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CH 21 General Dreedle and Colonel Cathcart Melanie, Emily.

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1 CH 21 General Dreedle and Colonel Cathcart Melanie, Emily

2 Summary Cathcart is preocupied with Yossarian’s name He makes a list of “black eyes” and “feathers in my cap” Questions 60 missions as being too high but dismisses this thought Weighs pros and cons of Peckham vs Dreedle but wishes Korn could decide for him Dreedle has nurse to drive Moodus mad

3 Summary Flashback to Yossarian receiving medal naked Korn says all clothes are in wash to cover for Yossarian Cathcart tries to impress Dreedle by saying this goes against military attire Dreedle is annoyed with Cathcart Yossarian falls in love with nurse and moans Dreedle orders danby to be shot for moaning (irony)

4 Summary Moodus says Dreedle can’t do that Colonel Korn takes over syncronizing watches Cathcart says Korn made Dreedle sick

5 Chapter Structure The last sentence of CH 20 (Chaplain) provides a contrast to the self absorbed and paranoid character we are shown in CH 21 of Cathcart. The first sentence in CH 22 connects back to Yossarian’s “condition” post- Snowden’s death in CH 21 Cathcart thinks back to previous missions before Avignon Skips around between pre and post Avignon between pgs 218 and 219

6 Foreshadowing/ Deja vu “Intuition warned him that he was drawing close to some immense and inscrutable cosmic climax…the thought that Yossarian…was destined to serve as his nemesis” (210). –Cathcart believes in omens Cathcart picks up plum tomatoe—Milo and black market pg 211 Naked man in a formation, pg 207 to pg 218, we are given more information on the Naked man each time. Going back to CH 20 pg 204- naked man again, but in a tree. hmmmm…… Verbal Déjà vu between Moodus and Dreedle pg 216 Flashback to Snowden’s death “So many other people treated major _____de Coverley with such profound and fearful veneration that colonel Cathcart had a hunch they might all know something” (212).

7 Satire Repetition of Yossarian’s name pg 210- name reminds Cathcart of communists and fascists/ excuses for why he isnt being promoted Plays off of Cathcart’s paranoia as to his position and attempted “ladder climbing” – he just becomes whatever he thinks will lift him higher in the eyes of his superiors. - Pg 211, 215 - pg 212-213 feathers vs. Black eyes More light and joking attitude and humor with Cathcart- his character doesn’t have two feet to stand on, always looking to be accepted and garner approval With Dreedle he is more critical while still poking fun and provoking some guffaws

8 Satire Dreedle believes young men should listen to superiors-hires nurse for Colonel Moodus Strict nature of military is satarized when Yossarian is naked Moaning-comical-lonely nature of war and hopelessness Corruption of power-Dreedle tries to kill Danby “Colonel Korn was the lawyer…Colonel Cathcart was in no position to disagree with him” (211).

9 Themes Insanity- Dreedle tries to kill Danby, Cathcart thinking about Yossarian’s name Corruption of power- raising the number of missions, trying to impress Dreedle with syncing watches

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