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My First Job. Teaching Aims( 教学目的 ): To grasp the important words and patterns ( 掌 握重点单词和句型 ). Get to know the basic process of job interview and have.

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1 My First Job

2 Teaching Aims( 教学目的 ): To grasp the important words and patterns ( 掌 握重点单词和句型 ). Get to know the basic process of job interview and have a taste of the bi-choice of interview. Get to know the knowledge of job market requirements; job application; job interview Focal Points( 教学重点 ): The usage of the important words and patterns ( 重点单词和句型的用法 ) To understand the contents of the text ( 理 解课文内容)

3 Difficult Points( 教学难点 ):  Focal patterns( 重点句型 ) Teaching Methods( 教学方法 ): Teaching( 讲授式 ) Teaching( 讲授式 ) Discussion( 讨论式 ) Discussion( 讨论式 ) Elicitation( 启发式 ) Elicitation( 启发式 )

4 Important words and phrases (重点单词和短语)  advertise, apply, attach, consist, constitute, depress, disapproval, importance, incompetent, interview, leisure, local, obviously, plus, post, prospect, protest, range, salary, slim, state, suburb, ultimate, undo, vital Important patterns (重点句型) Phrases & Expressions: be short of, smell of, judging by, be short of, smell of, judging by, attach importance to, in common, attach importance to, in common, consist of, in turn consist of, in turn

5 Grammar: usage of prove, before, phrase of judging by …

6 About the reading, students should acquire the reading skill — making inferences while reading (p72). About the writing, Ss should get to know the writing skill — combing sentences with subordinate conjunction or relative pronoun (P75). Aim of the text

7 Background information British State School The system of Secondary Education in UK has been changed. No examination at the age of eleven Streamed School Classes in according to students ’ ability Unstreamed school Mixed ability students are placed in the classes.

8 General School Certificate A standardized school examination in UK Two levels: General Certificate of Secondary Education(Age 15-16); Advanced Level Examination (Age 17-19) Background information

9 Job interview Following procedures needed when interviewed: Read the “ Want Ad ” in the newspapers for suitable vacancies Phone or wirte, depending on the instructions given in the ad, the contact person The contact person, either the employer himself or a representative of his, will advise the applicant about the job if it has not yet been taken, and grant the applicant an interview if he or she chooses to. Occassionally an interview may take place by phone. If an interview is granted, the applicant will be asked many questions both personal and professional. Background information

10 Warm-up Activity Warm-up Questions: 1. Do you have job interview experience? Now Group Discussion starts

11 Job interview mode test Now you are going to apply for a engineering position in a Fortune 200. List your strength Write yourself a resume Warm-up Activity

12 Introductory Questions What job was advertised in the local newspaper? In was a teaching job available at a village school How far was the school? About ten miles away. Why did he want a job? Short of money Want to do sth. useful

13 Introductory Questions Did he feel nervous when he got there? No, he was too depressed to feel nervous What did the headmaster look like? Short, fat, and bald Was it a large co-ed school? It consisited of only one class 24 boys included in all

14 Introductory Questions Were they at the same level? No, they were at 3 different levels. How was the narrator supposed to deal with the class? Divide the class into 3 groups Teach them in turn at 3 different levels. What subject was he expected to teach? Teach all subjects except art.

15 advertise depress Leisure Prospect Stale Apply Disapproval Local Protest Suburb Attach Importance Obviously Range Ultimate Consist Incompetent Plus Salary Undo Word-web

16 Analyze the text Analyze the text (分析课文)

17 My First Job While I was waiting to enter university, I saw advertised in a local newspaper a teaching post at a school in a suburb of London about ten miles from where I lived. Being very short of money and wanting to do some- thing useful, I applied, fearing as I did so, that without a degree and 5 with no experience in teaching my chances of getting the job were slim. While HoweverHowever, three days later a letter arrived, asking me to go to Croydon for an interview. It proved an awkward journey: a train to Croydon station; a ten-minute bus ride and then a walk of at least a quarter of a mile. As a result I arrived on a hot June morning too depressed to feel 10 nervous. By Robert Best The setting of the story, when, who and where Background of the interview story

