bradford, Ontario 2000: First Experience... The Richmond Building, Orillia, Ontario 2001: ♥ Dating... Wellington Street, Barrie, Ontario 2006: ♥ Marriage... The Common Roof™, 165 Ferris Lane, Barrie

11 10 Getting Started: Common Roof™ Phase I

12 11 Business Model: “More Than Just a Building” KEY DRIVERS: ►Increased Client Services ►More Effective Client Services ►Agency Empowerment / Social Enterprise ►Affordable and Sustainable Facility Costs ►Innovation

13 12 Key Features: Controlled Partnership ■Like Minded Partners, Established Community Agencies ■Common Values and Principles of Customer Service ■Entrepreneurial Thinking ■Willing to Take Measured Risks Business Model: “More Than Just a Building”

14 13 Business Model: “More Than Just a Building” Building Ownership:100% New Path Foundation Mortgage Financing:National Bank Founding Partner “Admit Ticket”:$100,000 New Path Foundation:$1 million Capital Campaign Founding Partner Leases:Simple, Three Page Market Value Rents 10 year fixed rate, renewable Triple Net Free Parking Rental Rebate at Year 15 Partnership Agreement:Common Principles and Values Cost Sharing Agreements Dispute Resolution Processes

15 14 Tenant Mix: “Collaboration and Integration” FOUNDING PARTNERS: New Path Youth and Family Services (Children’s Mental Health) Children’s Treatment Network (Integrated Children’s Treatment Centre) Simcoe Outreach Services (Addictions Services for Youth and Adults) Catulpa Community Support Services (Adult Developmental Services) New Path Foundation (Public Foundation) Child Find Ontario (Simcoe County Branch) Canadian Mental Health Association – left in 2007

16 15 Tenant Mix: Collaboration and Integration” Essential Elements for Inclusion 1.Vision / Mission Compatibility 2.Commitment to Customer Needs First and Foremost 3.Active Participation on Common Roof™ Committees 4.Board of Directors Endorsement 5.Agency Commitment to Community Collaboration and Integration

17 16 Common Roof™ Management Teams ●Partner (Policy Related, Partner CEO/s, Chaired by Foundation) ● Building (Building / Maintenance Issues, Agency Reps, chaired by Foundation) ●Health and Safety (Agency reps, rotating Chair) ● Arts Committee (Common Area Décor) ● Social Committee (Common Roof™ Social Activities) Tenant Mix: “Collaboration and Integration”

18 17 The Basics... ►25,000 sq. ft. building with small mezzanine ►Sitting on 4.5 acres, in town, bus route, highway access, excellent exposure ►Expansion availability ►Built in 1977, structurally sound ►120 Parking Spaces ►6 Months Renovation Time ($1.4 million) Space Design: “Innovatively Functional”

19 18 Space Design: “Innovatively Functional” The Process... ►Commitment to Client Focus ►Egos Left at the Door: Commitment to ‘Fairness’ ►Functional Analysis (Agnew Peckham Consultants) ►All Staff Consultations ►Design Team included Contractor and Interior Design ►Maximize Shared Space ►Maximize Functional Integration

20 19 Space Design: “Innovatively Functional” The Result... ●Over 65% Formal Shared Space (meeting rooms, interview rooms, washrooms, staff lunch rooms, touch down stations, photocopying/printing, boardrooms, storage space, etc) ●Plus Informal Shared Space ●Integrated IT Systems and Services, and Telephone Systems ●Shared Reception / Customer Service ●Shared Common Roof™ Resource Centre ●Shared Professional Development / Staff Training ●Enhanced Service System Influence and Leverage ●Resource Development Opportunities

21 20 Space Design: “Innovatively Functional”

22 21 Benefits: Client, Agency, Community/Taxpayer Client Benefits ☺Physically and Emotionally Accessible ☺Reduced Stigma ☺Cultural Sensitivity ☺Assistance with Accessing Other Services ☺Service Excellence = Improved Outcomes

23 22 Agency Benefits ☺A Learning Environment / Knowledge Transfer ☺Improved Staff / Volunteer Satisfaction ☺Integrated, joint programming ☺Sustainable Facility Costs ☺Operating Efficiencies ☺Alignment with Leadership Initiatives ☺Better Positioned to Meet Growing Demand ☺Collective Advocacy ☺Entrepreneurial Spirit = High Impact Organization Benefits: Client, Agency, Community/Taxpayer

24 23 Community / Taxpayer Benefits ☺Improved Service Coordination ☺Focal Point for Families ☺Establishes a “Caring Community” Value System ☺Reduction of Perception of Service Duplication ☺Enhances Volunteer Opportunities ☺Investment Opportunities for Philanthropic Citizens ☺ Less Reliance on Government ☺Financial Savings ☺More Business Like Approach ☺Improved Attitude Towards the Charitable Sector = Community Support Benefits: Client, Agency, Community/Taxpayer

25 24 Lessons Learned Critical Success Factors ►Common Vision and Drive ►Complete Governance Involvement ►Core Leadership Team ►Action ►Everything Takes Longer Than You Think ►Money Talks “The Right People on the Right Bus at the Right Time”

26 25 Lessons Learned If You Build It, They Will Come The Common Roof™ Phase II ►32,000 sf ►2010 ►9 Interested Tenants

27 26 Questions & Answers Visit our website:

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