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1 Column5 Reference Library

2 Lionsgate Reduces Budget Time and Enhances Performance Reporting with SAP Planning and Consolidation
Challenges & Opportunities Required a more sophisticated tool to help manage the challenge of complex planning and forecasting processes Needed better access and visibility into dynamic company data for improved decision making Objectives Improve management of the “ultimate schedule” for production and distribution prevalent in media industry Increase accuracy and visibility to company data Provide an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use tool for staff Implementation Highlights User since 2000, version 4.2 with plan to upgrade to 5.2 (Q2’08) and then 7.1 Initial implementation complete in less than two weeks Synchronize data and metadata with SAP ERP and BI/BW Why SAP Solution flexibility, power, and ease-of-use Stability of platform and future direction of solution Excel user interface allows new users to leverage application with little or no training Upgrade plans are a result of successful implementation that has been widely accepted by accounting and planning departments Benefits Budgeting process shifted from basic tasks to value-enhancing activities Significantly enhanced ability to analyze and forecast revenue and cost on individual titles from theater and DVD to iPod and television Able to dynamically analyze plan vs forecast data to react to buyer response and better ensure expected revenue stream Instant and accurate ad-hoc reporting on over 10,000 individual films Lionsgate Location: Santa Monica, California Industry: Media Products and Services: Producer and distributor of independent films, and producer of television programs Revenue: $976 million Employees: 400 Web Site: SAP Solutions and Services: SAP Planning and Consolidation Partner: Column5 Consulting “Using SAP’s Planning and Consolidation, the budgeting process was reduced from weeks to days. We’ve also developed a richness in our performance reporting that has significantly enhanced our ability to predict revenue and therefore improve relationships with our distribution partners.” Ulrik Knap SVP, Planning and Analysis Lionsgate 2

3 Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Leverages BPC 10
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Leverages BPC 10.0 to Streamline the Reporting and Planning Process Challenges & Opportunities Upgrade from BPC version 7.0 to BPC version 10.0 (Microsoft Platform) Objectives Technical Stability Convert all Reports and Input Templates from EVDRE to the EPM Add-In More efficient process to complete the Salary Planning Migrate Template-based Logic to Business Rules and Logic Streamline the Reporting and Planning Processes Why Column5 Experience and Best Practices dating back to product inception Full Services Firm - Technical Services, EPM Academy, Consulting / Advisory Services, Center of Excellence, Project Management Organization Methodology and Knowledge Transfer from Day 1 Why SAP Ease of use/Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Excel Software’s ability to eliminate rekeying and reduce errors Ability to access data from multiple sources/years within a centralized interface Unified Platform provides expansion capabilities for future phases and business needs Benefits Foundation for more flexible Financial Reporting and Analysis Single Version of the Truth Integrated multiple sources Automated interfaces Reduces / Eliminates manual errors Large Deployment (350) / User Friendly for variety of users Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Location: Cincinnati, OH Industry: Healthcare Products and Services: 557 bed pediatric hospital Web Site: SAP Solutions and Services: SAP Planning and Consolidation Partner: Column5 Consulting About CCHMC 3rd in the nation among all Honor Roll hospitals in the 2012 U.S. News & World Report survey of best children's hospitals 2nd highest recipient of grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for pediatric research 3rd best Department of Pediatrics at a US medical school, in U.S. News & World Report 2012 survey of best graduate schools 3

