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Opus Nine. Opus Nine, was established in 2010 and is headquartered out of New Delhi, India. We are an end-to-end solutions provider servicing clients.

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1 Opus Nine

2 Opus Nine, was established in 2010 and is headquartered out of New Delhi, India. We are an end-to-end solutions provider servicing clients across the globe in various verticals including Healthcare, Workers' Compensation, Finance, Banking, HR Support, Retail and Call Centre services. Our value added services are driven by process re-engineering, implementing industry best practices, and business excellence frameworks resulting in significant cost reduction and process optimization. We believe in innovations and learning new technologies to meet the ever changing market dynamics. We perform as trusted partners to our clients in their endeavor to find the right operating model to leverage the offshore-based Process Outsourcing advantage with a promise to deliver the best in industry service at competitive terms.

3 Opus Nine brings over 80 + years of collective leadership experience in the BPO / KPO arena. We can provide complete end to end solutions for BFSI, Healthcare, HR Support, Retail, Property & Casualty and Call Centre services. To be the prominent provider of business solutions, delivering quality results for the long term success of the stakeholders We adhere to a strict business philosophy based on the following values. Integrity Openness Teamwork Innovation To partner with the world’s emerging and established businesses to assist build great products to market in less time and at less cost To offer structured partnerships that fully incorporate client’s objectives while guaranteeing quality, cost effectiveness and time-to- market satisfaction Our VisionOur MissionOur Values

4 Lean Six Sigma—it is the way we work, a part of Opus Nine DNA It is more than a tool it is a methodology for quality control and improvement. So the difference is not the methodology but how we embrace and deploy it. Lean Six Sigma is driven through the organization, which is true of Opus Nine. It permeates what we do and is highly visible in our operations, our people processes, and our leadership direction. We enhance operational and performance efficiencies by conducting independent root- case analysis on identified gaps, issues and challenges at process and functional levels. These analyses are used to design and implement improvement projects to enhance capabilities. All such projects are supported by a robust Compliance & Governance model to ensure they are integrated to drive efficiency within all processes Opus Nine is a technology and analytics enabled Business Process Outsourcing enterprise allowing us to deliver end-to- end integrated solutions. Our network connectivity is based on redundant connections of a 2mbps main lease line & 1mbps backup up line. We host our own FTP sites over XEON based servers using Linux technology to achieve high end security with 264 bit true encryption for all client and Opus Nine data. Our back-up servers are located at a remote site with a set-up of over 100 active standby workstations allowing for a robust BCP / DRP solution QUALITYTECHNOLOGYCOMPLIANCE

5 Networking infrastructure: Cisco Telephony: Cisco, Nice Servers & workstations: HP/Dell/IBM/Sun Security: Cisco/Websense/ISO 17799 Telecom links: Diverse MPLS links Multiple internet links Power: N+1 UPS and generator set Disaster recovery: High availability infrastructure with built-in redundancy Multiple sites (US & Offshore) on integrated network, to switch between sites Periodic testing Opus Nine considers our employees to be our biggest asset financially and strategically. We call this human capital. Having the right people in place is a crucial part of executing our objectives. As a services company, we develop and groom skilled employees who are prepared to commit to developing alongside Opus Nine and our clients. Our ability to innovate and grow depends on the skills we attract, retain and develop. At the same time, we also focus on developing our future leaders. FGT’s Continual Learning Development is an advisory service within the organization that explores new thinking and develops next practice roadmaps that address the major challenges of business. As organizational activities and people practices continually evolve, these are driven by competition. However, things must change dynamically in response to new challenges, technologies, new players or the disruption of existing business processes. Continual learning helps our employees meet and beat these challenges INFRASTRUCTURETRAININGHR

6 80 + Years of Collective Leadership Experience Finance & Accounting and Insurance Domain 60 + Years of Collective Leadership Experience Healthcare Services 40 + Years of Collective Leadership Experience Other Domains 40 + Years of Collective Leadership Experience Given over 80 + years of experience within the Health Care and Insurance support arenas, Opus Nine has the capability and insight to discover, transition, deploy, manage and re- engineer, related campaigns. With short learning curves and dynamic ability to adapt to change, Opus Nine has brought a notable reduction in TAT to all the processes that we have taken on. Also re-engineering and re-constitution of processes Opus Nine have increased efficiency of FTEs strongly impacting costing and reducing it further. Opus Nine follows and implements a flat hierarchy allowing for rapid, transparent decision making, defined escalation matrices, and ready access to the top management. Escalation matrices being automated allow for a visible and effective escalation process. We are an agile group with absolute client focus.


8 Opus Nine is a global outsourcing services provider that has a total capacity of 250 seats in Noida, India, with a capability to scale up-to 1000 FTEs based on business requirements. Redundancies have been built into every aspect of our infrastructure, to ensure continuous service delivery, 24/7. Futuristic Giga Tech has invested in state of the art technology and best in the class computing and communication Infrastructure. Cisco’s Architecture for Voice and Video Integrated Data solution “Ameyo” Predictive Dialer IBM Servers with built in redundancy 2 mbps leased lines from 2 different vendors

9 Largest Retail Chain in India 2 of the largest Public Sector Banks in India IT Managed Services for 2 Silicon Valley Companies and one of the largest F&B Companies in the World

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