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GLOBE PUBLICATION PVT. LTD.. INDIAAtAGlance INDIA -at-a-Glance  Seventh largest country, comprised of 28 states with 6 union territories and 1 National.

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2 INDIAAtAGlance

3 INDIA -at-a-Glance  Seventh largest country, comprised of 28 states with 6 union territories and 1 National Territory  Diverse religious culture dates to 2800 BC  Hindi is the Official language though each state can specify its own official language  English is the Secondary official language also called as the Language of commerce.  Is the second most populous nation after China. Current Population in 2012 is 1.22 billion. This is expected to become 1.4 billion by 2026 and 1.6 billion by 2050.  32% of population resides in urban areas. Mumbai is most populous city: 16 million people. After this comes New Delhi with a population of 13 million and then Kolkata with a population of 13 million  95% of the population is below the age of 64 years; 30% is less than 14 years and 65% is between 15 to 64 years (USA : 13.5% is above 60 yrs & 20% is less than 14 years)

4 Education& Government Institutions

5  At the time of Independence (1947): 27 universities serving 174,000 students.  Today (2012) India has: >500 universities >25,000 colleges >7,000 technical institutes >13 million students

6 Central GovernmentState Government MHRD and multiple other ministries Accreditation bodies –NAAC, NBA Regulatory councils/professional councils (e.g. UGC, AICTE) Departments/Councils of Higher/Technical Education Higher Education Institutions

7 TypeNumberExample Universities>500 Central44University of Delhi State285University of Mumbai Deemed130Indian Institute of Science Private112Amity University Open14Indira Gandhi National Open University Technical Institutes>7,000Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology Autonomous Organizations/Institutes 100IIT, NIT, IISERs, NISER, IIM Colleges>25,000 Professional Institutes>400NIIT Medical335All India Institute of Medical Science Agricultural Institutes54Indian Agricultural Research Institute

8 Private Sector & Higher Education

9 Percentage of unaided private institutions Percentage of students in unaided private institutions

10 Growing Privatization in Higher Education

11 STM Publishing & Indian market

12 Remaining 50% revenue accounts for primarily titles produced by societies. 4 Commercial Publishers (Elsevier, Wiley, T & F, Springer) accounts for 50% Revenue Revenue 8-9 Billion US$ (English Language Journals) 25000 Journals (growing @ 3% p.a.) Approx 2000 Publishers Worldwide STM Journal Publishing Industry STM Journal Publishing Industry

13 Data courtesy of Wiley-Blackwell 1.Roughly 2000 STM Publishers worldwide publishing 25K journals—new journals growing by 3.0% per year 2.Annual revenues from English language journals is ~$8-9B 3.Four commercial players account for close to 50% of all journals published 4.1.5M peer reviewed articles published annually—growing by 3.5%

14 Region19952009Change World564,644788,34740% United States193,337208,6018% European Union195,897248,65627% Japan47,06849,6275% China9,06174,019717% India9,37019,917113% Brazil3,43612,306258% National Science Foundation, National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics, and The Patent Board TM, special tabulations (2011) from Thomson Reuters, SCI and SSCI,

15 Science & Engineering Articles Science and Engineering Indicators: 2012 Digest l Arlington, VA (NSB 12-02) l January 2012

16 S Korea

17 Global market $21 billion India $300 million

18 18 Market Size (Non-IndianJournals) India -2012 Print: 75.00 Electronic: 225.00 Total: 300.00 (All figures in Million US$ )

19  9th largest economy by GDP  By 2050, India’s GDP is projected to surpass that of the US and Japan and be second only to China  One of fastest-growing economies. Since economic reforms of 1991, foreign trade has increased from 14% GDP to 43% GDP

20  Until recently, all research institutions and universities in India shared subscriptions to only 2,500 of 50,000 journals  Typical university subscribes to <200 journals  Many smaller colleges/institutions subscribe to <100 journals  Most colleges, including those with advanced degree programs, lack the resources for any international journal subscriptions  India’s fast-growing economy makes it a strong opportunity for publishers looking to increase sales  Current market for academic journals estimated at $300 million  $225 million (75%) is allocated to electronic journals  Remaining 25% allocated to print + online/print only subscriptions

21 Consortia Sales

22  Consortia-purchased subscriptions, at nearly $35 million annually, account for nearly half of India’s expenditures.  Prior to forming consortia, access to e-journals was limited to a small number of research institutions and central universities. Primarily serving higher education and R&D institutions.  There are 15 major consortia purchasing electronic content.  8 are in the medical and life sciences  5 are in science and technology  1 is in biotechnology  1 is in agriculture

23 AcronymEstabOrganizing Group FundingContent Focus Annual Spend NKRC (CSIR-DST)2002NISCAIRCSIR & DST, GoI S&TRs 600 m ($108,300) INDEST-AICTE2003IIT, DelhiMHRD GoI S&T, Humanities Rs 600 m ($108,300) UGC-INFONET 2.02003INFLIBNETUGCS&T, Humanities Rs 2100 m ($216,600) DRDO2007DRDO, MoD, GoI S&TRs 200 m CeRA2007IARIICAR, GoIAgricultureRs 100 m DeLCON2009NBRCDBT, GoIBiomedicalRs 80 m HELINETRGUHSMedical/ Health NLIST2010MHRDINFLIBNETAll Subjects DAEDAE/UGCS&T

24 AcronymOrganizing GroupFundingContent Focus NTRMEDNETMedical/ Health BFUHS - HSLIBNETBaba Farid University of Heath Sciences - Health Sciences Library Network Health Sciences ERMEDNLM, The Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University MOHFWMedical/ Health DMERMedical/ Health MUHSMaharastra University of Health Science Medical/Health Gujarat Consortium GujaratMedical/Health

25 Increasing Access to Content Downloads from INFLIBNET constituents grows by 9.6M or more than 300% over 5 year period.