4 United Pipe and Supply improves performance management with SAP Planning and Consolidation
Challenges and Opportunities Replace manual, time-consuming processes for planning, budgeting, and reporting Gain control over accuracy and reliability of corporate data Acquire ability to create reports and generate financial analyses Objectives Unify and centralize all performance and financial data Automate reporting and analysis Give managers control over performance drivers down to the branch level Implementation Highlights Focused on financial reporting and budgeting activities Completed 3-phase implementation in 6 months Why SAP Single product that offers complete functionality Ease of use and rapid adoption due to familiar Microsoft Excel interface Simplified maintenance and administration Benefits Reliable source of corporate data Automated report generation Rapid adoption due to Excel- based interface Greater control over performance drivers – which translate into higher employee accountability for performance Enhanced collaboration via bottom-up and top-down budgeting processes 64% pretax rate of return in first 9 months – with a 15-month payback period United Pipe & Supply Name: United Pipe & Supply Co. Inc. Location: Portland, Oregon Industry: Wholesale distribution Products and services: Pipe, drainage, rotors, valves, pumps, and heating, venting, and air-conditioning equipment Revenue: Over US$200 million Web site: SAP Solution and services: SAP Planning and Consolidation application Partner: Column5 Consulting “We have better control of our information and can harness it to make good business decisions. Quite simply, SAP Planning and Consolidation has greatly improved how we manage performance at United Pipe & Supply.” Cheryl Summers Controller United Pipe & Supply Co. Inc. 4

5 Orrick Sets the Foundation for more Flexible Reporting and Analysis
Challenges and Opportunities Heavy use of VBA in reports resulted in high reliance on IT for report maintenance Little to no ability to drill-down or across dimensions for further analysis Objectives Automate the reporting and planning processes Empower the finance team to write the reports versus having IT support teams write reports Improve the flow of data across Orrick’s data sources to allow for more frequent data refreshes in an automated fashion Drive an increase in forecast accuracy Allow Orrick to be self reliant in the support of BPC Why SAP Ease of use/Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Excel Automated import/export interfaces to both internal and external data sources Ability to access data from multiple sources/years within a centralized interface Unified Platform provides expansion capabilities for future phases and business needs Why Column5 Experience and Best Practices dating back to product inception Full Services Firm - Technical Services., Training, Center of Excellence, Project Management, Advisory Services Methodology and Knowledge Transfer from Day 1 Benefits Quick time to value – less than 5 months to go-live Reduced monthly reporting time by 60% Ad hoc analytic capabilities Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP Location: San Francisco, CA Industry: Professional Services Products and Services: Legal Services Employees: 1100+ Web Site: SAP Solutions and Services: SAP Planning and Consolidation Partner: Column5 Consulting Orrick is a leading global law firm with a particular focus on serving companies in the technology, energy and financial sectors. We are recognized worldwide for delivering the highest-quality, commercial-orientated legal advice and for our culture of innovation and collaboration.

6 IATA: Flying to New Heights of Reliable, Streamlined Financial Reporting
Challenges and Opportunities IATA's budgeting, forecasting and consolidation requirements are extensive. IATA staff must develop annual budgets and monthly forecasts for 650 profit centers. Consolidation reporting is conducted globally by five regional hubs that consolidate financial data from 135 separate internal organizations. Objectives Implement a more efficient process for creating budgets, forecasts and consolidated reports to accelerate timelines and streamline validation Ability to drill-down to transaction details Implementation Highlights Involvement of key business process owners throughout the build facilitated learning and lead to lower training costs and increased user adoption 600 global users Why SAP Integration with existing SAP landscape at IATA. Modeling capabilities of BPC Ease of use of the Office interface with BPC Why Column5 Knowledge of EPM solutions Flexibility and professionalism exhibited throughout sales and implementation cycles Benefits Drill-though to transaction detail has enabled a significant simplification of the review process. Business users now enjoy unprecedented flexibility with BPC as they can track budgets and expenditures across multiple dimensions. Streamlined monthly consolidation reporting. International Air Transport Association Location: San Jose, California Industry: Transportation and Logistics - Airlines Products and Services: Global trade organization representing, leading and server the air transport industry Members: ~240 airlines Web Site: SAP Solutions and Services: SAP Planning and Consolidation Partner: Column5 Consulting “Our business users are having a great time visualizing performance metrics in SAP Dashboard Design software using data pulled from SAP Business Planning and Consolidation.” Tim Grosser Head of SAP Business Systems IATA




