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2 Altruistic

3 Altruistic (Adj.) Unselfish, concerned about others

4 ALTRUISTIC Adjective Unselfish Concerned with the well-fare of others.
Synonym -selfless

5 Assent

6 Assent ( verb, noun) Agreement (noun) To express agreement (verb)

7 ASSENT Verb - To express agreement Noun Agreement Synonym -accede

8 Dearth                                                                                                                                                              

9 Dearth (noun) A lack of Insufficient

10 DEARTH Noun - Lack, scarcity, inadequate supply A famine Synonym
- paucity

11 Diffident

12 Diffident ( Adj.) Shyness Lacking confidence Timid Bashful

13 DIFFIDENT Adjective - Shy, lacking self-confidence Modest, reserved
Antonym - bold

14 Embark

15 Embark (verb) To go aboard To begin Launch

16 EMBARK Verb - To go aboard - To make a start To invest Synonym
- launch

17 Indomitable

18 Indomitable (Adj.) Invincible Unbeatable Refusing to yield

19 INDOMITABLE Adjective - Unconquerable Refusing to yield Synonym

20 Plod

21 Plod (verb) To walk heavily, or slowly Trudge

22 PLOD Verb - To walk heavily or slowly To work slowly Synonym - trudged

23 Repose

24 Repose (verb)(noun) To rest, to relax (v.)
Relaxation, peace of mind (noun)

25 REPOSE Verb - To rest, lie, or place Noun
- Relaxation, peace of mind, calmness Synonym - respite

26 Truculent

27 Truculent (Adj.) Deadly Brutal, Fierce and cruel

28 TRUCULENT Adjective - Fierce and cruel - Aggressive
- Deadly, destructive Scathingly harsh Synonym - brutal

29 Virulent

30 Virulent (Adj.) Extremely poisonous, Dangerous Spiteful
Hateful, harmful

31 VIRULENT Adjective - Extremely poisonous - Full of malice Spiteful
Synonym - venomous

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