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California State University faculty librarians: What are our beliefs and actions with regard to scholarly publishing and presentations? Pam Howard California.

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1 California State University faculty librarians: What are our beliefs and actions with regard to scholarly publishing and presentations? Pam Howard California Academic & Research Libraries April 4, 2008 Irvine, CA

2 Road Map for today Inspiration for the CSU Librarians & Scholarly Communication Survey Scholarly communication – some common ground Survey question sources Preliminary results for the CSU Librarians & Scholarly Communication Survey ◦ Survey demographics and attitudes/beliefs ◦ Library educational activities 4/4/2008Pam Howard 2

3 Inspiration: What I’ve tried at San Francisco State University My interests My outreach/informational efforts at SFSU ◦ Seminar for the Center for Teaching and Faculty Development, SFSU, April 2006 ◦ Seminar for San Francisco State All Faculty Retreat, January 2007 ◦ Notification of interested parties at SFSU on the NIH Public Access Policy, Dec 28, 2007 4/4/2008Pam Howard 3

4 A definition of Scholarly Communication the process of academics, scholars and researchers sharing and publishing their research creation, transformation, dissemination and preservation of knowledge related to teaching, research and scholarship 4/4/2008Pam Howard 4

5 Some components of Scholarly Communication ◦ author rights ◦ economics of scholarly resources ◦ new models of publishing including open access ◦ institutional repositories ◦ rights and access to federally funded research ◦ preservation of intellectual assets 4/4/2008Pam Howard 5

6 Why a survey about scholarly communication with CSU librarians as the focus? The ARL libraries just published their SPEC Kit 299 about scholarly communications activities by libraries for the university communities. ◦ What are CSU campuses doing? The UC faculty beliefs/attitudes/actions survey was released August 2007. ◦ Librarians within the CSU are faculty – do we differ in our beliefs/attitudes/actions as faculty? 4/4/2008Pam Howard 6

7 ARL Survey: Scholarly communication educational activities by the library 123 ARL libraries – 59% response rate 75% libraries engaged in educational activities Leadership – 83% involves the library: 32% have a dedicated position w/in Library One-on-one interactions most productive 4/4/2008Pam Howard 7

8 UC Faculty Survey: Attitudes & Behaviors regarding Scholarly Communication 23% response rate, 32 question survey Disconnect: ◦ attitude does not equal behavior 72% agreed that minor/substantial changes need to be made 4/4/2008Pam Howard 8

9 CSU Librarians & Scholarly Communication - questions Do CSU faculty librarians believe that the scholarly communication system is well? If CSU faculty librarians have published in the last 5 years, how did they choose the venue to publish? Are CSU Libraries involved in education activities about scholarly communication? What are CSU Libraries doing? And who is doing it? 4/4/2008Pam Howard 9

10 Initial results –Part 1 CSU faculty librarians: who are they and what are their attitudes/beliefs? 4/4/2008Pam Howard 10

11 CSU Librarians & Scholarly Communication - the survey: who 280 CSU tenure track, tenured Librarians No – MPP, temporary or FERPing 22 of 24 campuses responded 44% response rate 125 responses completed 52% have published in the last 5 years 4/4/2008Pam Howard 11

12 CSU Librarian Demographics, as reported by survey respondents 4/4/2008Pam Howard 12 CSU

13 As a CSU Librarian what is your impression of the needs/wants of … 4/4/2008Pam Howard 13 CSU

14 CSU faculty librarians attitudes about... 4/4/2008Pam Howard 14 CSU

15 Scholar’s management of copyright is an important factor of/for … 4/4/2008Pam Howard 15 CSU/UC

16 What influenced your choice of publication venue? 4/4/2008Pam Howard 16 CSU/UC

17 Initial results –Part II Library educational activities in Scholarly Communication 4/4/2008Pam Howard 17

18 Scholarly Communication activities and leadership within the CSU 4/4/2008Pam Howard 18 CSU

19 Scholarly communication activities – outreach & education ActivitiesScale: 1 - least effective to 5 – most effective One-on-one conversation4.1 Formal group presentations3.4 Informal group presentations3.2 Newsletter articles2.7 Web pages2.9 Brochures and other documents2.6 E-mail messages3.1 Other2.7 4/4/2008Pam Howard 19 CSU/ARL

20 What does the CSU talk about ? 28.4% - Scholarly communication economics 47.8% - Author rights management 59.7% - Contributing to digital repositories 41.8% - Benefits/examples of OA journals 26.9% - Scholarly society publishing 25% - New models on peer review 4/4/2008Pam Howard 20 CSU/ARL

21 Who is the target of Scholarly Communication activities? 4/4/2008Pam Howard 21 CSU CSU/ARL

22 Preliminary conclusions - CSU faculty librarians are similar to UC faculty attitudes/beliefs CSU faculty librarians know more about scholarly communication, so they are slightly different from UC faculty Scholarly communication educational activities within the CSU are different from with ARL libraries 4/4/2008Pam Howard 22

23 Do the statistics (urg!) ◦ Does rank influence other variables? ◦ Does campus educational activities (institutional or single librarian) affect other variables? ◦ Does time in affect other variables? ◦ Does professional activity affect other variables? Write it up 4/4/2008Pam Howard 23 Next steps -

24 Questions ???? For more information contact 4/4/2008Pam Howard24

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