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©2014 Dimensional Insight, Inc. Who is Dimensional Insight?

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1 ©2014 Dimensional Insight, Inc. Who is Dimensional Insight?

2 ©2014 Dimensional Insight, Inc.  Located in Metro Boston area  Founded in 1989  Privately-held, no debt or venture capital  Worldwide presence 2600+ Customers 31 Countries & 12 Languages  BI and Information Delivery solutions  BI platform  Mobile  Information Management  Collaboration tools  Customer Focused

3 ©2014 Dimensional Insight, Inc. Global presence

4 ©2014 Dimensional Insight, Inc. Our client roster

5 ©2014 Dimensional Insight, Inc. Health IT ROI

6 ©2014 Dimensional Insight, Inc. What is the ROI anyway? Faster access to Data for decision making Process Improvement Decreased Manual Processes Ability to Self Serve Improved Quality Increased Staff and Customer Satisfaction Reduced Cost due to Improvements

7 ©2014 Dimensional Insight, Inc. Let me tell you some stories about how some US Healthcare organizations have innovatively used our tool to get their return on investment

8 ©2014 Dimensional Insight, Inc. 2 Hospital System in North Carolina The IT organization was struggling with getting timely data to operational and clinical departments. All were frustrated. The organization decided they were going to embark on a journey to build an enterprise data warehouse. The problem was this was going to take between 3 – 5 years at best. They needed to hire the appropriate staff, acquire the infrastructure and understand and create business rules. I suggested we use Dimensional Insight Diver Solution as they had a proven track record with me from a previous experience. Initially IT was hesitant and not very supportive of the idea because they believed they needed a large data warehouse to be successful. Due to the immediate need for data, I was granted the ability to work with DI to develop a dashboard for the case management team.

9 ©2014 Dimensional Insight, Inc. Pain Point – Problem to be solved Case management team needed a way to identify patients at risk for Readmission Solution – Readmission Risk Dashboard DI combined information from disparate systems (census, pharmacy, medical records, excel) to create a readmission risk report that refreshed hourly. By employing business rules identified by Case Managers, the DI tool was able to identify “at risk” patients by flagging those patients in the current census that had been an Inpatient more than 4 times in a rolling 12 months and was on more than 5 regularly scheduled meds – later this report was enhanced by adding LACE scoring which is typically used as a retrospective tool to identify those at risk. Time to Delivery – approximately 45 days

10 ©2014 Dimensional Insight, Inc. 4 Hospital System in Pennsylvania The Clinical Decision Support Team in conjunction with the Diabetes Management team needed a way to track and monitor effective Insulin Therapy in the Acute Diabetic Patient. There was a need to identify physicians who were not following evidenced based practice based on current insulin therapy regimens. The Endocrinology specialist was especially interested in the dashboard so that she could use it for education staff and physicians

11 ©2014 Dimensional Insight, Inc. Pain Point – Problem to be solved Need to track and monitor Insulin Therapy using new evidenced base Basal plus Prandial therapy versus the old practice of sliding scales. Solution – Endocrinology Analytics Dashboard This organization used the DI Suite of Tools to bring data from various systems together to create a dashboard that illustrates blood sugar and HgBA1C results based on old and new therapies. They created physician order sets based on the new guidelines. Through use of the DI tool they were able to identify those physicians that were not using the new evidenced based practice and were still writing sliding scale orders. They used the dashboard as a way to start a conversation and provide education to those physicians who were not in compliance.

12 ©2014 Dimensional Insight, Inc. 12

13 ©2014 Dimensional Insight, Inc. 6 Hospital System in Florida This was a large hospital system that had hospitals of varying sizes – from critical access (20 beds) to over 500 beds in the main hospital. The area has a very large population of patients with congestive heart failure(CHF). The organizational leadership had identified that there was significant variability between the hospitals in how they cared for the CHF patient – both in quality and cost. The VP of Cardiac Services at the main hospital was charged with developing a standardized process that all hospitals in the system would follow, thus improving care at a lower cost.