26 Decreasing Cost Per Download 1.Cost per download (CPD) is a major driver for libraries when deciding what to purchase 2.INFLIBNET CPD has decreased by $0.92 or 47% in the last 5 years.

27 27 Expected Growth Areas 9 New Indian Institutes of Technology6 Indian Institutes of Management5 Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research16 New Central Universities4 International Universities16 Proposed Medical Colleges with IITsPrivate Investments in EducationLarger revenue spend on Higher Education and ResearchNew Market for Current journals and archives Growth Expected at a rate of 30% (P.A.)

28 28

29 GPPL - Overview

30 30  Academic Libraries  Corporate Libraries  Government Libraries  Health and Hospital Libraries  Research Libraries  Consortia  Pharmaceutical Companies  Individuals and Professionals

31 Products we Offer  E Journals  E Archives  E Books  Print Journals  Databases  Federated Search

32 GPPL – Markets Covered GPPL has managed to create a strong presence in India, South Asia as well as South- East Asia. Currently the markets covered by GPPL are:

33 GPPL – Sales Force

34 GPPL Team: 1. Arindam Roy Business Development Manager - East 2. Rajesh Pandit Business Development Manager – West & South 3. Vineet Bhardwaj Business Development Manager – North 4. Rohini Pillai Business Development Executive– South 4. Monika Gupta Marketing Co-ordinator 4. Bharti Gogia Manager - Operations

35 Subscription Services Publisher Services Distribution Services GPPL – Verticals


37 Marketing, Sales & Promotion E-journals Print Journals E-books Consortia and Large Customer Negotiations GPPL has unique understanding of the Asian market and offers various ways for publishers to provide exposure to their publications and in turn increase revenue. It offers a variety of services to suit the needs of the publisher as mentioned below: Publisher Services

38 Market Mapping Targeted Mailings and Emails Telemarketing Online Promotions Road Shows Conferences and Exhibitions Personal Visits GPPL understands that success is a direct result of knowing how to market a brand and having right people representing the brand. GPPL thus offers a variety of marking services for publishers which include: Marketing Services

39 GPPL Consortia Representations

40 S.No.Consortia Product / Publisher (represented by GPPL) 1NML-ERMEDAmerican Academy of Pediatrics IOS Press British Medical Journal Cambridge University Press Wiley-Blackwell 2DMERInforma Health Care 3Gujarat Medical ConsortiumWolter Kluwer Health 4NTRMEDNETRadiological Society of North America 5HSLIBNET Elsevier Science Karger 6DELCON American Society of Plant Biologists American 7HELINET Karger Elsevier Science 8 Kerala Unviersity of Health ScienceProposals under Consideration MEDICAL / LIFE SCIENCES / BIOTECHNOLOGY Consortia

41 . S.No.ConsortiaProduct / Publisher (represented by GPPL) 1INDESTAmerican Mathematical Society Americal Institute of Physics /American Physical Society & other associated societies 2UGC INFONETAmerican Mathematical Society Americal Institute of Physics/American Physical Society & other associated societies 3N-LISTAmerican Mathematical Society Americal Institute of Physics/American Physical Society & other associated societies Taylor & Francis Springer Verlag NON- MEDICAL Consortia

42 Following Publishers are represented Exclusively by GPPL:  American Academy of Pediatrics  American College of Chest Physicians  American Mathematical Society  American Nuclear Society  American Society for Plant Biologists  Canadian Medical Association Journal  IOS Press  Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery –American Vol.  Optical Society of North America  Radiological Society of North America Exclusive Publishers


44 Subscription YearRevenue (US$)Growth Percent (%) 200896451.69 2009113813.0018.07% 2010164437.0244.48% 2011200974.9322.22% 108.37% growth in 3 years **The above figures do not include Consortia Sales.

45 48.35% growth in 2 years **The above figures do not include Consortia Sales.

46 ITINERARY (Feb. 25-28, 2013)

47 Jama Masjid Gurudwara Bangla Saheb Lotus Temple Humayun Tomb Gandhi Residence DAY – ONE (25 th Feb 2013) Hotel Hyatt Old Delhi – Spice Market

48 DAY – TWO (26 th Feb 2013 )

49 DAY – TWO (26 th Feb 2013 ) Contd..


51 DAY – THREE (27 th Feb 2013 )

52 BUKHARA : The Spectacular One!!

53 Jaideep Gurwara Globe Publication Pvt. Ltd. Contact Number - +919350230861 Email id:

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