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Integrating Technology with “Style” Alyssa Moore & Kathy Kelly 4/9/08.

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1 Integrating Technology with “Style” Alyssa Moore & Kathy Kelly 4/9/08

2 Anticipation Guide – Technology and Differentiating Instruction Technology can be used as a tool to differentiate instruction. We may need to differentiate instruction when we’re integrating technology. When visiting a website you can only address your visual learners.

3 Sensory Bag Activity – Chinatown 2 nd grade classroom Prior to beginning to work on Chinatown in Houghton-Mifflin anthology

4 Sensory Bag Activity – Chinatown Hilo Chinese New Year In Chinatown, by William Low, the characters are celebrating Chinese New Year in a big city in America Authentic celebration of Chinese New Year in Hawaii Chinese Dragon Parade A dragon is featured in the San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade The earliest documentation of the dragon dance was in the Western Han dynasty about 200 BC. The dance was done to beg for rain during a pernicious drought

5 Sensory Bag Activity – Chinatown Awaken the Chi taiji warm up photo: Awaken the Chi

6 Sensory Bag Activity – Chinatown Build background knowledge Introduce vocabulary Highlight Chinese American culture Differentiating by learning style Differentiating the use of web resources

7 Sensory Bag Activity – Ballet Fine Arts classroom or regular classroom Any grade level

8 Sensory Bag Activity - Ballet Artist: Edgar Degas Nutcracker SuiteNutcracker Suite Tchaikovsky

9 Sensory Bag Activity - Ballet Visual Art Standard 4: Understanding the visual arts in relation to history and cultures SEM cluster (differentiating by interest) Student engagement – bringing the art home Building background knowledge Differentiating by learning style Differentiating the use of web resources

10 Now You Try…

11 LoTi Includes: LoTi Framework PCU Framework CIP Framework

12 LoTi And now the DETAILS Framework Skill sets as defined by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills.

13 Framework for 21 st Century Learning

14 NCLB Technology Literacy Technology Literacy is the ability to responsibly use appropriate technology to communicate, solve problems, and access, manage, integrate, evaluate and create information to improve learning in all subject areas and to acquire lifelong knowledge and skills in the 21 st century.

15 How Technology Enhances Howard Gardner's Eight Intelligences Verbal-Linguistic Logical-Mathematical Kinesthetic Visual-Spatial Musical Interpersonal Intrapersonal Naturalist

16 Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence Software with text-to-speech capabilities Online experts Multimedia presentations and projects Video conferencing Podcasting

17 Logical-Mathematical Intelligence Software that: Offers immediate feedback Goes beyond drill & practice Develops higher-order thinking skills Develops problem-solving skills (including multistep problems and problems with multiple solutions) Requires students to learn and use computer programming language Online manipulatives Interactive simulations Electronic Puzzles

18 Kinesthetic Hand-eye coordination Keyboard Mouse Touch screen Controller Computer simulations Virtual reality simulation Virtual field trips Wii

19 Visual-Spatial Video Speech Viewer – visual feedback for speech patterns Graphic design Multimedia presentations and projects Virtual reality

20 Musical Software & Equipment that: Takes a recorded hummed tune and makes it sound like different instruments Allows user to compose for and orchestrate many different instruments Enables students to understand a piece musically, historically, culturally, and politically

21 Interpersonal Collaborative projects iEARN Wiki’s Blogs Social networking Video conferencing Video taping performances (analyze body movements and facial expressions) Distance learning

22 Intrapersonal Technology offers the means to pursue a line of thought in great depth as well as to have random access to divergent ideas. Making these choices allows students control over their own learning and intellectual development. Hypermedia Expands the ability to think holistically Makes connections between ideas and images Software Brainstorming/organizing Individual student learning plans Tutoring systems Electronic portfolios

23 Naturalist Telecommunication technologies help students to: Understand the world beyond their own environment See how their actions can affect the world Online experts Virtual fieldtrips Digital video, cameras, and microscopes

24 Resources Differentiated Centers oTi/loti3_activities.html oTi/loti3_activities.html Online Resources/Activities

25 Question & Answer

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