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Services Overview Elwood Downing VP of Member Outreach & Engagement KINBER 2014 Annual conference April 23, 2014.

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1 Services Overview Elwood Downing VP of Member Outreach & Engagement KINBER 2014 Annual conference April 23, 2014

2 Merit’s History 1966-Present The Michigan Education Research Information Triad (MERIT) formed in 1966 Created Research and Education Networking 1969 NSF grant for computer networking No network hardware existed so Merit built it. Primary (Routers) and Secondary (Switches) Communications Processors (Routers) Dial-up “Hermes” service, RADIUS authentication service Merit, IBM and Sprint designed, engineered, and managed the NSFNET backbone which became the Internet Merit connects Michigan institutions to Internet2 Merit has created 3 private companies Merit is one of the first R&E networks to embark on a fiber strategy Merit is the first R&E network to offer cloud services Merit interconnects R&E networks in the Great Lakes region Merit was awarded $102 MM grant funding to build 2,300 miles of fiber.

3 Structure l Independent 501(c) (3) l No state subsidy l Board of Directors from Michigan’s Public Universities l Advisory Council l Serve l Higher Ed, K-12, Libraries, Health Care, Government and others in accordance with our mission l Services l Network Infrastructure l Hosted Infrastructure l Hosted Applications l Community Development Services l Michigan Cyber Range

4 l Two Awards from NTIA/BTOP Funded Project l January 2010 -- $33.3M l August 2010 -- $69.6M l Middle Mile or Wholesale Network l Open Access Network l 7 Commercial Partners l $130 Million Project l ~2,300 miles of Fiber l 7 Corridors l Between 60 and 144 strands of fiber l ~30,000 Pole Permits l Linked to many other BTOP funded projects REACH-3MC

5 Reaching CAIs in Rural Area 141 CAIs - 55 – RI - 86 – RI 57 MeToo’s 198 Total…. Over 25% Subscribed to services.

6 Merit Network

7 Merit Service Lines

8 Product Development Cost Savings Collaboration Strategic Importance Revenue Potential Utilizes Network Member Demand Core Competency Market Void Efficiency Uniqueness Support Automation Bundling Solutions

9 Product Development Merit’s Product Development Lifecycle: 1. Inquiry (SIG – Services Innovation Group) 2. Concept 3. Business Analysis 4. In Development 5. Testing and Validation (Beta) 6. Pilot 7. Production 8. Under Review 9. Discontinued

10 Network Services

11 Connectivity

12 Merit Transport


14 Hosted Infrastructure

15 Cloud Compute l VMware vCloud Director l Self-Provisioning Option Pay as you go: l Monthly base fee l RAM l CPU l Storage l Web-based management tools + API Merit VirtualDataCenters

16 Bulk Storage l Remote Bulk Storage Hosted by Merit l Performance Optimized for Back-Ups l Supports NFS and CIFS File System Protocols l Linked to your Merit VirtualDataCenters instance Merit Cloud Storage

17 Merit Secure Sandbox l Platform as a Service (PaaS): Rent space on The Michigan Cyber Range l We supply the bandwidth, power, storage and computing space. Member/Customer provides the courseware l vCloud Director access and administrator training included Powered by:

18 Welcome to Alphaville

19 Alphaville

20 Merit Colocation

21 Merit Web Contingency

22 Hosted Applications

23 MeritMail Collaboration Suite Powered by Powerful collaboration tools: l Group Calendars l Shared Address Books l Briefcase l Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus l MeritList Manager l Zimlets

24 MeritMail Collaboration Suite

25 Merit Cloud Media




29 MeritVoice


31 Merit MailScreen Powered by: Secure Email Gateway l Easy to implement with any hosted or managed mail service l Blocks up to 80% of threats before they can be delivered l Eliminates 98% of spam l Less Expensive

32 Merit Michigan ID


34 Merit RADb

35 Community Development & Support

36 MeritLicensing

37 Professional Learning

38 Professional Services

39 Internet2 NET+ Services

40 Services Available Today

41 Services Coming Soon

42 Questions?

43 Thank You ejd 734-527-5702

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