18 The school was a red brick house with big windows. The front garden was a gravel square;four evergreen shrubs stood at each corner, where they struggled to survive the dust and fumes from a busy main road. It was clearly the headmaster himself that opened the door: He was 15 short and fat: He had a sandy-coloured moustache, a wrinkled forehead and hardly any hair. TheIt translation

19 He looked at me with an air of surprised disapproval, as a colonel might look at a private whose bootlaces were undone.` Ah yes, ' he grunted.` You'd better come inside.' The narrow, sunless hall smelled unpleasantly of stale cabbage; the walls were dirty with ink marks; it was all silent. His study, judging by the crumbs on the carpet,was also his dining- room. `You'd better sit down, ' he said, and proceeded to ask me a number of questions: what subjects I had taken in my General School Certificate; how old I was; what games I played; then fixing me suddenly with his bloodshot eyes, he asked me whether I thought games were a vital part of a boy's education. I mumbled something about not attaching too much importance to them. He grunted. I had said the wrong thing.The headmaster and I obviously had very little in common. He

20 The school, he said, consisted of one class of twenty-four boys, ranging in age from seven to thirteen. I should have to teach all subjects except art, which he taught himself. Football and cricket were played in the Park, a mile away on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. The The teaching set-up filled me with fear. I should have to divide the class into three groups and teach them in turn at three different levels; 35 and I was dismayed at the thought of teaching algebra and geometry - two subjects at which I had been completely incompetent at school. Worse perhaps was the idea of Saturday afternoon cricket;most of my friends would be enjoying leisure at that time. The job is very tough, according to his introduction. The author seems to have litter interest in the job after he get the first idea of what his job was like.

21 I said shyly, ` What would my salary be? '` Twelve pounds a week plus lunch. 'Before I could protest, he got to his feet.` Now', he said,` you'd better meet my wife. She's the one who really runs this school. ' I ThisThis was the last straw. I was very young: the prospect of working under a woman constituted the ultimate indignity.

22 Key words and Expressions A. New words and old words

23 Old words or expressionsNew words or expressions slight, slenderslim dislikedisapproval untieundo necessaryvital plainly, evidentlyobviously be made up ofconsist of arrangementset-up

24 unskillfulincompetent free timeleisure managerun possibilitychance, prospect formconstitute greatestultimate insultindignity ask forapply for frustratedepress

25 low bushshrub smokefume not freshSTALE broken pieces of breadcrumb murmurmumble fastenattach varyrange monthly paysalary

26 objectprotest lackbe short of somea number of one after anotherin turn thereforeas a result jobpost saddepressed stand up get to one ’ s feet

27 B. Chinese and English phrases ChineseEnglish 赚些钱 make some money 充满血丝的眼睛 bloodshot eyes 没有多少共同之处 have little in common 按三种不同的程度 at three different levels 悠闲自乐 enjoy leisure 最无法忍受的事 the last straw 最大的侮辱 the ultimate indignity 一份教学工作 a teaching post/job

28 上大学 enter university 当地报纸 a local newspaper 艰难的行程 an awkward journey 苟延残喘 struggle to survive 喧闹的主道 a busy main road 发出难闻的气味 smell unpleasantly 墨迹 ink marks 一连串的问题 a number of questions

29 休课 take subjects 玩游戏 play games 盯着某人 fix sb. with one ’ s eyes 至关重要的部分 a vital part 说错了话 say the wrong thing 让人害怕 fill sb. with fear 划分成几个部分 divide … into groups 一想到 …… 就沮丧 be dismayed at the thought of … 在某些方面低能 / 无能 be incompetent at … 办学校 run a school 在某人手下工作 work under sb.

