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Proposed Greyhound Bus Location December 15, 2008.

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1 Proposed Greyhound Bus Location December 15, 2008

2 Penhall Trucking access will be under Iowa Ave. overpass next to these tracks.

3 Citrus St. will intersect Iowa Ave. on the east side near the “Lily Cup” landmark.

4 Penhall trucking could be re-located on Center St., west of North Orange Street.

5 There is plenty of room for Penhall here and their old property on Iowa Ave. could be used for a Greyhound Bus Stop that would be within walking distance (under the Iowa overpass) to a future Metrolink Station on the BNSF RR, just north of Citrus Street.

6 (Looking east on Center Street): It is only ½ mile to the I-215 freeway from here. And westward from this location, it is ½ mile to North Main St. that runs between Riverside and Rialto.

7 These new warehouses are on Citrus St. south of the arroyo between the Perris Valley Line RR (shown in photo), and the BNSF RR main lines.

8 These warehouses dominate the south side of the arroyo but the north side of the arroyo is still vacant land that is needed for the curved track from the PVL RR to the BNSF RR and a new road.

9 The new road could go between the BNSF RR tracks and the new warehouses.

10 And go across the arroyo on this land fill made when the earthmovers filled in part of the arroyo and connect to Spring St.

11 This photo was taken on Nov. 7, 2008

12 This is Citrus St. looking north. The road could go straight between the building and RR tracks.

13 Many warehouses in the Hunter Park area are “Available”, “For Lease”, or “For Sale”.

14 This eastbound Metrolink train is shown passing by Citrus St. and Iowa Ave. on August 21, 2008

15 62 commuter trains pass through Highgrove every week, seven days per week!

16 For the last 7 years, we have ask for some of these trains to stop at Highgrove since they already go by the vacant land on the BNSF RR Number 3 main line

17 This westbound Metrolink commuter train could stop at this location for passengers near mile post 7 between the arroyo and Villa Street.

18 A building was removed (Aug. 28, 2008) on the property that RCTC wanted for a Metrolink station, south of Palmyrita Ave. on the Perris Valley Line, but more warehouses are planned for this property.

19 There will not be any Metrolink service to the Palmyrita Ave. location for at least 3 years until the entire 22 miles of the Perris Valley Line RR track is up- graded, signaled and new equipment is purchased.

20 Meanwhile 3, 228 commuter trains pass through Highgrove each year on the BNSF RR # 3 track only ½ mile north of the Palmyrita Ave. location where there are no commuter trains.

21 The natural railroad junction point at Highgrove, (that already has commuter train service), has been ignored for the last 7 years. Thousands of commuter trains have gone through Highgrove but none of them stop! Someone needs to “WAKE UP!” before more warehouses are built north of the arroyo where the curved track, Metrolink Station, and new road is needed.

22 The Highgrove property is the “key” location for “present” and “future” commuter rail transportation needs between Riverside, San Bernardino and Perris. R A. “Barney” Barnett, Chmn. Highgrove Municipal Advisory Council 951-683-4994 Email:

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