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We have all heard about it... Some here have even witnessed it…

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1 We have all heard about it..

2 Some here have even witnessed it…

3 Nobody ever wants to see it again..

4 It was just after midnight…

5 January 21 st, 1991

6 And Kona Kai was forever changed! By a single event.

7 Fire!

8 It all started there! It was called the “Octagon House”

9 Photo from “Carol Lehr”

10 An arson gone bad? Widely suspected, but never proved. They never collected any insurance either.

11 It could have been a single family dwelling fire. That didn’t happen!

12 Why? Lots of lumber Houses on pilings burn faster Propane tanks Trees and shrubs Boats & fuel tanks Houses with as little as 10’ between them High winds Fire fighting equipment problems Who knows?

13 Just imagine! Being awaken from a dead sleep. Only enough time to save your life.

14 No time to remove personal belongings. Nothing!

15 Units starting arriving.. From Port Bolivar From Crystal Beach From Gilchrist

16 And, for what some say is the first time ever, fire trucks were sent on the ferry from Galveston.

17 Then the Coast Guard was dispatched. They arrived, but not before turning into the canal at the bait camp in error first.

18 But they did arrive! Photo from “The Bartula’s”

19 It was an overwhelming task. Photo from “The Bartula’s”

20 To appreciate its horror, one would have had to be there. Photo from “The Bartula’s”

21 Pilings ablaze… Houses GONE! Photo from “The Bartula’s”

22 In the morning the aftermath was clear. The last pilings standing were the Ezzell’s Photo from “Carol Lehr”

23 On one end, 1272 Boyt escapes. Photo from “The Bartula’s”

24 On the other, 1238 Boyt barely escaped! Photo from “Carol Lehr”

25 Between, destruction was total! Photo from “Carol Lehr”

26 Simply nothing left. Photo from “Carol Lehr”

27 Ezzell’s next morning, still smoldering. Photo from: “W.C. Brister”

28 Close examination says it all. Photo from “Carol Lehr”





33 From across the canal the view was sobering. Photo from “The Bartula’s”

34 Ezzell’s 1 st to rebuild. Photo from “Carol Lehr”

35 For others, the process was slow.

36 Putting names and faces to those that suffered the loss helps to keep us vigilant.

37 Homes consumed by the fire. Lot BoytErvin Fuslier Lot BoytModesto Robles Lot BoytCarol Lehr Lot BoytThurman Rash Lot BoytThomas Kamas Lot BoytBill Ezzell

38 Ervin Fuslier

39 Carol Lehr



42 Thurman Rash

43 Do you have any of these missing pictures? People Ervin Fuslier Modesto Robles Thurmon Rash Thomas Kamas Bill Ezzell Johnny Collins Houses before the 1260 Boyt (Robles) 1248 Boyt (Kamas) 1244 Boyt (Ezzell) If so, please contact Bill Settegast.

44 Who lives there today? Lot BoytJenkins Lot BoytGallien Lot BoytCope Lot BoytRash Lot BoytSelvera Lot BoytKuykendall

45 Kona Kai donates, and encourages you to donate to: The Port Bolivar VFD The Crystal Beach VFD

46 The Kona Kai fire of ’91 is long behind us now. It’s not our intention to dwell on it, but to learn from it. If it seems that way, please forgive us.

47 Remember When you see our Rules and Regulations They have a history, a reason, and a purpose.

48 4.) General No open fires! No smudge pots! No fireworks ! Thank you for your attention. Be safe, and have a happy 4 th of July!

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