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Personal Power 1: The start of a new journey.  Two things required on your part: A. Your strong desire. B. Your commitment of taking actions and following.

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1 Personal Power 1: The start of a new journey

2  Two things required on your part: A. Your strong desire. B. Your commitment of taking actions and following through.  If you have the two required qualities, things used to be called “dreams” will become your daily reality.  People with all kinds of resources can still get nowhere, but some people with nothing at all can have the achievement far beyond our imagination.  The difference lies in personal power: the ability to take actions and produce results  Nowhere?  Now here!!!

3  The past is not equal to the future. What really matters is what you do right now!  Even though you ended up at nowhere in the past, you can still make a decision to take actions right now and right here!  What you are willing to do is usually way below your true capability. Now, start exercising your will!  The purpose of this course is to awaken your desire and show you the strategies to control yourself, keep you moving forward, and make this positive attitude your life style!

4  Neither failure nor success is an overnight event, the accumulation of all the small steps you take.  Albert Einstein, Michael Jackson, … etc. Are they really geniuses who got what they want overnight?  Practice: Passing a cup of water.  What changes your life is making decisions and using your Personal Power which is your ability to take consistent actions.  What makes people do what they do? What drives human behavior?

5  If you are frustrated in a lot of areas, get excited now because your desperation will start to work.  One of the most powerful sentences: I’ve had it enough!!!  If you want something to work in your life, you got to study how to make it work but not just sit there and hope it will work someday.  The human brain is the greatest computer, but we were not given a user’s manual. Let’s start to use it in a correct and more effective way!

6 1. Know your outcome. (Can pilots fly airplanes without knowing the destination?) 2. Get yourself to take actions by deciding to do so. 3. Notice what you are getting from your actions. 4. If what you are doing is not working, change your approach. (For how long would you try to let a baby learn how to walk? How come adults forget how we learned to walk and stop trying after 1 or 2 failures?) The Ultimate Success Formula:

7  Are you afraid of failure? Even the best baseball hitter misses a ball more often than he strikes it.  It is time for you to develop the kind of “muscles” to make decisions and take actions.  Start from doing simple things and taking immediate actions, your “mental muscles” can also be trained like real muscles to lift considerable weights.  Practice of falling backward. Break through your fear and take actions while trusting your friends.

8 To save time and energy, use role models to accelerate the pace of your success: 1. Find someone who is already getting the results you want. 2. Find out what that person has done and is doing. 3. Do the same things. 4. If you do not get the desired results, adjust your approach based on your resources and situations. It is impossible to fail as long as you learn something from what you do!

9  If success can be decomposed as simply making decisions and following through, how come not everybody is doing it?  Because people get caught up at daily stuff, and most people do not even know what they want.  Even if they know what they want, they do not take any actions.  Even if they take actions, they do not have strategies for doing things effectively (like in a correct order) and incessantly.  Video of putting rocks into a box.

10  Never leave the site of setting a goal or making a decision without taking some action toward its attainment. That is how you create momentum and start to tap into the real driving force within you.  Homework: Think of something you must do but may take more than hours or one day to complete. Now that you have made a real decision to do it, you must take immediate action. To do that, write down the first few steps. What are three simple things you could do immediately—right now—that would lead you to achieving this goal? (For example, if you decided to stop smoking, what could you do with the cigarettes that are in the house right now?) Who could you call? What could you commit to? What letter could you write? What could you do instead of your old behavior? List the immediate actions, and then take actions right now, in this moment.

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