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 Idea of focusing on fostering growth in aviation related business  Diversify the economy  Niche market where we have significant supporting assets.

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2  Idea of focusing on fostering growth in aviation related business  Diversify the economy  Niche market where we have significant supporting assets  EAA and AirVenture  AeroInnovate  Existing aviation businesses Sonex, Basler Turbo  Aviation education programming at UW Oshkosh and Fox Valley Technical College

3  Formed by Chamco in 2009 to champion aviation related economic development in our region  Representatives from Chamco, the County, the City of Oshkosh, Chamber, EAA, AeroInnovate, airport tenants, FVTC  Diversity in disciplines and background  Passion for the airport and aviation related economic development  Now doing double duty as Targeted Industries Study Aviation Working Group

4 AeroInnovate helps aeroinnovators from across the globe who are starting and growing aero-related businesses and bringing related new technologies to the marketplace. Our goal is to facilitate the alignment of passionate, successful "investors" and industry leaders with the best aviation-related opportunities in the world to help get deals done.

5  Workshops/Forums  Investor Roundtable  Pitch & Mingle  One-on-One Connections  Key Partnerships  Sikorsky Innovations  Defense Alliance  Rockford Area Aerospace Network  EAA  Canadian Consulate  Space Angels Network

6  Mission: To promote, stimulate and facilitate aerospace related education and economic opportunities, capabilities and activities in Wisconsin.  UW Oshkosh = Consortium Lead/Executive Office  Committee Work  Industry Awareness & Marketing  Education  Advocacy  Business Development  Entrepreneurship & Innovation

7  Winnebago County as the home of general aviation innovation in the United States  Centerpiece: Oshkosh Aviation Business Park First order of business: land purchase

8  80 acres for sale adjacent to the airport  Failed County Board vote  Historic partnership between city of Oshkosh and Winnebago County  Land purchased March 2013

9  Map, other details

10  Donated building creates opportunity for incubator  Feasibility study done 2012 evaluates trends and best practices recommends developing a comprehensive business accelerator program with a dedicated support facility two options  Repurposed building  New building at proposed Aviation Business Park

11  Two objectives  Build an aviation business cluster  Foster business start ups and growth in ▪ aviation related business but also ▪ advanced manufacturing ▪ advanced materials ▪ information technology and ▪ clean technology

12  First phase: 80 acre park dedicated to aviation related business only (200 acres planned)  Direct taxiway access to world class facilities at Wittman Regional Airport  National draw  Consistent with state-wide Aerospace Consortium efforts and WEDC priorities

13 How can we can foster new business growth:  Provide new and growing businesses what they need to be successful  Accelerator program  Growth Management Academy concept (Targeted Industries Study)

14  Traditional incubator: low cost physical space, common area and shared services  Accelerator (TechStars model):  intensive mentoring,  seed financing, investor connections, and  low cost physical space and shared services  Accelerators are programs, not just buildings

15  Entrepreneurs create jobs: 2010 Kauffman Foundation Study  TechStars accelerator model has proven track record of success  Companies such as Johnson Controls, Harley- Davidson and Oshkosh Corporation were once start ups in Wisconsin

16  Fox Valley third largest population center in the state – no accelerator program  University of Wisconsin Oshkosh  Opportunity created by Aviation Business Park  Exploring relationship with Gener8tor – successful program in Southern WI  Other unique local resources  Angels on the Water  AeroInnovate/EAA/Wittman Regional Airport  Business Success Center

17  13 week intensive mentoring program; 5-10 entrepreneurial opportunities per year  $15,000 in seed financing (5% equity stake)  Access to expertise of UW Oshkosh faculty and staff, successful entrepreneurs and business leaders  Access to UW Oshkosh student interns  Networking events  Physical space with support services

18  20,000 sq ft facility  common area and services  capability to support light manufacturing  high end technology infrastructure  House accelerator program, accelerator graduates and other entrepreneurs, service providers to entrepreneurs and potentially corporate “skunk works”

19  $11M project  With financial support from the city of Oshkosh, Winnebago County and the Economic Development Administration ($2M grant)  Pending DoD grant to support planning efforts  $2.75M in remaining financing needs

20  We will help businesses create jobs  UW Extension Economic Impact Study  TechStars results  Diversify our economy  Continue to build entrepreneurial ecosystem of NEW  Provide knowledge sharing opportunities for UW Oshkosh faculty and students  Attract more capital, entrepreneurs, faculty, students and businesses to our region and state

21  October 2013-September 2014: accelerator planning, design and fundraising; aviation business park development planning  Summer 2014: Infrastructure for park put in place; marketing at AirVenture  Fall 2014: Test run of accelerator program sans facility; begin construction on support facility  Spring 2015: first accelerator class in support facility!

22  Chamco Aviation Development Committee  Accelerator  Resource Procurement  Program  Facility

23  City of Oshkosh  Winnebago County  University of Wisconsin Oshkosh  AeroInnovate  Chamco, Inc.  Fox Valley Technical College  Seeking more...

24 Go Titans! GO EDC!

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