10 Allergan Delivers More Detailed Financial Reports to Executives — and Does It Faster
Challenges and Opportunities Delays in the financial close process were frustrating to finance department and the executives waiting for the ‘numbers’ A major Acquisition highlighted the fact that the time had come to evolve from manual processes Objectives Faster Close Process More update data throughout the month Ability to load planning data More self-sufficient users running their own reports Implementation Highlights Improved analysis with more detailed and transparent data Enhanced ability to balance intercompany transactions Improved reporting: “Excel on steroids” Decentralized reporting process from 1 report writer to hundreds Why SAP What were the compelling reasons for selecting SAP? Examples include clarity of platform/product direction, competitive evaluation vs. Oracle or other competitors, previous successful SAP implementations, industry focus, industry/solution references, partner network, etc. Benefits 35% reduction in financial close cycle times Easier, faster, and less manual effort for remote sites to submit data Faster and more automated data loads Load times reduced from 1–2 hours to under 15 minutes Allergan Location: Irvine, California Industry: Healthcare products Products and Services: eye care, neuroscience, obesity management, medical aesthetics, dermatology, and urology Revenue: $5.4b Employees: 11000 Web Site: SAP Solutions and Services: SAP NetWeaver BW. SAP Planning and Consolidation Partner: Column5 Consulting “After a major acquisition — when we had to integrate many different types of high-level financial data — it became clear how manual our processes were and that it was time for a change.” Elizabeth Elmore Director of Corporate Financial and Management Reporting Systems Allergan

11 Northern California Public Broadcasting – Creating a performance-based culture
Challenges and Opportunities 5 month Planning Cycle consumed management and staff 600 Excel spreadsheets, from nearly 200 business units, were used to prepare budgets Consolidation took approximately 6 weeks and included painstaking manual intercompany balancing Objectives To minimize cycle time and effort involved in developing, reviewing and approving “budgets” – reduced to one hour of analysis and update each month. To provide managers with a consistent, accessible tool to communicate plan changes from the bottom up, so that an accurate picture could be seen. Implementation Highlights Automated balancing of interdepartmental charges Minimized staff resources for implementation Aggregated data across axes of department as well as projects Why SAP Ability to budget multiple line items for individual accounts Ability to add comments by line item to document assumptions Good negotiating partner on terms and conditions Benefits Payback within three months, due to ability to react to market, cutting costs and generating more revenue ahead of downturn Consolidation cycle time reduced from 6 weeks to a few seconds Kept spreadsheet front end, but locked and controlled to maintain integrity of data input template/process Payroll forecast accuracy was increased, to within 0.1% NCPB Location: San Francisco, California Industry: Entertainment and Media Revenue: $60m Employees: 275 Web Site: / SAP Solutions and Services: SAP Planning and Consolidation Partner: Column5 Consulting “[With SAP BPC] we’ve cut many weeks off our budgeting and forecasting process, providing important time for value-added analysis. I would estimate the software provided a four-fold ROI.” Jeff Nemy Chief Financial Officer NCPB

12 G4S- Making Business Processes Work Smarter with BPC
Challenges and Opportunities Manual keying in of financial data from multiple spreadsheets into account system was labor intensive and time consuming. If changes were required it would take weeks to complete the revised numbers Objectives Increase the ability to produce forecasts more quickly Increase the data transparency and minimize risk of errors Driver-based modeling Implementation Highlights Driver-based demonstration module was developed in 4 weeks Reducing manual entries to 12 from 400 Why SAP Users of OutlookSoft since 2007 Strong consulting partner in Column5 Benefits BPC has greatly reduced the number of manual calculations numbering in the 1000’s across the organization. An application for the meter -reading function for example, replicates the results that would previously have come from analyzing spreadsheets containing thousands of calculations, and can produce revenue, headcount requirements, even standard cost per person. This allows G4S Utility Services to interrogate present data, look at the implications of contract or cost changes across the business, and identify areas of risk or opportunity. G4S Location: Surrey, United Kingdom Industry: Security, facilities management, utility services Revenue: £6bn Worldwide, £1bn UK &Ireland Employees: 600,000 WW, 33,000 UK & Ireland Web Site: SAP Solutions and Services: SAP Planning and Consolidation Partner: Column5 Consulting “New opportunities are discovered across the division, every month” Andrew Bush Regional BPC Development Manager G4S

