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How to Get the Gate by, Lorraine Saunders Sundew Persians.

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1 How to Get the Gate by, Lorraine Saunders Sundew Persians

2 Decisions zWhat kind of show does your club want to put on? Large? Medium? Small? yLarge (sponsorship) - Stadiums/Convention Centers yMedium (local sponsors/club resources) - Hotels/Colleges ySmall (club revenues) - Schools/Lodges zHow can you advertise your show? What’s first? yAssign a Publicity committee that will: xDevelop a media list Obtain from the web; other clubs and/or Michael Brim. xDevelop a calendar and deadlines xPrepare materials and mail/telephone/fax Send media packets to the press a minimum of one- two months prior to a small or medium show and at least 6 months prior to a very large cat show!

3 Signage zCheap signage everywhere in town is an easy way to be noticed by the public. ySmall businesses could be hand- delivered posters with discount coupons (be warm, friendly and offer advertising in your show catalog!) yInclude: xPre-Schools, Grammar Schools, High Schools, Colleges, and Senior Centers as well as… Libraries, Shriners Halls, Chambers of Commerce, Malls (even hospitals have bulletin boards)

4 More On Signage zJust remember….the easiest, cheapest and by far the path of least resistance to get passerby's into your showhall is by using Signs! zSignage around the general location of your show can consist of: yCat Show Signs/Banners/Arrows at Freeway exits yCat Show Signs at main intersections ySigns on the streets around the neighborhood (stuck at ends of city blocks; and at the edge of curbs leading to the showhall!) xSignage can be obtained directly from CFA’s publicity office (contact Michael Brim) and/or you can go to any Kinko, etc. and order simple signs mounted on sticks, poster board etc. yStandup signs in front and back of showhall zOne month before the show your club could hire a company to post signs (legally) and do the tear down (NOTE: The company should be BONDED!) yYou can find such companies in your Yellow Pages. zOr, three weeks before the show club members can post posters/banners, etc. in storefronts - libraries etc. zOne week prior to your show post simple signs that say “CFA CAT Show” with a date everywhere you can. yUse arrow and/or stand up signs that can be stuck in the ground (but high enough for someone in a car to read)

5 1,2,3 = Ad Campaign zSend out Press Releases (see: Press Release examples) to local Newspapers, TV, Radio for their “freebie listings”: Calendar/Bulletin Boards xUse the YELLOW PAGES to locate local media!!! xDo this one month before the show xCall the media contact (who you sent the information) one week later xKeep calling every week until the show to make sure your show is listed. Yellow Pages, Michael Brim and/or the Web can provide local addresses and contacts.

6 Region 5 Marketing Plan zThe following is provided to explain the best methods to increase gate to your cat show in a BIG way. yA Calendar to assist planning how to prepare timing for your advertising follows. yA Press Kit with explanations and samples. yInformation on how to use the World Wide Web and increase gate. yEye-catching media ideas (bus signage, posters etc. is also a part of this more detailed marketing plan). zLet’s begin…..

7 Calendar Plan z6-8 Months BEFORE your cat show… yMail a Press Kit to the following (a Press kit includes - Press Release, Photos, Slides etc.) xFor large “sponsored shows” Send kit to national television shows like: Jay Leno, Oprah. Send to publications such as: People, Family Circle and to In-flight Airline magazines, and Call TV/Cable/Radio Stations to find out precisely who to send your packet to (the same goes for large scale Magazines) xFor mid-sized to smaller local shows Mail a press packet to local mass media publications (find in Yellow Pages!) Example: 911 is a magazine in Newport Beach

8 Calendar Plan, cont. z3 Months BEFORE your cat show… yContact the press xFind CURRENT names and titles of individuals to send a Press Kit). CFA (Michael Brim) has lists. Ask other clubs for their lists. The Internet Section in this packet for more info on finding names/addresses thru the Web! zSend Press Packets to the following media sources (job titles listed): y1) Features Editors - Newspapers, Magazines, Community Calendars and Billboards y2) Program Directors/PSA Editors - Television News (Network and Cable) y3) TV Assignment Editors - Calendar/Billboard Listings weekdays and weekends. y3) Assignment Editors/Public Affairs Directors- Radio Stations

9 Calendar Plan, cont. z2 Months BEFORE your cat show… ySend a Press Release and an show flyer to: xTelevision Cable (Animal Shows) xRadio xNewspapers yCall and ask if they received it. xAsk if they can do a Feature Story on your cat show. xGive them some interesting ideas by telling them about special features of your show. yUse The Telephone/Fax …. xKeep a rapport going and ask to call back as often as THEY recommend to keep reminding them about the show!!!!