14 ©2014 Dimensional Insight, Inc. Pain Point – Problem to be solved Variability in care and cost of the Congestive Heart Failure Patient across the hospital system Solution – CHF Dashboard The IT Clinical Analysis department in conjunction with CHF committee created a dashboard that highlighted Length of Stay, Direct Cost and Readmission by hospital system. This allowed for transparency and analysis of all the hospitals in the system. The committee reviewed the results monthly and changed practices based on discussions and evaluation of the data. With the DI Suite of tools, the committee was able to dive down into variances and discover opportunities for improvement and standardization. The team was so successful, they were awarded a special award from the System CEO for their accomplishments. In addition, they have expanded the program to include other diseases as well

15 ©2014 Dimensional Insight, Inc. Disease Dashboards - Congestive Heart Failure

16 ©2014 Dimensional Insight, Inc. Large Community Hospital System in Florida This was a 840 bed community hospital system that had been losing money on hospital operations for several years in a row. They had a great investment portfolio, endowments and tax base that kept them solvent but they needed a way to monitor expenses and improve processes in order to begin making money on operations again. Payroll and expense information was only available on a biweekly basis at best. Insight into day to day operations was a very manual process with multiple reports from various systems – that all had different numbers!

17 ©2014 Dimensional Insight, Inc. Pain Point – Problem to be solved Needed a way to monitor daily operations and expenses with an insight into daily volumes as compared to budget Solution – Executive Daily Dashboard and Productivity The organization need not have a system wide productivity system or reporting process for reviewing day to day operations. I was responsible for creating a biweekly productivity report that usually took up to 5 to 7 days to complete after payroll closed. It was a very manual process that also required me to call managers to get their volumes and then I had to record them and create an excel spreadsheet. It became very clear that this was not a sustainable process. We invested in the Diver Solution and within 20 days saw immediate success. With the assistance of DI consultants and my team, we were able to create a Daily executive Dashboard that displayed the previous days volumes, month to date and year to date volumes and compared them against prior year and budget. In addition to the Daily Executive Dashboard, we created a daily productivity application that highlighted volume and hour variances as well as overtime utilization. This was all accomplished within 45 days. The organization, due to strong leadership and the tools in hand were able to change their fate and began making money on operations again within 2 years.

18 ©2014 Dimensional Insight, Inc. Executive Dashboard

19 ©2014 Dimensional Insight, Inc. Staff Utilization

20 ©2014 Dimensional Insight, Inc. How do we do it so well?

21 ©2014 Dimensional Insight, Inc. Effective Healthcare Analytics The Dimensional Insight Approach – Simplify complex problems – Evolve with your business – Deliver value and usability – Low cost of ownership Success Integration Business Rules Design

22 ©2014 Dimensional Insight, Inc. Effective Healthcare Analytics Success Integration Business Rules Design SimplicityConsistency

23 ©2014 Dimensional Insight, Inc. The voice of BI users is clear. Our performance speaks for itself.

24 ©2014 Dimensional Insight, Inc. 2014 Results – 9 vendors compared VendorSalesValueProductSupport Consultin g Integrity Recommen d Overall Dimensional Insight 2 (4.50)1 (4.54)2 (4.34)1 (4.59)1 (4.68)1 (4.82)1 (5.00)1 (4.64) Information Builders 1 (4.52)3 (4.21)3 (4.25)2 (4.48)2 (4.41)2 (4.62)2 (4.90)2 (4.49) Tableau 3 (4.13)2 (4.36)1 (4.38)4 (4.14)3 (4.28)3 (4.42)4 (4.85)3 (4.37) Targit 4 (4.05)5 (4.00)6 (3.96)3 (4.33)4 (4.25)4 (4.38)5 (4.70)4 (4.24) QlikTech 5 (3.86)4 (4.03)4 (4.14)5 (4.00)5 (4.16)6 (4.03)3 (4.89)5 (4.16) MicroStrateg y 5 (3.86)6 (3.71)5 (3.99)6 (3.86)6 (3.85)5 (4.12)6 (4.50)6 (3.99) IBM/Cognos 7 (3.43)7 (3.34)7 (3.44)8 (3.34)7 (3.62)7 (3.76)7 (4.05)7 (3.57) Oracle 8 (3.34)8 (3.15)8 (3.32)7 (3.38)8 (3.56)8 (3.71)8 (3.96)8 (3.49) SAP/ Business Objects 9 (3.13)9 (3.03)9 (3.15)9 (3.07) 9 (3.25)9 (3.82)9 (3.22)

25 ©2014 Dimensional Insight, Inc. Only BI Vendor recognized as a Leader by KLAS - 5 Years in a Row -

26 ©2014 Dimensional Insight, Inc. KLAS Ratings – July 2014

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