13 Altera Standardizes on SAP to Run Better
Challenges and Opportunities Altera's performance management landscape was a hodgepodge of systems – BAAN (ERP), Panorama (BI),Oracle-Hyperion and manual Excel resulting in inefficient processes and a lack of visibility to take action in a timely manner. Objectives Lower TCO by standardizing on one platform for ERP, EPM and BI. Altera standardized disparate systems on SAP. Faster and more informed decision making. Implementation Highlights BPC implementation became Altera's single version of the truth for actual and plan data. Leveraging BPC for Consolidations, Financial, Sales, Opex, Capex , HR planning Why SAP Built on SAP’s Netweaver platform leveraging existing Assets Drill thru into BW & ECC allowing rigorous analytics capability Ability to handle Consolidations, Planning and Reporting within BW as a single unified solution Powerful logic engine and options for deploying F/X Conversions, Business Rules, Allocations and Calculations logic Leverage native Finance and IT skill set centered around SAP solutions Integration between strategic, financial, capital, operational and resource planning Benefits Real-time access to data Increased business ownership Automation of Consolidations and Integrated to ECC Moved Planning from de-centralized Excel files to centralized planning system Altera Location: San Jose, California Industry: Semiconductor Manufacturing Products and Services: Semiconductors and integrated circuits Revenue: $2b Employees: 2900 Web Site: SAP Solutions and Services: SAP Planning and Consolidation Partner: Column5 Consulting CURRENT BPC USES: Annual Plan, Monthly/ Quarterly Forecasts, and Interim Plans Consolidated Month-end Results Complex Allocations Commercial P&L Plan and Forecasted: Income Statement Balance Sheet Cash Conversion Cycle Metrics HR Workforce Plans Capital Spend and Depreciation Plan Other outputs

14 Northern Arizona University – Raising the Grade for Budgeting
Challenges and Opportunities Complex, error prone budget and close cycles. Strict process for tracking how grant money is spent and transferred Objectives Unify performance data to more effectively plan, analyze and report budget data Provide budget managers an accurate, up-to-date view of their financial position Implementation Highlights NAU was able improve and refine their business processes Rolled out to 170 campus budget managers Training of end-users and administrators were key to a successful implementation Why SAP Familiarity with SAP’s products already in production at NAU Ease of use and low learning curve with BPC’s Excel front-end Ability to load data from multiple sources Benefits 50% reduction in budget preparation time. From 3 months to 6 weeks. More timely budget data due to reduction in cycle Ability to quickly make adjustments and see the impact immediately. No more manual adjustments and updating of multiple spreadsheets 75% reduction time to create of state mandated financial reports. 2 months to 2 weeks. Northern Arizona University Location: Flagstaff, Arizona Industry: Higher Education and Research Products and Services: undergraduate and graduate education, professional programs and research Faculty & Staff: 3,800 Students: 17,000 Web Site: SAP Solutions and Services: SAP Planning and Consolidation Partner: Column5 Consulting “With SAP Planning and Consolidation, we now have access to consistent, accurate, and reliable information – and that means more robust management of our educational resources.” Bjorn Flugstad Budget Director Northern Arizona University

