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Leaders in Asset Management Becoming a Property Manager of the Future.

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1 Leaders in Asset Management Becoming a Property Manager of the Future

2 Leaders in Asset Management Topics Top 10 Critical Skills for Property Managers Developing Leadership Skills Identifying and Grooming Future Leaders

3 Leaders in Asset Management Introduction What is leadership? Why is it important? What does it mean to the property industry?

4 Leaders in Asset Management 4 Setting a Strategic Vision for Property Management 1.Align with your organization’s strategic objectives 2.Communicate your value upwards

5 Leaders in Asset Management 5 Embrace Rigorous and Disciplined Program Management 3.Translate strategic objectives into outcomes 4.Determine how you will measure success 5.Implement/refine processes to achieve outcomes 6.Continuously evaluate your progress and take corrective action as early as possible

6 Leaders in Asset Management 6 Establish Your Position Within the Organization 7.Build relationships with other business leaders 8.Build your brand (Get people excited about property)

7 Leaders in Asset Management 7 Leave Your Legacy 9.Take every opportunity to mentor and grow your staff 10.Demonstrate and instill leadership principles in future managers

8 Leaders in Asset Management 8 Building Leadership Skills There are many opportunities for developing our leadership skills:  Formal Training – Leadership Development – Project/Program Management – Communications – NPMA  On the Job Training  Mentor(s)  Leadership Resources

9 Leaders in Asset Management 9 Building Leadership Skills There are also opportunities to build and apply these skills within the industry  Chapter, Regional, National Leadership Positions  Committee /SIG Chairing  Seminar/Event Planning  Presentations, White Papers, Articles

10 Leaders in Asset Management 10 Attracting New Leaders Opportunities in Property Management must be apparent  Impact to the organization  Clear career paths and professional development  Transferrable skills  Ability to make a difference

11 Leaders in Asset Management 11 Equipping New Leaders for Success As current leaders, we must groom the next generation  Ensure access to leadership and management training  Provide opportunities to take on increasing levels of responsibility in organization and industry  Provide a robust and disciplined program management framework

12 Leaders in Asset Management 12 Questions?

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