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Advocacy Updates experiences & opportunities Nov 2007 – May 2008.

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1 Advocacy Updates experiences & opportunities Nov 2007 – May 2008

2 Development and Human Rights  Development and human rights are closely linked  Sustainable development is impossible without respecting human rights and,  At the same time, the advancement of human rights is not possible without development

3 Development and Human Rights  ”Development” is more than fighting poverty  Traditionally, development has concentrated on meeting people’s needs, whereas  In a human rights based approach development is broadened  It includes defining people’s rights and empowering people to exercise those rights. Source: CBM’s Disability and Development Policy

4 Key Strategies Adopted  With the partners in promoting the “Taluk (Block) Disability Advocacy Programme (TDAP)”  By/ At the CBR Forum Secretariat

5 “Taluk (Block) Disability Advocacy Programme (TDAP)” Level 1  Training for the field staff of the partner organisation in sharpening the understanding on “Advocacy, Lobbying and Campaigning”  Building capacities of persons with disabilities and their group on understanding the issues related to   Disability   Discrimination and   Human Rights

6 “Taluk (Block) Disability Advocacy Programme (TDAP)” Level 2  Facilitating interactions between persons with disabilities and their groups with Govt. Officials and Elected representatives on their roles and responsibility with regard to the implementation of the PWD Act  Following up on this programme and ensure appropriate actions are undertaken as promised

7 Taluk Disability Advocacy Progammes (TDAP) with our Partners 4. APD, Kolar 2. COD, Tamaraserry 1. IRCDS Tiruvallur 5. Nava Jeevana, Bellary 9. Sadhana, Baripada 3. UMVK, Kakinada 7. Bethany, Shillong 8. MVSS, Vishakapatnam 6. LGSS, Lohardaga Nov 2007 – May 2008

8 Key Learning's/ Outcomes from the various TDAP held between Nov 07 – May 08

9 IRCDS Tiruvallur, Tamil Nadu

10 Using the “Grievance Day” organised by the District Collector as an opportunity to mirror the status of implementation of the PWD Act in the District to all the 150 odd Govt. Officials from various departments in the district Presenting the case with evidence (photographs) has been powerful  Identified the need to prepare and groom leaders from the local disabled people’s federation to present their case  The need for effective follow-up with the different Govt. departments Nov 2007

11 COD, Tamaraserry, Kerala

12 Meeting with Gram Panchayat (GP) Members at Kurachundu GP had up to date information on budget allocations for PWD and expenditures, number of beneficiaries under different schemes such as Goat Rearing, Cloth Bag making  PWDs and their collective need to be proactive in liaising with the GP and plan  Increasing the inclusion and participation of PWDs identified in the area COD, Tamaraserry, Kerala Dec 2007

13 Uma Mano Vikas Kendra, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh

14 UMVK, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh Involvement of Gram Sarpanch, MPTC, Health Worker, Representative from NREGA programme in the SHGs meeting SHG of PWDs invited for the monthly Grama Sabha meeting Mandal Level Disability Advocacy Programme at the MDO Office where over a 100 PWDs from the SHGs and all Dist. Level officials including the MLA involved in the interaction  The need for effective follow-up with the different Govt. departments Jan 2008

15 APD, R-CBR, Kolar, Karnataka

16  Addressing the challenges faced by the federation of PWDs in 2 Taluks/ Blocks –Continuity of its members –Sustainability –Leadership  Developing a future plan with the federations from the 2 Taluks Jan 2008

17 Nava Jeevana, Bellary, Karnataka

18 Success following the previous TDAP included –Releasing the loan from SC/ ST Corporation by the Bank for a person with visual impairment –The DC now holding monthly ‘Adalat’ meeting Training Session on Disability and Human Rights with Pawan  Developed the future plan to fulfill the aims / objectives of the federation Apr 2008

19 LGSS, Lohardaga, Jharkhand

20 As per the new format of TDAP, this was the first TDAP where CBR Coordinators from 9 partners in the region participated (6 Jharkhand, 3 – Bihar) Following this - The CBR Coordinator and the CBR Worker have a Cluster wise plan of action to scale up their Advocacy strategies done with PWDs and SHG reperesentatives CBR Coordinators got greater insights on ways of involving PWDs/ SHGs in developing the advocacy strategies Apr 2007