15 Revolutionizing Budgeting and Planning with SAP Software
Challenges and Opportunities Version control was a constant issue. There were multiple versions of the truth. Maintaining ESSBASE was very painful Integration of ESSBASE and PeopleSoft for both IT and Finance was time consuming. The business users wanted more control over the planning processes Objectives Reduce the total planning process cycle to allow for increased frequency (of forecasting for the calendar year Provide a user friendly interface to gather plan data while maintaining consistency in the planning templates across the organization Ensure data integrity and accuracy by reducing human errors throughout the entire process Implementation Highlights All Daily, Periodic, Quarterly and Annual Reporting requirements now leverage BPC as single data source Expansions have cut down time required to “update” static P&L’s for changes within the account and entity hierarchy Franchise Sales Reporting has been consolidated from 6 independent applications to 1 Why SAP Impressive customer references Software ease of use Support for business process flows Ability to run the application on a Microsoft technology platform. Benefits Consolidate company-wide data within hours Reduce the budget cycle by one-third Manipulate and segment data in numerous ways Meet financial planning deadlines by completing consolidated financial reports in a short period of time CKE Restaurants, Inc Location: Anaheim California Industry: Restaurants, Food Services Products and Services: Fast food and Quick service restaurants (Carls JR, Hardees) Revenue: $1.2b Employees: 2000 Web Site: SAP Solutions and Services: SAP Planning and Consolidation Partner: Column5 Consulting “The SAP application allows us to respond as needed to a changing economy and business environment.” Ryan Hanawalt Manager of Finance CKE Restaurants Inc.

16 Discovery Communications Centralizes Processes for Reporting and Analysis
Challenges and Opportunities Reporting process involved disparate sources and technologies, plus manual manipulation Finance and Accounting time was spent collecting, consolidating, and reconciling data rather than analyzing it Manual processes susceptible to errors Data in separate systems with varying dimensions and difficulty consolidating to one version of the truth Difficulty reporting on intercompany versus intracompany eliminations, and analysis by brand, geography, etc Objectives Improved business insight through multidimensional analysis Self-service reporting Lower TCO by standardizing on SAP Why SAP Single solution that could handle multiple EPM processes like reporting and forecasting Already using SAP ERP and BW and looking for tight integration Why Column5 Company management and field staff have long experience with the SAP BPC product Solid customer references Believed Column5 could help Discovery maximize the value of its investment Benefits Centralized management information, creating confidence in accuracy and reliability of the data Enabled meeting reporting needs of becoming a public company Less time spent by resources on data collection and collation Streamlined the month-end reporting process, as well as forecast collection and analysis Discovery Communications Location: Silver Springs, MD Industry: Entertainment & Media Products and Services: TV program production and distribution Revenue: $4b Employees: 4600 Web Site: SAP Solutions and Services: SAP Planning and Consolidation Partner: Column5 Consulting “The successful implementation of SAP BPC as a reporting tool has been instrumental in significantly enhancing Discovery’s ability to analyze and report on the performance of its business units in an efficient manner.” Simon Robinson Senior VP Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis

17 Pilgrim’s Pride – Fast and Flexible Planning and Forecasting
Challenges and Opportunities Replace an outdated reporting system based on hundreds of spreadsheets and legacy software Implement a planning and forecasting process that would allow what-if scenarios and ongoing adjustments as needed Objectives Faster and less labor-intensive closing cycles Centralized enterprise data that provides transparency to management and investors, and reduces auditing costs Improve efficiency of planning, forecasting, and consolidation processes Implementation Highlights PPC is now able to do what-if scenarios in realtime. Both top-down and bottoms-up adjustments can be made, and the impacts seen within a matter of minutes, not weeks. The end result: a business that can adapt to changing conditions in markets and the economy, to ensure ongoing profitability. Why SAP Ability to quickly consolidate and report on results Familiar Excel interface and integration with MS Office Powerful but easy-to-use multi-dimensional analytics to give insight into the business Why Column5 Depth and breadth of experience with SAP BPC Ability to understand business requirements and develop a financial application that supports the objectives of the business Reputation and proven track record with customers across industries Benefits Ability to plan at a level of detail that gives visibility into the effect of business drivers on financial results Ability to re-forecast as needed to adapt to changing market conditions Pilgrim’s Pride Location: Pittsburg, Texas Industry: Food Production & Distribution Revenue: $7.5b Employees: 39,500 Web Site: SAP Solutions and Services: SAP Planning and Consolidation Partner: Column5 Consulting Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation is one of the largest chicken companies in the United States and Mexico. A Fortune 500 company, PPC operates 31 chicken processing plants and 8 prepared-foods plants. Twenty-nine feed mills, 39 hatcheries and about 5,000 poultry growers support these plants.

