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Michael Hrybyk President/CEO An Overview.

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1 Michael Hrybyk President/CEO An Overview

2 May 3, 2011BCNET ConferenceSlide 2 In 1988, we provided the first Internet connection in B.C. Founding members UBC SFU UVic TRIUMF Province’s gateway to networks & computer facilities to research facilities around the world Over Twenty Years Ago.... Slide 2

3 BCNET background Data Tsunami Higher Education, Clouds and Networks Peering and Transit Dark fibre networks and transit exchanges Network-enabled Shared services and data centres Closing thoughts Topics May 3, 2011BCNET ConferenceSlide 3

4 May 3, 2011BCNET ConferenceSlide 4 Not-for-profit organization Funded by research universities, provincial and federal government Mission BCNET offers cost-effective shared solutions that place its members at the forefront of information and communication technology innovation. Vision BC's research and higher education institutions will achieve their strategic objectives enabled by the contributions of BCNET. Governed by an executive Board of Directors 22 Board members from member institutes, industry and government Core Members: UBC, SFU, UVic, BCIT, UNBC, TRU Nearly 30 other R&E members Who Slide 4

5 Mission BC’s research and higher education institutions will achieve their strategic objectives enabled by the contributions of BCNET. Vision BCNET offers cost-effective shared solutions that place its members at the forefront of information and communication technology innovation. Mission and Vision May 3, 2011BCNET Conference Slide 5

6 BCNET is successful and valuable to its members by applying the following principles to determine if a proposed project or service fits its mandate. The principles also determine if a project or service will be supported by its members. A BCNET project or service: Reduces duplication Is a shared solution or innovation Enables the members to have the smallest possible capital and operating cost Requires minimal management overheads Relies on relationships based on trust among members and between members and the BCNET board and staff Leverages members' existing expertise Allows each member to participate according to its needs Is larger than what any single member institution can achieve Provides network services that are not available from the commercial sector, especially for research Meets the members unique needs for advanced education and research Provides leadership in a particular area Operates as an integrator or hub for campus-based operations. Principles May 3, 2011BCNET ConferenceSlide 6

7 The following are examples of potential BCNET projects and services that may meet adhere to these principles: Shared data centre for research computing Shared email Learning Management Systems (e.g. Moodle) Business Continuity Planning System (as a software service) Shared redundancy for disaster recovery (as an administrative service) Shared ID management tools, operations and expertise Shared help desk for administration and research Generic computation resources (i.e. a "BCNET Cloud") Examples May 3, 2011BCNET ConferenceSlide 7

8 May 3, 2011BCNET ConferenceSlide 8 Develop and manage B.C.’s Optical Regional Advanced Network (ORAN) Fibre optic network spans 1400km Up to 72 10 Gbps optical wavelengths (4 currently provisioned) from Victoria to other major centres. The BCNET Network Slide 8

9 May 3, 2011BCNET ConferenceSlide 9 BCNET’s Optical Regional Advanced Network Access (R&E) ORAN 10 GigE Capacity No Commercial Internet Traffic = Bandwidth! Eligibility required: Research or Education Mandate Health Collaboration R&E Organization Case by Case

10 May 3, 2011BCNET ConferenceSlide 10 ORAN Services Access to the global research network Lightpaths or virtual private networks No-fee local peering service Point-to-Point VLAN connections Internet Transit services BCNET brokers transit for our members (buying club) Virtual Router Service VPLS Service UBC IT provides around the clock monitoring for BCNET NOC 24 x 7 support Network Services Advanced, cost-effective services

11 Provincial TXs May 3, 2011BCNET Conference Slide 11

12 Vancouver TX May 3, 2011BCNET Conference Slide 12

13 Network Integrated Data Centres Data Backup Service Identity Management: Eduroam and Shibboleth Cloud Services Collaboration Tools BCNET Shared Services May 3, 2011BCNET ConferenceSlide 13

14 BCNET’s Proposed Solution The BCNET Data Centre Consortium Participating BCNET universities and institutes will jointly pursue an initiative to provide data centre space and associated infrastructure to researchers, educators and administrators through a network of data centres both on and off campus This is an alternative to each institution meeting their data centre needs individually and each seeking funding for essentially the same requirement May 3, 2011Slide 14BCNET Conference

15 Computing, storage, and power requirements are driving us towards shared services, including networks and data centres. High speed networks are absolutely crucial to take advantage of shared services “above campus.” Peering is increasingly important as a way to bring down marginal network costs – use of TXs for this. BCNET is a consortium for shared services. BCNET is involved in creating an integrated data centre plan for/with its members. Concluding Thoughts May 3, 2011BCNET ConferenceSlide 15

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