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The Right Shoes for the Job: Guidance for the Potential Runner Deana Wood Health Promotion Education Specialist.

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2 The Right Shoes for the Job: Guidance for the Potential Runner Deana Wood Health Promotion Education Specialist


4 And here come the excuses.. I’m too busy! I’m way out of shape! I get bored very quickly I’ve had too many injuries

5 Time Management SSSS c h e d u l e y o u r d a y i n a d a i l y p l a n n e r ! MMMM a x i m i z e y o u r d a y b y s t a r t i n g e a r l i e r w i t h a s u n r i s e r u n CCCC u t b a c k o n t h a t h o u r l u n c h b r e a k a n d s p l i t i t w i t h f i t n e s s SSSS k i p o u t o n n e e d l e s s s o c i a l m e d i a MMMM a k e y o u r e r r a n d s a p i t s t o p o n y o u r r u n

6 Pure Enjoyment  Grab a friend and make it a social date  Jam out to your favorite new tunes your iPod  Allow time to be carefree & clear your head  Change up the pace with interval speeds  Appreciate the beautiful scenes of your trails

7 Get Fit Now  It’s never too late to start running  Allows you to set many goals to accomplish over a duration  The benefits only increase over time  Improving one aspect of health can lead to others  Overall energy and mood level increases

8 There may be a reason for those injuries! Did you have the right gear?

9 Listen to your arches! There are different types of pronations:  Normal Pronation  Over-pronation  Under-protation

10 Pronation Types  Depending on your arch, your feet require a different amount of support  Without the right footwear, you could be doing damage to your body  The foot will naturally roll a certain way due to the foot’s structure INWARDOUTWARDSTRAIGHT UP

11 Normal Pronation  Outside part of heel hits ground first  Foot rolls inward only 15%  Normal arch allows weight to evenly distribute & absorb shock  Push off from front of foot at end of gait cycle

12 Over-pronation  Initial contact hits the outside of the heel  Foot rolls in >15%  Low arch doesn’t properly stabilize the body & shock isn’t officially absorbed  Push off from big toe & 2 nd toe at end of gait cycle

13 Under-pronation OOOO u t s i d e o f h e e l m a k e s c o n t a c t f i r s t IIII n w a r d m o v e m e n t r o l l s < 1 5 % HHHH i g h a r c h c o n c e n t r a t e s i m p a c t t o t h e o u t s i d e & d i s t r i b u t i o n i s u n e v e n PPPP u s h o f f r e l i e s o n s m a l l e r o u t s i d e t o e s a t e n d o f g a i t c y c l e

14 The Shoe for the Over-Pronator Less Stability  Brooks Ravenna  Asics GT Series  Nike Structure  New Balance 870  Mizuno Wave Inspire  Saucony Guide More Stability  Brooks Adrenaline  Asics Gel Kayano  New Balance 860  Saucony Hurricane

15 The Shoe for the Normal/Under-Pronator Less Cushion  Brooks Ghost  Asics Gel Culmulus  Nike Pegasus  Mizuno Wave Rider  New Balance 890  Saucony Ride More Cushion  Brooks Glycerin  Asics Gel Nimbus  Nike Vomero  New Balance 1080  Saucony Triumph

16  Brooks Dyad  Saucony Echelon *Rare Population/Not too common* The Shoe for the Normal Pronator with Flat Arches

17 If all else fails, use Superfeet! Superfeet insoles deliver specialized arch support that can be put into any shoe

18 The Life of a Shoe  Most sneakers will offer support for 400 miles  Whether it’s for walking or running, the shoe will break down over time  Failure to replace the shoe once the support is gone leads to injuries

19 W h e r e t o b e F i t t e d f o r a P a i r ? Visit any of the 3 RunningCo locations to go through the proper fit process and get the right sneakersRunningCo

20 Other things that might come in handy.. Non-cotton socks Warm clothing for winter runs Lightweight clothing for summer days GPS Watch Hydration Belts Energy gels Compression Sleeves Foam Rollers Sport-Wash Detergent Training literature

21 Don’t go Tomorrow, Go Today! 1. Go get the right sneakers, attire, & tools 2. Lose the excuses 3. Set your first goal 4. FOLLOW THRU.

22 Don’t forget to have fun every stride of the way! And 1 thing all new runners must know is..

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