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Using Socrative in large lectures to support placement seeking activities Michelle Blackburn

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1 Using Socrative in large lectures to support placement seeking activities Michelle Blackburn

2 So why Socrative? Image source:


4 Socrative in action This is a link to a blog post developed by the SBS TEL team that includes film of me using Socrative in a lecture and an overview of issues and recommendations:

5 Logging into the interactive software – get your mobile phones / tablets out Link to the Wifi Log on to the internet Go to settings and then wifi and choose SHU-USS Click 'accept' button Enter your university login and password If linked to the Wifi Go online and type in: Select: Student login Room number: michshu Click on join room Apps Stores (Apple and Android) Download Socrative Select: student Room number: michshu Click on join room

6 Employability Lecture 2 Quiz 1 1.Who are you? 2.Should you use your Managing Resources CV to apply for a placement? 1) Yes 2) No 3. How many sides of A4 should your CV be? 1) 1 2) 2 3) 3 4) 4 or more 4. What should appear on the first line of your CV? 5. What address should you use on your CV? 1) Home address 2) Uni address 3) both? 6.Are you embarrassed by your voicemail message? 1) Yes it’s a bit silly 2) No because I don’t have one 3) No – because I have a sensible voicemail that clearly identifies me by name.

7 7. My email address... 1) Used to be cool 2) Is slightly rude 3) Is short and professional in tone 4) Takes 3 weeks to type 5) Doesn’t matter as I never check it. 8. Facebook – are you open and public to all users? 1) Yes 2) No 9. CVs should be in a range of fonts / colours 1) Yes 2) No 10. I have my photo on my CV. 1) Yes 2) No 3) Why shouldn’t I, after all I’m gorgeous? 11. Give me three words you use to describe yourself in the headline statement of your CV... 12. Which should come first on your CV? 1) Achievements 2) First in a selection of competency headings 3) First job 4) Most recent job 5) Education

8 Give me three words you use to describe yourself in your headline statement on your CV Determination, innovative, communicative Confident, creative, hardworking What do you want to know? Leader, creative, enthusiastic Here’s the risk for the ‘big screen’: I'm well hung A bit dumb Baby faced wonder Practice safe sex Help mike turn straight, ps I know it's 4 but he needs help Drop dead gorgeous Boobies I do not conform Almost fully nude

9 What springs to mind when you read 'socialising with friends'? Have you got some voluntary work on your CV? Does your CV demonstrate when you have been responsible for something? Gossiping Yes - one event during my university careerYes Getting drunk and setting fire to stuff Chillin Yes - more than 2 charities in the last yearYes Getting drunkNoYes DrinkingNoYes Spearmint rhinoYes - lots in my final school yearNo Lots in my final year Yes - more than 2 charities in the last yearYes Getting hammeredYes - a bit from schoolMaybe DrinkingNoYes Spending time with mates nd going leisure hobbiesNoYes PartyingYes - a bit from schoolYes DrinkingYes - lots in my final school yearYes they do nothing that nobody else doesNoYes Having a good timeNo GentingNoMaybe Yes - lots in my final school yearYes Chilling watching tv hangingNoYes UnreliableYes - a bit from schoolMaybe Memory Yes - one event during my university careerYes Getting drunkNoYes

10 To support the use of handouts… Impact of your covering letter - a critical evaluation Sample 1 I am highly interested in the significant opportunities a company like XXXXX can offer and wish to acquire and develop the skills I currently possess. The fact that XXXXX send out a clear image of their future is both inspiring and motivating and of interest as I think I can grow and become a key part of that success and operate in your strong working environment. I also think the company sounds employee focused, that you write about 'mutually supportive' and ensure employees act with openness and honesty towards each other. This particularly sounds appealing to me as I believe that outstanding performance requires praise and formal recognition. After conducting some research it has become apparent that the way the company is portrayed is very outgoing and therefore stimulating, your vision to 'xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx' sounds particularly inviting and gives off the impression of a pleasurable working environment where fresh new ideas and innovation are encouraged.

11 Sample 2 XXXX’s strong focus on entrepreneurialism, world-wide horizons and corporate social responsibility boosted my interest in the role. It is a leading manufacturer of XXXXXXX whilst having core values including a focus on exceeding targets whilst understanding what it means to be a responsible global citizen. This focus of attention on the customer and XXXXXX’s duty to be socially responsible shows an ethically run and technologically innovative business. I am fascinated by the success of XXXXX as one of the most recognisable XXXXX manufacturers and distributors in the market today and also as an international company who made over $(US)4.2 billion in total gross sales in 2013 alone. Given the opportunity, I would love to work as part of the XXXXXX brand Sample 3



14 “I want to give you feedback that on the lecture about CVs when you used the App called SOCRATIVE i really enjoyed that and recoment it to be used regular in lectures for a lot of modules. ” Mxxxx FEEDBACK

15 This is the only lecture I don't feel like I'm falling asleep in because we are involved in it. The only lecture I like to come to! I like that it's anonymous and makes it more interesting Interactive, informative but also a bit of a laugh Every1 has own opinion to each question....

16 Use of phone is slightly distracting and used to using own and paper when it comes to learning. Good for accurate feedback more interactive lectures so you stay engaged. could have a point at the end of lectures where you can ask questions about the lecture

17 Why? To gauge understanding To make learning fun (encourage attendance!) To encourage deeper discussion To promote collaboration (with me + guests!) To deliver feedback at speed To give everyone a voice To gather data + narrative responses To evaluate my practice

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