21 Bethany Society, Shillong, Meghalaya

22 CBR Coordinators from 13 partners in the region participated (Assam – 2, Manipur – 4, Meghalaya – 3, Mizoram – 2, Nagaland – 2) The members of the ACP (Association of Challenged Persons, Meghalaya) – able to “Understand and articulate their Rights” Identified broad areas for strengthening the ACP Coordinators from the region have expressed that this event provided them with a great opportunity to learn and strengthen their advocacy programmes Apr 2008

23 MVSS, Vishakapatnam, AndhraPradesh

24 CBR Coordinators from 9 partners in Andhra Pradesh participated Participants from the MVS (Mandal Vikalang Samithi) were able to articulate their rights, learn from the different presentations made by the CBR Coordinators from the Region Opportunities for collaborative work amongst the partners in the region have been identified 2-day event was reported in Sakshi, E Nadu and Surya – 3 leading vernacular news papers in Vishakapatnam May 2008

25 Sadhana, Baripada, Orissa

26 CBR Coordinators from 10 partners in the region participated (7 Orissa, 3 – West Bengal) Participants from the CSO (Civil Society Organisation) were able to arrive a common understanding of disability and its consequences CBR Coordinators from the Partners learnt different methods of engaging/ involving CSOs on issues related to the Rights of PWDs Partners have a clear action points for involving PWDs and their collective in advocacy related actions May 2008

27 Future Plans of TDAP

28 Facilitate the formation and strengthening of Taluk/ District level Federation of Persons with Disabilities Inviting CBR Coordinators from the partner organisation representing the region to participate and involve in TDAP process twice a year Facilitate the replication of the TDAP Process in all our partners as a means to strengthen the advocacy initiatives Strengthen Regional Network – facilitate exchange of skills/ information/ sharing resources

29 Involvement at the State/ National Level

30 Discussions on UNCRPD  Understanding the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) with members of the Disability Activist Forum, Kolkata Nov 2007

31 Strategic Round Table on – Implementation of UNCRPD - DPI & NCPEDP – Delhi – Feb08 Short Term  Lobby for a focal point for the Monitoring and Implementation of UNCRPD  Amendment to the PWD Act to be in line with UNCRPD  Need for a generating huge awareness on UNCRPD  Build capacities - Training of Trainers  Develop Implementation check list on “How each Ministry can work towards the implementation of the UNCRPD”

32 Strategic Round Table on – Implementation of UNCRPD - DPI & NCPEDP – Delhi – Feb08 Medium to Long Term  Translating into regional languages  Resource mobilization  Review the domestic laws  Alliances with other marginalized groups  Reflect our own work in relation to the Convention  Strengthening the network – building Disability Alliance  Regular audit of implementation

33 National Consultation on Aligning Disability Legislations with UNCRPD - AADI and SAARTHAK – Feb 08  To explore and discuss the issues in aligning the Indian Legislations with respect to Disability to the UNCRPD  Influencing the present amendments process - sent representation to MSJE to constitute a Drafting Committee to ensure the PWD Act (PWDA) is in harmony with UNCRPD

34 Workshop with the Media  The aim of this meeting is to work with the media to highlight the wealth of human-interest stories from the world of Disability Discussed on  “Ways in which news images represent disability and its effect on society’s attitudes towards PWDs and the self- image of people with disability?”  “Ways (journalists/ Civil Society) can begin to create a more accurate representation of disability” and on  “How CBR Forum and others can join hands with journalists to realize the above?” Feb 2008

35 Karnataka State Assembly Elections Free and Independent Access  Work with Karnataka Rajya Angavikalara Okkuta to highlight the lack of “Free and Independent” access to the polling process in Karnataka Assembly Elections – Apr/ May 2008

36 Dissemination of information by CBR Forum Secretariat  Monthly E-News Bulletin  Regular Updates of CBR Forum Website

37 Comments/ Clarifications/ Questions

38 Thank you C Mahesh CBR Forum

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