30 (Lines 1~5) the whole paragraph Question: What information do you get from this paragraph? We know the time the story took place; the way the author noticed the teaching post was available and reasons he applied for it. II. While-reading Activities

31 (Lines 6~7) However, three days later a letter arrived, asking me to go to Croydon for an interview. Question: What does it mean to be asked for an interview? There is hope that one will get the job. II. While-reading Activities

32 (Lines 11~13) the whole paragraph Question: What do you think are the favorable surroundings that a school should be in? A school should be located in quiet and peaceful place away from pollution and distractions, with its buildings in pleasant surroundings, so that students can concentrate on and enjoy their studies. II. While-reading Activities

33 (Lines 26~27) I mumbled something about not attaching too much importance to them. Question: Why did he respond by mumbling? He felt uncertain whether his point of view appealed to the headmaster or not. II. While-reading Activities

34 (Line 33)The teaching set-up filled me with fear. Question: What do you think of the teaching set- up? Is it normal? In some village schools in our country, it is still the case. Obviously the teaching set-up was caused by the poor conditions in the school. Meanwhile, it would challenge a teacher ’ s abilities, skills and patience. II. While-reading Activities

35 (Lines 39~43)The last paragraph Question: What does the last paragraph imply? The boy wouldn ’ t take the job. II. While-reading Activities

36 Language Points apply 1. Write to ask for (a job, memebrship, etc) e.g.: Out of the 5000 high school graduates who applied for this famous univeristy, only a handful was admitted. 2. Have a bearing on; concern e.g.: this rule only applies to people above 60. 3. Make use of e.g.: Einstein was not interested in knowing how people applied his theories to practice.

37 Be short of: have not enough, be in want of E.g.: I am short of cash at the moment. Would you accept a cheque?

38 interview 1. Meeting between the employer and applicants for the post e.g.: Shannon went through a series of serises of interviews before being enrolled into the astronaut training program. 2. Meeting with sb. for discussion e.g.: it is my greatest honor to be granted an interview by Your Majesty.

39 depress 1. Make sad e.g.: I was depressed after reading so much depressing news. 2. Press, push or pull down e.g.: if you depress the button there, a robot will come out to serve tea 3. Make lower e.g.:The OPEC countries depressed their oil output a month ago.

40 survive e.g.: The crops survived the drought. Only ten of the crew survived the shipwreck. The woman survived a major operation. The man survived his wife by many years.

41 undo untie, unfasten e.g.: In the struggle her hair turned undone. cancel e.g.: what is done cannot be undone.

42 smell of give out the smell or scent of e.g.: The garden smells of roses. His breath smelled of brandy. The plan smells of treachery.

43 stale not fresh e.g.: stale bread/ beer/ vegetable/ food uninteresting because heard before e.g.: stale news/ jokes/ statements/ gossip

44 vital of the greatest importance e.g.: Government support is vital to the success of the project. Full of life or energy e.g.: vital and handsome film star

45 attach importance to consider important; treat as important E.g. Our teacher attaches great importance to listening comprehension.

46 obviously: clearly Eg. Obviously she is trying to get something from you. Obviously some thief has broken in.

47 consist : be made up of Eg. This apartment consists of 3 bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom. have as the chief element Eg. Happiness consists in being contented with what one has.

48 In turn one after another Eg. They spoke in turn at the meeting. I will see you all in turn. Each man stood up in turn and spoke.

49 incompetent: completely unskillful Eg. He was fired because he was incompetent for the job/ to do the job. Protest: express a strong objection e.g.: Farmers protested against/ about / at the export limit by dumping surplus wheat in front the City Hall.

50 project: sth. expected or considered probable; possible Eg. The prospect of living alone in a foreign country for a whole year depressed her.

51 constitute: form; make up; be Eg. Smoking constitutes a threat to public health. Nine planets constitute the solar system. Ultimate: greatest; utmost; last or final e.g.: Conceit constitutes his ultimate destruction.

52 The end

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