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Vocabulary Unit 5Word Part(s) of speech with definition for each Synonyms Antonyms A picture or sentence to help you remember what the word means and how.

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1 Vocabulary Unit 5Word Part(s) of speech with definition for each Synonyms Antonyms A picture or sentence to help you remember what the word means and how it is used. Alternate forms Connections to previous vocabulary or idiom

2 Altruistic Adjective: Unselfish, concerned with the welfare of others Synonyms: selfless Antonyms: selfish, self-centered A truly altruistic person will help someone out without expecting anything in return. Alternate forms Altruism (n): the act of being altruistic

3 Assent Verb: to express agreement, to agree Noun: agreement Synonyms: concur, consent, accede Antonyms: disagree, differ, dissent Workers hope that the threat of a long strike will force management to assent to their demands. (verb form) Romeo and Juliet knew they would never gain their families’ assent to marry. (noun form) Do not confuse with ASCENT, which means a slope or incline upward.

4 Benefactor Noun: one who does good to others Synonyms: patron, humanitarian, philanthropist Antonyms: misanthrope, malefactor Without the help of many benefactors, most charities would be unable to carry out their work. Word root: bene. Compare to benevolent, benefit, beneficiary (the recipient of a benefactor’s altruism.

5 Chivalrous Adjective: marked by honor, courtesy, and courage; knightly Synonyms: gallant, civil, valiant Antonyms: crude, uncouth, boorish, churlish, loutish It is rare to find someone willing to do a chivalrous act, but there are still many altruistic people in the world. Alternate forms: Chivalry (n): the act of being chivalrous Chivalric (adj): referring or relating to chivalry or chivalrous acts. Usually as in the medieval chivalric code of conduct for knights.

6 Clemency Noun: mercy, humaneness; mildness, moderateness Synonyms: leniency, forbearance, gentleness Antonyms: harshness, severity, cruelty, inflexibility Because the boy was young and had never been in trouble before,the judge showed clemency and sentenced him to probation instead of jail time. Alternate forms Clement (adj): lenient or merciful; mild, as in clement weather Compare to inclement—clement weather is pleasant and mild, the antonym of inclement.

7 Dearth Noun: A lack, scarcity, inadequate supply; a famine Synonyms: insufficiency, want, paucity Antonyms: surplus, oversupply, glut, abundance An employer may complain of a dearth of unqualified applicants for available jobs. New parents suffer from a dearth of sleep until their baby sleeps all night.

8 Diffident Adjective: shy, lacking self-confidence; modest, reserved Synonyms: timid, bashful, unassertive, withdrawn Antonyms: bold, brash, audacious, self-confident A diffident man may not win the girl of his dreams unless he can be bold enough to speak to her. Alternate forms: Diffidence (n): showing shyness or a lack of self-confidence

9 Discrepancy Noun: a difference; a lack of agreement Synonyms: disagreement, divergence, inconsistency Antonyms: agreement, convergence, consistency There can be a discrepancy between my opinion and yours, even though we are friends. Alternate form Discrepant (adj): marked by discrepancy, showing disagreement

10 Embark Verb: to go aboard; to make a start; to invest Synonyms: commence, launch, begin, board Columbus spent years raising money before he was able to embark on his perilous ocean voyage in search of a passage to the Far East. Alternate forms: Embarkation (noun): the boarding of a ship, the beginning of a venture. Disembark (verb): the opposite of embark; to end a venture, to leave a ship or plane.

11 Facile Adjective: easily done or attained; superficial; ready, fluent; easily shown but not sincerely felt Synonyms: effortless, assured, poised, specious Antonyms: labored, awkward, halting Writing is a facile process for some authors but a laborious task for others. Alternate forms: Facilitate (v): to make easier Facilitation (n): a process by which something is made easier Facilitator (n): one who facilitates Facility (n): ease in doing which results from aptitude or skill

12 Indomitable Adjective: unconquerable, refusing to yield Synonyms: unbeatable, invincible, unyielding Antonyms: surrendering, submissive, yielding All who hear of the remarkable deeds of Harriet Tubman admire her indomitable courage in the face of grave danger. Alternate forms: Indomitably (adv): to do something in an indomitable way.

13 Infallible Adjective: free from error, absolutely dependable Synonyms: unerring, certain Antonym: imperfect, fallible Some critics seem convinced that their expert knowledge makes them infallible judges of the quality of an artist’s work. Alternate forms: Infallibility (n): Condition of being infallible or unable to fail or err.

14 Plod Verb: to walk heavily or slowly; to work slowly Synonyms: lumber, trudge Antonyms: scamper, skip, prance After the blizzard, we had to plod through deep snowdrifts to reach the nearest stores. Alternate forms: Plodder (n): One who plods; a slow worker or slow thinker

15 Pungent Adjective: causing a sharp sensation; stinging, biting Synonyms: sharp, spicy, piquant, caustic, racy Antonyms: bland, unappetizing, colorless, insipid The kitchen of the French restaurant was filled with the pungent aroma of onion soup. Alternate forms: Pungency: a state of being pungent

16 Remiss Adjective: neglectful in performance of one’s duty; careless Synonyms: negligent, lax, slack Antonyms: scrupulous, dutiful, punctilious When I am remiss in doing daily chores, I have to spend a big part of the weekend catching up.

17 Repose Verb: to rest; lie; place Noun: relaxation, peace of mind, calmness Synonyms: (v)to sleep; (n.) tranquility, respite Antonyms: (n) exertion, wakefulness, tumult, bustle, ado The mortal remains of thousands who fell in American wars repose in Arlington National Cemetery. (verb form) After spending all day with others, you may wish for a period of repose before dinner. (noun form)

18 Temerity Noun: rashness, boldness Synonyms: recklessness, foolhardiness, effrontery, audacity Antonyms: timidity, fearfulness, diffidence, humility Few of his subordinates had the temerity to answer the general back. Not many of us could believe that Hashim had the temerity to walk out onto the rocks where Mrs. Almendarez could see him!

19 Truculent Adjective: fierce and cruel; aggressive; deadly, destructive, scathingly harsh. Also disposed to fight. Synonyms: brutal, savage, belligerent, vitriolic Antonyms: gentle, mild, meek, unthreatening People with truculent dispositions can make life miserable for those who have to work with them. Alternative forms: Truculence: the condition of being truculent

20 Unfeigned Adjective: sincere, real, without pretense Synonyms: genuine, heartfelt Antonyms: insincere, simulated, phony, feigned The novelist won high praise for her ability to portray the unfeigned emotions of children.

21 Virulent Adjective: extremely poisonous, full of malice; spiteful Synonyms: venomous, noxious, baneful, hateful, malicious Antonyms: innocuous, harmless, benign The First Amendment protects the right of free speech for everyone, even those with virulent views that are repugnant to most people. Alternate forms: Virulence (noun): the state or condition of being virulent Virulantly (adverb): to do a thing with virulence

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