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Pearl Harbor: Objectives

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1 Pearl Harbor: Objectives
89 Explain why the Japanese decided to attack Pearl Harbor: 90 Describe why the Americans were caught off guard by the attack (2) 91 Describe Why the U.S. should have known the attack was coming: (what signs did we ignore?) 92 Explain why fear of Japanese immigrants on Hawaii made the attack more successful? 93 Why is Pearl Harbor an important event in American history?

2 Relate the following terms to the Pearl Harbor attack:
Purple Admiral Yammamoto East Wind Rain Tora tora tora USS Arizona “Remember Pearl Harbor”

3 Intro Questions Why did Japan attack Pearl?
What does “East Wind Rain” mean? What was the date of the attack? What was the goal of the Japanese attack? Who planned the attack? Why were the planes at Pearl’s airfields such easy targets? What battleship exploded killing over 1,100 Americans? How many waves did the attack occur in? Finish this phrase from Admiral Yammamoto “I fear that all we have done is awaken a sleeping __________. FDR called the day Pearl was attacked a “Date which will live in _____________”.

4 Pearl Harbor Youtube Documentary.

5 Pearl Harbor Interactive Map

6 Another great Pearl Site

7 America Enters WWII – Pearl Harbor
Japanese Emperor = Hirohito Prime Minister = Hideki Tojo Japan invades China and surrounding areas to gain access to nat resources (oil) U.S. Response Freeze all Jap assets ($) Economic embargo (we cut off exports to Jap – oil)

8 Japan begins “peace talks” with the U.S.
Secretly they begin an attack to destroy the U.S. Pacific Fleet (main goal is carriers) U.S. cracks a Japanese code – Purple December 6th radio broadcast = “East Wind Rain” We know an attack is planned but don’t know where.

9 The Attack Planned by Admiral Yammamoto
Born in Japan but studied at Harvard He thought the attack was a bad idea. He knew the U.S. had superior production capacity. “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” Planned for 3 waves of attacks but only 2 come. First begins at 7:55 a.m. 20 ships, 200 planes, and 2,400 lives lost

10 Admiral Yamamoto He planned the attack on Pearl
He studied at Harvard in the U.S. and lived here for years. He planned the attack but opposed doing it because he knew that the U.S. was far superior to Japan in industrial strength. Later in the war the U.S. broke a code and discovered that he would be on a bomber flying to inspect Japanese air bases. The U.S. sent up fighters to intercept the planes and killed him.


12 USS Oklahoma as it his hit with a torpedo

13 Aftermath


15 Diagram of the 2 man midget sub launched from larger mother subs.


17 U.S.S. West Virginia


19 U.S.S. Arizona 1,177 sailors are still entombed in the Arizona.




23 What is left of the Utah

24 A date which will live in infamy

25 Date which will live in infamy Wordle

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