10 Calendar Plan, cont. z1 Month BEFORE your cat show… ySend a Press Release to the Wire Services (AP/UPI) xCall the next day to make sure you are listed (they send this info out for newspapers, etc. to pick up as stories) xDouble-check one week later! yFollow-up with ALL media you sent a press packet by doing the following: xFAX a Press Release and Show Flyer to ALL Media you have mailed to previously. Follow-up phone calls to media every week will keep your show in their memory banks!

11 Calendar Plan, cont. z1-2 Weeks BEFORE your cat show… and counting…. yFAX Media Advisories to: xNewspaper xTV (cable) xRadio xWire Services Wire Services, print syndicates and newspaper bureaus will list your show for their clients (newspapers etc.) yFollow-up with phone calls immediately after Faxing right up to the day of the show!

12 The Tools zIf your club has both a budget and the staff and if they have the time to help your club, then nothing can stop you from getting a larger gate than the average cat show! zThe following explains what to prepare and how to do it ( just use what you need and discard the rest!)

13 How Do We Prepare a Press Kit? zThe following explains how to customize and use a Press Kit for your club’s show. zEach explanation will include samples your club can use as a “template” to build your own individual press kit.

14 First Things First! Write A Letter zWhen you send out Press Kits and follow-up with more mailings of media materials and when you fax and telephone media contacts, what do you hope to achieve? yTV and Radio talk shows and news programs are an outlet for free advertising. Many shows may grant you an interview and that’s the big goal

15 First Things First! Write A Letter zWith you or another club member (plus cats) as guests, television interviews can last 1-3 minutes on TV and 5-10 minutes on Radio or more. zBe prepared: know all details of your show (dates, times, location). Give a phone number for a contact. But first… Send that Pitch Letter…….

16 First Things First! The Pitch Letter Type single-spaced on club stationery. Follow-up and telephone the producers a few days after you send the letter to determine interest in setting up an interview. (date) (Name of Producer) (Address) Dear (name): The cat (domesticated and pedigreed) is currently the most popular pet in the USA. Over 63 million felines reside in American households today. Many are purebreds of breeds such as Abyssinians, Maine Coons and Scottish Folds. Approximately (list a number) of those felines are expected to compete at the (year) annual (name of club) CFA cat show on (date) at (location). Cat shows are increasing in popularity all over the USA. Last year alone, there were more than 350 CFA shows, with thousands of top cats competing. Millions of spectators turn out to see the feline festivities. It’s no wonder cat shows attract the big crowds--the pageantry of a CFA cat show can be quite dazzling. Picture rows of elaborately decorated cages filled with beautiful and unusual felines. Visualize the excitement of intense competition, and the fluff and finery when cats are groomed. Since one-third of all households own a cat, I believe the subject of cat shows would be of great interest to your viewing audience. I would be delighted to be a guest on YOUR show. As the Publicity Director for (name of club), I’ve been planning this year’s CFA cat show and I know it’s going to be fantastic. (Include mention of 1-2 special cats who will be competing.) In fact, (name of cat) could even appear on YOUR show. I’ll call you in a few days to determine the possibility of such a personal appearance on your show. Sincerely, (name of publicity directory) Publicity Director

17 Press Kit Cover Letter zEven if your club doesn’t want to go to the trouble of sending a club member and/or cat(s) for a “special appearance” on TV or Radio you still need a cover letter for your Press Kit and the proper mailing envelope for the package! yMake the letter simple and put it on the outside of the Kit’s folder (attach with a paper clip if necessary). yUse Club Stationery and/or something unusual and eye-catching from a stationery store for the letter. xHint: Purchase envelopes for the Press Kit that are eye-catching (club logo/CFA logo)!

18 Press Kit Sample Cover Letter Dear : The ( ) Cat Club is holding a very special cat show on ( date and hours ) at (location). With many special exhibits plus 100’s of cats to see - it’s a show the public shouldn’t miss. We invite both you and members of your staff to visit our show. We also ask that you help us tell people about this cat show with perhaps a Feature Store and/or Calendar/Bulletin Board mentions in appropriate locations of your newspaper. Further, we hope to advertise in your newspaper and would like to discuss options and ideas. I’ll be calling to talk with you shortly. Thank you, in advance for your interest, Sincerely, Publicity Chairman

19 Press Kit Introduction zEven if your show is average in size you must have some kind of information for the press if you want to get media attention. zThe following will help you understand how to prepare your own individual kit for the press.