18 The Show Must Go On – Live Nation uses BPC to keep Its Finger on the Pulse of the Business
Challenges and Opportunities Large data volumes Fluid, constantly changing organization Support for worldwide operations Stringent requirements for performance and up-time Auditing and SOX compliance. Objectives Support for audit and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance requirements Enhance visibility to better ensure expected revenue streams Rolling forecasts can be produced using the latest actual data Implementation Highlights Integration to Oracle Financials Built applications for: Finance (GL), HR (Payroll), CAPEX (capitol projects), Event (Show by Show), Sponsorship (Alliances) Why SAP Advanced, easy to use analytic capabilities Ad hoc development of reports Excel interface and MS Office integration Expandability and scalability Adaptability to constant change Why Column5 Confidence: The depth of experience of the Column 5 team members and the company as a whole gave Live Nation a high confidence level Reputation: Live Nation knew of Column 5’s reputation for quality work Benefits Faster closing times allow for greater market agility Ease of analysis allows managers to find the data and comparisons they need quickly Managers are now able to do analysis on a daily basis Live Nation Location: Los Angeles, California Industry: Entertainment Products and Services: Producer of live concerts Revenue: $5.3b Employees: 6600 Web Site: SAP Solutions and Services: SAP Planning and Consolidation Partner: Column5 Consulting “SAP BPC is a very dynamic tool and allows the data to be cut in multiple ways, which is great advantage over systems which have only canned reports. So you can find what you need in 5 minutes by building one report rather than running 20 canned reports.” SVP Finance / International Music, Live Nation

19 Warehouse Giant Hisco Inc
Warehouse Giant Hisco Inc. Expands Productivity Through SAP Planning Services Challenges and Opportunities Manual Excel-based operational reporting process Limited security, flexibility, and scalability Non-standardized application of key performance indicators (KPI’s) by the field Large volume of spreadsheets and data sources Limited visibility and flexibility in reporting. Objectives Reduce the time required for reporting and analysis Create a unified database with detailed sales data and standardized metrics Reduce the level of effort required to produce reports and scorecards Why SAP Easy to use Excel interface Centralized database Strong reporting and analytical capabilities Why Column5 Proven expertise in SAP BPC Local presence Solid, enthusiastic references Benefits Reduced number of spreadsheets that had to be maintained Reduced number of points of failure; increased accuracy and reliability Improved visibility into financial and operational performance Enhanced analytical value of financial data Increased satisfaction of senior management Hicso Inc. Location: Houston, Texas Industry: Distribution and Warehousing Revenue: $200M Employees: 300 Web Site: SAP Solutions and Services: SAP Planning and Consolidation Partner: Column5 Consulting SAP BPC enabled HISCO to automate their financial reporting processes, which not only saves them time and effort, it gives them confidence in the reliability of the data, and the ability to see and understand what is going on in the business in a timely fashion.

