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India Sidharth Malhotra. Agenda India: An Overview Book Market and Trends Vision of Asian Content Orient Paperbacks Sidharth Malhotra.

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1 India Sidharth Malhotra

2 Agenda India: An Overview Book Market and Trends Vision of Asian Content Orient Paperbacks Sidharth Malhotra

3 India: An Overview

4 India CapitalNew Delhi Administrative Divisions28 States & 7 Union Territories Population1.2 Billion Urban : Rural30 % : 70 % Recognized Languages28 Official LanguagesEnglish & Hindi ( हिंदी ) Spoken Languages*780 Hindi Speaking Population40% * People’s Linguistic Survey of India (PLSI)

5 India Age Structure (years)0-14 (29%) 15-64 (65%) 65 + (6%) Half of India’s population is under 25. India has one of the largest school-age population in the world. Literacy Rate*74% India 94% Kerala (highest) 64% Bihar (lowest) * Literacy is the ability to read and write with understanding in any language.

6 India Understanding India Imagine European continent as a single country. (1 political entity, but different linguistic entities)

7 Book Market and Trends

8 Book Market Publishing Houses19,000 Titles / Year~ 90,000 Largest PublisherGovt. of India Hindi Publications26 % English Publications23 % Industry Growth15-18% p.a. Industry WorthUSD $ 2 Billion

9 Book Market The publishing industry in India is counted among the top seven publishing nations in the world. India 3rd largest producer of English books after the US & UK. Indian publishing market is structured according to the region and language. An estimated 70% of textbook publishing in the country is done by the government. In 2000, Government allowed 100% FDI in publishing. Flip side: Per capita book output is about 8 titles/100,000

10 Book Market Trends As education grows, literacy grows, urbanisation spreads, Growth is imminent specially since India has a very low per capita book consumption. Publishing in Indian languages is growing at a faster rate than English language publishing. eBook sales haven’t really taken off. Lack of support for Indic script and lack of price difference between eBook and print edition. eBook market is currently expected to be less than 1% of the total market. Print on Demand & Self Publishing on the rise.

11 Book Market Trends Online sales is growing. Amazon entered Indian market in June 2013. Internet growth is fastest in India than anywhere else in the world this is also helping online sales with 348 million users expected by 2017* Adult fiction was fastest growing area of the market over the first half of 2011, growing by 82% in volume and 49% in value. (Source: Nielsen Bookscan) Business and Management books, self- help books and books about India written by Indians are all selling well. Source: CISCO

12 Book Market Trends Independent publishing houses are finding it hard to survive. High author advances; shelf-space not available. Bookshops are shutting down. High rentals and low ROI*. Presentation and packaging being given equal importance as the content and relevance of the book. More and more book fairs being held i.e B2C * Book prices in India are typically 3 or 4 times cost of production whereas in US or UK, book prices can go as high as 10 or 12 times cost of production.

13 Vision of Asian Content

14 Asia World’s largest and most populous continent. Many of the world’s major religions have their origins in Asia. Indian Content for World Market Hindu & Buddhist philosophy/ Gandhian teachings & philosophy Literature & Mythology Maths & Science Traditional Medicine: Ayurveda Yoga Content for Indian Market Self-Help/Inspirational/Motivational Books Management Books Sports Sciences

15 Vision of Asian Content Issues Awareness of Asian content. Lack of skilled translators between Asian languages. More exchange programs needed. From Orient Catalogue Books on YogaPopular MathsLiterature Recent Translations in Asian Languages Awaken the Math Genius in Your Child Thai Mathability Thai In the Wonderland of Numbers Korean Better Eyesight Chineses

16 Orient Paperbacks

17 Founder Company Arya Pustakalaya, Lahore, Pakistan Name Changed Rajpal & Sons Shifted to Delhi, India Paperback Publishing Imprint Hind Pocket Book English Imprints Orient Paperbacks Vision Books First Freedom to Publish Award Mr Rajpal Average First Print Run 30,000 for most of the titles First Indian Book Club 30,000 + active members Books Offered at Re 1 per book in five languages One of the oldest publishing houses in India

18 Authors Published in Hindi P V Narsimha Rao (former Prime Minister) Atal Bihari Vajpayee (former Prime Minister) I K Gujral (former Prime Minister) Nelson Mandela Kyung-sook Shin, Author Please Look After Mom His Holiness Dalai Lama Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen

19 Authors Published in English Dr S Radhakrishnan (former President of India) Dr A P J Abdul Kalam (former President of India) Shakuntala Devi aka Human Computer * R K Narayan Khushwant Singh Anita Desai Shahnaz Hussain Million copies bestselling author

20 Orient Paperbacks Head Office:New Delhi Regional Offices:Mumbai & Hyderabad Languages Published:English & Hindi No. of Titles Published:700 + titles Publishing Type:Trade Books Price Range:USD $2.00 – USD $ 20.00 Field Force:Company owned, Pan-India Direct Accounts:3,000+ Wholesalers/Stockists:50 approx. Retail Outlets/Bookshops:2,900+ Avg. Trade Discount:40% on M R P

21 Sidharth Malhotra

22 Born Sept. 24, 1975 (Delhi) Post Graduation (Publishing), University of Denver, USA Frankfurt Fellowship 2006; VIP Programe 2008, Adelaide, Australia Develop Hindi program ; acquisition of rights Developed & launched India’s 1 st ONIX for Books platform for Indian publishers

23 감사합니다 धन्यवाद Thank You

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