20 What IS A Press Kit? zYour press kit should include at least some of the following: yPress Release yFact Sheet yBackgrounder yPSA’s (Public Service Announcements) yPhoto-Captioned Pictures yTapes (ads for TV and Radio) ySlides xNOTE: Media Advisories are NOT part of a standard Press Kit. They are sent as follow-up only.

21 Press Release zThe Press Release explains the details about your special cat show: ywhere it will be held ydates and times of the event yadmission (and special discounts) yfeatured cats yhighlights of your cat show (seminars, etc.) ysomething about CFA xThis is the tool that ALL ad agencies use - no matter what the product (in this case it’s a CFA cat show!)...

22 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact:Muriel Green, Publicity Chairperson The Cat’s Meow Cat Club, a CFA Club (555) 555-1234 The Cat’s Meow 10th Anniversary Cat Show Long Beach Convention Center Saturday, January 5th from 10:00 - 6:00 PM Sunday, August 6th from 9:00 - 5:00 PM Long Beach, CA. - The Cat’s Meow Cat Club, a CFA (Cat Fancier’s Association) cat club presents its 10th Anniversary Cat Show at the Long Beach Convention Center on Saturday, August 5th from 10:00-6:00 PM and Sunday, August 6th from 9:00- 5:00 PM. See the finest pedigreed cats in the nation competing for high honors. Household pets will be competing for great prizes. (Call Silvia Shain (555) 476-2020 for information about entering a household pet (cats only!) in this cat show!) Kittens, both long-haired and short haired, in every color in the rainbow are waiting to go to a new home. Now’s the time to own the pedigreed kitten of your dreams! Booths featuring health and nutrition tips plus grooming seminars with videos for the pedigreed feline and household pet will be Special Features. Printed educational pamphlets and books on the pedigreed cat are available at the CFA Booth. Vendors offering cat food, vitamins, grooming products as well as unique gift items will also be on hand. Seminars will feature: Dr. August Meyers speaking on “Nutrition and Vitamins for your Pet”. Ann Mays, noted feline groomer, will discuss and demonstrate “How to groom your pet” and “How to groom a show cat”. In addition, the celebrity cat National Winner Grand Champion Superduper’s Fuzzy Navel, a white Cornish Rex will be greeting all visitors both days of the show. Admission is only: $6.00 adults/$5.00 seniors/$3.00 children under 7. A great event for the entire family. The Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA) is a non-profit organization founded in 1906. CFA works for the benefit of ALL felines. The Association continues to look to a future that promises to provide a long, happy, and healthy life for ALL cats!

23 Fact Sheets zFact sheets accompany the Press Release (on initial mailings to the media). Include them to increase your show’s credibility. zHere’s where you brag about your show’s unique attractions!!!! yBreed Booth yAsk The Vet Booths ySeminars yAnimal Shelter participation yGuest “stars” (cats and/or invited guests)

24 Fact Sheet…... The Cat’s Meow 10th Anniversary Cat Show (A Spec”cat”ular Event) Long Beach Convention Center Saturday, January 5th from 10:00 - 6:00 PM Sunday, August 6th from 9:00 - 5:00 PM zSee “National Winner Grand Champion Superduper’s Fuzzy Navel, a white Cornish Rex both days of the show. zDiscover the amazing and unique breeds of CFA pedigreed felines (34 breeds). zVisit Dr. Sid Millard at the “Ask The Vet” Booth. zWatch grooming displays of show cats and household pets “in-person”. Contact:Muriel Green, Publicity Chairperson The Cat’s Meow Cat Club, a CFA Club 555) 555-1234

25 Backgrounders zBackgrounders tell a concise history about a specific subject, in this case…. yYour club (how and when and where it was founded, etc.) ySpecial members yHow many shows you have done yCFA’s history can be capsulized to add interest.