20 Consolidation that supports the strategic vision
Challenges and Opportunities Eight different underlying systems were in place as a result of rapid growth organically and through acquisition. Finance struggled to pull together data in a timely fashion as they manually consolidated groups of spreadsheets to come up with a single, accurate set of reports. Objectives Reduce the amount of time spent on consolidating and validating data and more time providing insight Review and improve processes rather than replicate and automating as is processes Implementation Highlights Created a reporting platform that can grow with the business. Financial information is available 2 days earlier with much less risk associated with it. Why SAP BPC met the immediate need for a consolidation and reporting application NG Bailey was impressed with the potential for other uses such as CRM and Customer analytics Why Column5 Rather than just asking us “what do you want?” column5 helped us get the answers we needed, based on their experience with the product, and not answers imposed by it.‟ Benefits No additional finance staff needed despite rapid growth and complexity of consolidation process. In fact, NG Bailey was able to redeploy a member of the finance team elsewhere within the business, leading to a real cost saving. Speed at which data can now be accessed has lead to timely decision-making. NG Bailey Location: Ilkley, West Yorkshire, UK Industry: Building systems and services Revenue: £600m Employees: 4000 Web Site: SAP Solutions and Services: SAP Planning and Consolidation Partner: Column5 Consulting “Rather than spending the majority of time checking that numbers add up and are consistent, there is now time to look more deeply at why the numbers are changing and what they say about the direction of the business.” Ian Park Project Manager NG Bailey

21 Automated Management Reporting, Detailed Budgeting & Forecasting
Challenges and Opportunities Management received reports only once a year Data from many sources had to be re-keyed to MS Excel The budget process consisted of ed spreadsheets Objectives Ability to drill down through financial information at all levels More time available for analyzing the data and explaining variances Improve internal customers’ satisfaction level Improve senior management’s satisfaction level Implementation Highlights Achieved rapid implementation via clearly defined requirements and keeping to defined scope Started with OutlookSoft 4.1 and upgraded to SAP BPC 7.0 Why SAP Excel interface for usability and high user acceptance Easy consolidation of the data MS SQL back end which matched in house expertise Drill through functionality Unified platform: buying one solution could meet all needs Long time experience with OutlookSoft and SAP BPC Rapid implementation methodology Expertise in process improvement and optimization Benefits Improved reporting: key reports are done monthly, not quarterly Increased accuracy: “BPC is Right” Ability to drill down through financial information at all levels Shortened the planning/reporting cycle time Increased data visibility and reliability Southwest Securities Location: Dallas, Texas Industry: Banking, Securities Revenue: $478M/$11B in assets Employees: 1200+ Web Site: SAP Solutions and Services: SAP Planning and Consolidation Partner: Column5 Consulting Southwest Securities had an inflexible financial reporting and planning process that required rekeying of data into Excel, with management receiving a new reporting package just once a year. Now with SAP Planning & Consolidation, management gets monthly reports and can accurately forecast the business.

22 Qwest Communications – Driver-Based Planning with BPC
Challenges and Opportunities Budgeting was being done using a home-grown Excel tool that relied heavily on macros and Excel-based calculations With no centralized database, the system was difficult to maintain and control, with limited visibility into how numbers were derived Traditional budgeting approach did not focus the company on how key business indicators drive the budget Objectives Gain understanding of what levers need to pulled to impact the business – i.e. the business drivers Automate the process of budgeting and forecasting, reducing the cycle time for these tasks and improving business agility Implementation Highlights Built a multi-dimensional model to allow planning by product line, sales channel, region, etc. Changed internal processes and measurements to support the new way of thinking Why SAP Centralized database functionality Excel interface provided by SAP Planning and Consolidation Support for business rules/logic based approach . Why Column5 Industry leading implementation partner within SAP toolset Depth of knowledge, thanks to a mix of Finance and IT professionals Sufficient staff to scale up to meet the needs of a large project Professional management capability for a large scale implementation, including process, procedures, and risk reduction Benefits Provided a fully integrated model that allowed managers to see the full impact of a driver change on the bottom line Developed driver trees that show how input-level drivers impact higher level calculated and aspirational drivers . Qwest Communications Location: Denver, Colorado Industry: Telecommunications Revenue: $13.4b Employees: 31,000 Web Site: SAP Solutions and Services: SAP Planning and Consolidation Partner: Column5 Consulting “Having SAP BPC as an enterprise planning platform has given us the ability to develop budgets that actually drive us towards fulfilling on our strategic objectives.” Sandy Rogers Director of Financial Systems, Qwest Communications

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