26 Backgrounder The Cat’s Meow 10th Anniversary Cat Show Long Beach Convention Center Saturday, January 5th from 10:00 - 6:00 PM Sunday, August 6th from 9:00 - 5:00 PM yThis cat show is a CFA (Cat Fancier’s Association) cat show. And, who and what is CFA? yThe Cat Fancier’s Association is a non-profit organization founded in 1906. It exists as a registry for pedigreed cats and kittens. yPedigreed felines are registered and recognized by CFA. They must comply with recognized breed standards which then make them eligible for competition in bonified CFA cat shows. yThe first CFA cat shows were licensed by CFA and held during 1906 - one in Buffalo and one in Detroit. yAs of 1997 CFA cat clubs total 671 worldwide and growing!!!! yA CFA cat show is taking place somewhere in the world every weekend of the year! Contact:Muriel Green, Publicity Chairperson The Cat’s Meow Cat Club, a CFA Club 555) 555-1234

27 PSA’s As an activity of a non-profit organization, CFA cat shows qualify for this FREE air time. zPublic Service Announcements are written for radio and television and are information about local organizations or activities that are of interest to the general public. yThese announcements are mentioned during “News”, Weekly Calendar/Billboard, “spots” and talk shows at local radio and tv stations yPSA’s are mentioned during weekdays and weekends yThey are 10 seconds, 30 seconds and 60 seconds in length yTV and Radio Stations are the prime targets xCALL EACH STATION 3 MONTHS BEFORE YOUR SHOW TO FIND OUT LEAD TIME TO MAKE SURE YOU SEND PSA’S SO THAT YOUR MESSAGE GETS ON THE AIR!

28 Public Service Announcements Send all 3 lengths to each station. Type announcements double- spaced and in all capitals. Type the number of words in the margin and allow 1-1/2” margins on bottom, right and left side margins. z10 Second Announcement: Attention all cat lovers. The (name of club) CFA Cat Show will be held on (dates) from (times) at (location). Call (contact person) for details. z15 Second Announcement: Just Who’s Top Cat? Well…pick your Favorite Feline at the (name of club) CFA Cat Show on (Dates) from (Times) at (location). More than (give a number) simply spectacular purebreed pedigreed felines and household pets galore are competing. Contact (phone number) for more details. z30 Second Announcement: Who made it to the top? Was it YOUR choice? Pick YOUR favorite feline at the (name of club) CFA Cat Show on (dates) from (times) at (location). Pedigreed felines and household pets from everywhere in the nation will be competing for honors and prizes. Celebrity cats and speakers will be at this show. And, find the kitten of your dreams, as purebred kittens will be for sale. Admission is (cost) for adults and (cost) for children and seniors. Call (number) for details.

29 Media Advisories Send 4 to 5 Days BEFORE the show!!! zThe Media Advisory is not a part of a Press Kit. It is a follow-up sheet you mail to press contacts to keep them updated (and interested) in the show. Use it to... yAct as a news bulletin yIinclude extra information yAs a reminder that your CFA show is coming soon so they won’t forget!) zRemember…. the day before the show, call everyone you sent this sheet, and yAsk if they can attend the show and find out the time they will be there. yAlert club members to tell you when media arrives. yMake sure gate people let them in free! yBe sure you get their names (business-cards) and send thank-you notes (remember next year!!!!) yDuring the show watch for reporters and/or TV cameras and HELP THEM. yHave a Show Catalog, Cats Centerstage and info on your club plus a CFA pamphlet for them to take (even if you already sent the press this stuff - hand it to them AGAIN!)

30 Media Advisory (send to News Directors at TV/Radio Stations and to Photo and City desks at newspapers) This is a last minute reminder only! Media Alert! The Cat’s Meow 10th Anniversary Cat Show Long Beach Convention Center Saturday, January 5th from 10:00 - 6:00 PM Sunday, August 6th from 9:00 - 5:00 PM zSee “National Winner Grand Champion Superduper’s Fuzzy Navel, a white Cornish Rex both days of the show. zPhoto Opportunities with CFA pedigreed felines zInterview: Dr. August Meyers speaker for “Nutrition and Vitamins for your Pet”. Ann Mays, noted feline groomer, will demonstrate “How to groom your pet” and “How to groom a show cat”. Contact:Muriel Green, Publicity Chairperson The Cat’s Meow Cat Club, a CFA Club 555) 555-1234

31 Photo-Captioned Pictures zSubmit good quality pictures of cats xThe CFA Publicity Office has photos of best cat/kitten/premier (of the year!) that you can order from CFA’s Publicity Office and then mail to the press, or xUse photos (from club member’s) that are preferably black and white 3 x 5’s or 5 x 8’s (the more exotic the breed the better!) xSubmit photos to newspapers and magazines (include a Press Release!!!) xSend color pictures (with the Press Release) labeled for weekend features to newspaper editors.

32 Photos Send with Press Release

33 Slides zContact local TV stations and ask if you can submit slides of cats with your Press Release and PSA for them to use on the “News” yRequest requirements for submitting slides, before you send them, i.e. size etc. xLabel slides clearly on the BACK of the slide at the bottom as to the cat’s name, breed, etc. yRequest slides be returned (if you want them back). yContact a “Kinko type photo shop” to have slides created from pictures.

34 Follow-Up to Press Kit! zOnce you send your Press Materials to the media: yFollow-up constantly xCreate a Calendar and contact the press periodically) yUse the FAX machine to send show information - right up to the day of the show. Follow-up with a “friendly” phone call. xThis is how you establish a personal relationship with members of the press.

35 And now, time for a commercial…. zMost of your advertising should be geared around “free” publicity as much as possible, but never rule out paid advertising as a tool to get the gate. yProfessionally produced Radio and TV spots are available from the CFA Public Relations office and are customized to a club’s cat show (check the order form in CFA’s Media packet) yDiscount coupons ads in newspapers yClassified ads yPosters (in vet offices, libraries, cleaners, food & liquor stores, banks) and more will be discussed on the following pages. yBanners over entrances to freeways, billboards, buses (bus shelters) and more...

36 Internet Access…. Or, How To Get A Media List\~year 0230\gebbie.htm yUse the internet address above for an automated media directory that supplies updated telephone numbers, addresses, contact names, plus web site info about the following media contacts to reach for your show: xTV/Radio,Daily/Weekly Newspapers, Consumer and Trade Magazines, Black/Hispanic and other ethnic media, News Syndicates (AP / UPI Bureaus) This website has 23,000 listings totaling 500 spiral bound pages in a compact 6 x 9 size. PC and MAC disks for this directory with a database can be imported into your software for future mailings, e-mailings and faxes.

37 Internet Access…. (continued) zThis resource lists TV, AM-FM Radio Stations from all over the USA and they are ranked as to listeners in this directory. yThey have call signs, AM or FM bands, metro market rankings, addresses with a 9-digit zip code, phone numbers, Web URLs and e-mail addresses. yMailing Labels can be accessed through this directory xFYI: There is a MAC sample disk online which you can order so that you can experiment with this database.

38 Internet Access…. (continued)\~year0230 \gebbie.htm yThis all-in-one USA Media Directory has files stored as standard ASCII text, in variable (quote enclosed, comma separated) length fields or fixed length fields for IBM users. yMAC disks come in tab delimited format. yJust import data directly into your software from this file and your mailings will be automated yYou do NOT have to learn new software, and there are no installation problems - plus you can modify the data almost any way you want!

39 Unique Ideas zEver thought about contacting your local utility company to place ads in their bills to the millions that receive a statement? Call your local utility company and find out. zTown Malls/Movie Theaters yHow about renting a space that’s unusual and putting on a show? xThe Mall would support you with poster advertising and you could hire people to stand outside the show in “cat costumes and wave people in.” zBuses and Cabs yFind them in your Yellow Pages and call them 6-8 months out and find out about signage on the backs/sides and insides of these vehicles. xThey can help you get signage designed for their vehicles. xThey even can have a place inside the vehicle(s) for coupons that the public can have access to.

40 Unique Ideas (con’t) zCoupon Mailers yContact companies that produce “coupons” and find out about including your Cat Show in one of those packages that goes to the general public. xLocal businesses support these mailers and sometimes your Chamber of Commerce can help you locate the people in charge. xCoupon companies design discount coupons (supply a photo of a cat and there you go!) zDoor-to-Door coupons yDelivery services actually hand deliver (and hang on door knobs) coupons. Just have them design something or just include a show flyer and your own coupon for them to distribute (it’s cheaper). xYou can select how far-reaching you want this service to drop your coupons (5 -50 miles whatever you want).

41 Unique Ideas (con’t) zGet the “City” involved. ySend a Press Kit (6 months out) to the Mayor’s Office and other public officials that you know like animals. xSee if you can’t get them to commit to appearing at your show (if it’s an election year - you’re in luck!) yOffer a donation to the City Official’s favorite animal related charity and get his support and help with the media!

42 Sponsorship zThis is a huge subject onto itself. zAt another meeting we can always explore -- yHow To Get A Big Sponsor zBut for the short-term - yLook to local businesses in the area around your show. xPet Stores might like to advertise in your catalog and you could give them a discount for donations to your raffle!

43 In Conclusion zBy advertising your show any way you can, your club will be financing your next CFA Cat Show and possibly gaining support for pedigreed felines. zIf we offer the public a look at our cats we will build a new generation of exhibitors and cat lovers! zAnd remember, when the public does visit us - let’s all trying to be helpful, kind and friendly - that way they might come back!!!

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